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There's Cars & Customisation in Need for Speed

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A new trailer went live for the upcoming Need for Speed (NFS) reboot, showing us some cars and going nicely into detail about the deep authentic customisation that the game will offer. A level of personalisation beyond a level that's been seen in games except for perhaps on the PC with the modding gods. With body kits from popular brands of today such as Rocket Bunny, SEIBON Carbon, RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF (RWB) and the ability to change sideskirts, bonnets/hoods, spoilers, fenders, wheels, wing mirrors and much more with after-market parts, almost every area of the car is up for you to craft to your own liking, making your car truly yours. After you have got your car looking the business, it's now time to take it to be painted and wrapped.


Go from Stock to...




Just like with the parts there is a multitude of ways for you to go about painting and wrapping you car to be as hideously beautiful or as beautifully hideous as you want it to be. Start with a simple respray of colour by using the colour selector and going with a metallic, matte or something else entirely finish. If that's not enough then the newly built from the ground up Wrap Editor will give you the brand graphics, patterns, shapes, flags and more to enable attempting a recreation of that true world icon of your favourite motorsport, fictional cartoon characters, cats (?) or having a go at your own personal look, the choice is completely yours. No doubt we will see some truly incredible artwork, as there is indeed a number of skilled individuals out there, who can when provided with a toolset like this, create the absolutely amazing. We cannot wait to see what they and you muppets come up with.


Making your car look like it can go without being able to has long been the subject of many a put down in urban car culture, however worry not as NFS has you covered with performance upgrades. Increase your engine horsepower, acceleration and top speed. Bin the old clutch, suspension, air filter, fuel system, ECU etc and replace it with shiny top brand after-market products instead. While you're at it, throwing in a turbo is never an opportunity to be missed either.






Unlike many games that either handle just ok or have you learn how to play with it, the handling of NFS can be tweaked to your preferred style of play. So whether you are more oldskool and like to brake for turns and feel the rear kick out under power or are a modern spoon who loves the brake-to-drift easiness of today, then you can have it how you want. It is still arcade in nature remember so a full-on simulation is not going to be found amongst the slider options. In saying that, moving a slider between 'Drift' and 'Grip' is the easy approach, thankfully you can tailor with individual settings such as: tire pressures, downforce, brake bias, steering response, the enabling/disabling of braking drift/drift stability assists plus more.


Need for Speed has been away for a year, but it has to be said that the extra time and thinking with this game just may well make it the best Need for Speed in a long time and one all fans of the series can appreciate due to it catering to them in part. Street, Supercar, Drifting, Drag, US Muscle, JDM is all in and you can go as wild or a docile as you like. You really can play this game as you want.



Need for Speed is out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 3rd, 2015 with PC to follow in Spring 2016.

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