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Need For Speed Payback: Heist Gameplay Trailer

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Need for Speed Payback Gameplay Trailer

A new gameplay trailer for Need for Speed Payback has been shown during the EA Play event. The video is of the same heist seen in the original reveal, where the stealing of a Koenigsegg Regera from the back of a moving truck is the objective.


The action kicks off with ‘Tyler’ and ‘Jess’ taking off in the Mustang and it’s not before long that they are needing to take down a ‘House Enforcer’, who in true bad guy form are found driving around in aggressive looking blacked out cars.



Once free of that, it is time to catch up to the truck itself. After a cut scene shows your characters being brake checked and the truck somehow managing to cause absolute carnage and chaos on the road ahead, it is once again time to put your foot to the floor.


[caption id=attachment_7001" align="aligncenter" width="800]Need-for-Speed-Payback_1-800x450.jpg How did that truck do all of this?![/caption]


Dodging all the debris that is strewn across a small stretch of tarmac, it is time for another small cut scene that shows the two speeding along as the chase continues, however ‘The House’ cartel has ramped up their attempts to stop you as more enforcers start to hound you, and these are tougher, requiring multiple hits, or having to be persuaded to hit a stationary object, hard, before they will go down.


Side note: With all of the action going on it is easy to miss how gorgeous the game is and how expansive it seems too.


As the path becomes clear and you ride up to the marker beside the target, the character switching dynamic comes into play and now via a cut scene we see Jess climbing out the passenger side window and leaping onto the trailer, walking across it, and entering from above.


Building up a bit of tension as the trailer snakes from side-to-side and looks like it is ready to topple, Tyler is calling out to Jess with an understandably worried tone, but wee Jess has this, as with the trailer tipping, the Regera bursts out of the back in super slick slow motion and heads out in the opposite direction to the Mustang.


Control is given back to the player and as they squeeze the power out of the ultimate Koenigsegg, driving against the flow of traffic, it’s not long before yet another (!) cut scene makes an appearance, this time it's the Police and they are out in force, fronted by an extremely adventurous helicopter pilot.


It alludes to many instances from the Fast and Furious franchise, pushing hard on the action and cinematic experience, which if done right, could be some mindless action packed fun!

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