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Need for Speed Payback Car List Released - Screw You Ferrari, We Got Volvo!

Need for Speed Payback Car List

With less than two weeks to go until Need for Speed Payback drops Ghost Games have released the car list, and rather unexpectedly there is no sign of Ferrari on it.


Stereotypical NFS fans will not be as bothered about this compared to the lack of Toyota, however it will still be a sore point for a number of the infamous marques’ many fans as the previous game contained two models. And despite not allowing players to go too extreme with the customisation, it was great to take the legendary F40 and turn it into its more radical LM counterpart.


Moving away from what isn’t there to what is, the list features most of what you would expect in a brand new modern-day NFS game, with a well-rounded blend of JDM icons, classic and more recent US muscle, and a real mixture of European front runners. From city driver to mind-blowing hypercars, there should be no problem for many a car enthusiast to find at least one vehicle that tickles their fancy.


To add to the numbers, every one of the vehicles – except for the Ford F150 – has a minimum of two classes the vehicle can be purchased out of the five classes of: Drag, Drift, Off-Road, Race, and Runner. Take for example the BMW M3 Evolution II E30, this can be bought in all of the classes (really?!), meanwhile street racer favourite, the Honda Type-R 2000 only comes in Race and erm… Off-Road guises. oook.gif


Looking at the list, it is clear to see that the variety is spread out well across the history of the series. Modern and classic players will easily identify their favourites and choice picks from among what is on offer.


And at least, that’s a good thing.


Need for Speed Payback releases on November 10th, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin.


[via NeedforSpeed]

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