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  1. Hey , sup ? I 've got a question ? About week ago I've posted physics for hte 1970 El Camino ? !!! Where are they ? (sadface)
  2. I would attempt to pass it off as a big gangsta ring, but you wont believe me! And I don't need 'em for my office xD But if you want to know they're hanging up in my wardrobe. Hehe.
  3. Hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go!
  4. 7pm GMT is 1hr 42mins from the time of me posting this. :) (Obviously the wrong day though >>)
  5. Really good cruise tonight peeps! Enjoyed Multiplayer Follow The Leader and Keep Your Distance and races :) Everyone drove well tonight too xD
  6. 1 lucky jim for now, while people attempt to connect. Maybe more in a bit.
  7. What on earth gave you that impression so "soon" after release? ;) :toof:
  8. Put you in red for now. But if anyone wants red I'm sure he wont mind swapping as he's not being patriotic. Bah ... humbug!
  9. Patriotic Cruise - Thursday 28th April [email protected] 7pm GMT (8pm UK) In celebration of the Royal Wedding on Friday 29th, we will be staging a patriotic cruise the evening before. e: As I have yet to play ANY form of Multiplayer game which isn't a straight out race. I want to try a few goes on the Follow the Leader and Keep Your Distance races :D If you'll all join me!? Type: Cruise Road Rules: Hardcore Road Rules Restriction: Club Members have priority Vehicle: British Cars (Please see the colour of your name in the list for the colour you car should bring). Island: Ibiza Meeting place: Asian Tuner http://i433.photobucket.com/albums/qq59/IcedBullet2/Test%20Drive%20Unlimited%202/tduc_meetingplace_3_far.jpg Description: Cruising Ibiza with Road Rules Members:- 1. Iced_Bullet (red) 2. GhostRacerGTI (white) 3. jonestheman (blue) 4. eXile (red) 5. Carl_D(white) 6. a242j (blue) 7. TheScottishSpot (red) 8. (blue)
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