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  1. Hey there sir I see you're a pilot for Lufthansa, wow! What types of aircraft do you fly? I'm also a jetliner enthusiast & I flew on a B747 before. I have a Flight Simulator 2002 & I love it! Would you be good at flight sim games, because you're a pilot? Are you co-pilot (First Officer)?
  2. There are many many good photos speedtouches, Mb, TSS and Zo6 dudes all very good I voted for mb though just lovely Speedtouch a close second Congrats all very good
  3. There are two that impressed me so far Z06dude's and speedtouch's
  4. Water is my suggestion anything to do with water
  5. Sure...write to me later. I have some work to do but will be free in the afternoon. ;)
  6. Can you helpme with a bayern munchen sig please
  7. Eko fresh Bushido Gheddo.Girgio Moroda E=MC squared
  8. They aren't going to be popular but good point.But if you want to explain your admiration for one entry feel free to.Also if you have any things against a particular engine please voice this to be varied.
  9. oh man I can't believe all of this work going into them
  10. I am staying in Sydney for 2 more weeks and the weather is terrible it's 40 degrees and humid.I am used to 2 degrees and even in the pool it is unbearable and so many people perishing in that fire sad days.But today a nice change rain
  11. There are a few main engines which one do you prefer?
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