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Red Dead Redemption 2: Heading Back to the Good Old Wild West

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Work, you damn nag!

The internet may have went nuts due to a cyberattack earlier this week but before that, Rockstar made it go equally as ballistic with their casual drop of artwork, hinting strongly at something to do with a new ‘Red Dead’.


Sticking to the typical Rockstar way of doing things, a couple of teaser images were released one after another on Sunday and Monday, then on Tuesday another image was dropped, this time with the title Red Dead Redemption 2 stamped on it, putting to rest what the next game in the series will be called.




With a tentative release date set for ‘Fall 2017’ (that’s Autumn for everyone else) and text scrawled at the bottom about a trailer to come on Thursday the 20th the internet quite rightly went into a frenzy.


The day of the trailer came and even though it is short and doesn’t show much about the story, we certainly got a damn good eyeful of how the game will look, and it is glorious. The previous RDR was a stunning looking game and this one will be no different in that regard.



Unfortunately it looks like Rockstar enjoy angering the PC contingent of players though as the game has only been announced for PS4 and Xbox One at this time. Chances are good that there will be enhancements for the PS4 Pro and maybe we will also see something done for Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. But why ignore the PC?


Optimists may think perhaps Rockstar are going to remaster the original RDR and have a complete collection out for PC a year or so after but if there is one thing known about that game it’s that it was basically cobbled together and is quite a mess, and so to redo a version for PC would be a momentous undertaking, however if there is one mob crazy enough to do so, you could easily imagine it to be Rockstar.


It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the online aspect will be a huge focal point of the game either, GTA Online essentially prints money for Rockstar (as if the series doesn’t do that enough itself) and so expect to see that same sort of plan of action make its way to RDR2.


And as long as the grind isn’t too much, I say, bring it on!

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