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  1. use vpn and also add the game to the antivirus exceptions as some antiviruses may block the game considering it malware also disable the software that causes a conflict with the mod such as steam origin and so on
  2. Add the game to the exceptions of your antivirus and firewall, perhaps they limit some of the functions of the game
  3. Make sure that all files have been copied to the folder with your game and also enable function the Big.bnk in TDU - Project Paradise Launcher
  4. Is the release date of the next TDUniverse update known?

    1. The virus could get into the system through a vulnerability of a web browser or operating system if the latest update of the web browser or operating system was not installed
    2. Add the game to the exceptions of your antivirus and firewall and enable VPN
    3. Try reinstalling the game and the mod, perhaps an error occurred during the installation of the game or mod, which may cause the cars not to show up and also make sure that your game is not blocked by antivirus and firewall
    4. Have you installed any third-party modifications?
    5. Turn on function the Big.bnk in Project Paradise Launcher
    6. I don't even know, try changing the name of the folder "My documents" to English characters. You can rename it using the Unlocker program. maybe this will help
    7. It is possible that autosave is disabled in the game or the game files were corrupted during download or installation on your computer
    8. Run the game as an administrator and make it compatible with windows xp
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