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  1. Hey , sup ? I 've got a question ? About week ago I've posted physics for hte 1970 El Camino ? !!! Where are they ? (sadface)
  2. Iced_Bullet

    Show yourself! (Archive)

    I would attempt to pass it off as a big gangsta ring, but you wont believe me! And I don't need 'em for my office xD But if you want to know they're hanging up in my wardrobe. Hehe.
  3. Iced_Bullet

    Show yourself! (Archive)

    Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go!
  4. Iced_Bullet

    [PC] German Cars Cruise *NEW* 11th May 2011

    7pm GMT is 1hr 42mins from the time of me posting this. :) (Obviously the wrong day though >>)
  5. Really good cruise tonight peeps! Enjoyed Multiplayer Follow The Leader and Keep Your Distance and races :) Everyone drove well tonight too xD
  6. 1 lucky jim for now, while people attempt to connect. Maybe more in a bit.
  7. You're early! O.O Now logging on and buying/painting my car :)
  8. Shhhh ;) You'll make me blush!
  9. Ghost, your wish, is my command :)
  10. Iced_Bullet

    Lamborghini DLC?(unofficial)

    What on earth gave you that impression so "soon" after release? ;) :toof:
  11. Put you in red for now. But if anyone wants red I'm sure he wont mind swapping as he's not being patriotic. Bah ... humbug!
  12. We are all go on the teamspeak3, jones :)
  13. I shall ask if we can use the teamspeak :)
  14. Patriotic Cruise - Thursday 28th April [email protected] 7pm GMT (8pm UK) In celebration of the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th, we will be staging a patriotic cruise the evening before. e: As I have yet to play ANY form of Multiplayer game which isn't a straight out race. I want to try a few goes on the Follow the Leader and Keep Your Distance races :D If you'll all join me!? Type: Cruise Road Rules: Hardcore Road Rules Restriction: Club Members have priority Vehicle: British Cars (Please see the colour of your name in the list for the colour you car should bring). Island: Ibiza Meeting place: Asian Tuner http://i433.photobucket.com/albums/qq59/IcedBullet2/Test%20Drive%20Unlimited%202/tduc_meetingplace_3_far.jpg Description: Cruising Ibiza with Road Rules Members:- 1. Iced_Bullet (red) 2. GhostRacerGTI (white) 3. jonestheman (blue) 4. eXile (red) 5. Carl_D(white) 6. a242j (blue) 7. TheScottishSpot (red) 8. (blue)