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  1. The game runs on Linux using Proton, I'm not using Windows on Steam Deck for the core part. VSync is already turned on in TDU Paradise Launcher LE: I ended up reinstalling it. Removed all files from Steam Deck. Installed it again on my PC (Deleted the files previously), added the mod and its patch, made sure it worked on PC and then transfered all the files to Steam Deck. Traffic now shows up properly. (In case there's someone else that runs into this issue.)
  2. Hello, I am running TDU Platinum 1.21 on Steam Deck. At the beginning of the game, traffic was working alright, but after awhile it just disappeared. I only have the Platinum mod, nothing else added/modified. Traffic is not invisible, since I am not hitting anything and I have limited the FPS to 60, and even lowered it to 50 to see if anything changes. Video below as proof:
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