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  1. and other vehicles are repainted or not, perhaps this is how the developers did it, because not all cars and motorcycles in the game can be improved
  2. Complete the race around the crater and then you will have access to an elite workshop
  3. Enable Windows xp compatibility mode in the game properties and also install one processor core for the tdu in the task manager
  4. Your game files may be corrupted, try reinstalling the game or mod and try again
  5. Perhaps an incompatible mod is installed in your game, which causes a similar problem, try disabling incompatible software such as Xfire, Steam, MSi afterburner
  6. Check your system for viruses with any antivirus scanner to do this, download any antivirus scanner, then scan your system for viruses in safe mode, remove them if viruses are detected, and then restart your computer in normal mode and run tdu
  7. Try to use vpn or reinstall TDU maybe it can help
  8. Update DIRECTX and also add tdu to your antivirus and firewall exceptions
  9. It looks like hardcore mode is set up only for racing and you can only pass challenges in normal mode
  10. Install the tdu platinum mod, these functions work in it https://turboduck.net/forums/topic/35843-released-test-drive-unlimited-platinum-v121/#comments
  11. Try to allocate one core for the game in the task manager
  12. Check on the official website of the developer, maybe there are updates there
  13. Try this add-on https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce
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