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  1. It's in the Xbox section.. so guess. And why will no-one take my Saleen?!
  2. Loving that last one in your first post, but your 2nd & last posted pictures are much better looking :p
  3. If I ever, EVER grow up.. I want to be a snowman.. in the meantime I will just have to be mentally 4 years old.
  4. A beautiful Saleen Mustang in white. EDIT! $150,000 or your best offer, no lower than $90,000 + FREE RESPRAY! Stage 3: V8 550BHP 500 lb.ft 0-60 = 4.1 Top Speed = 186mph I'm quite sad to be selling it. After driving around on the coast and racing up the strip.. I fell in love with it! it looks so beastly in white too. Take good care of it :) If your interested.. say so (in a post) and I will announce the sale details. UPDATE: Sale closed, no-one interested so it will be up for sale at $100,000 Sales at my 86k price have been discontinued now. Thanks to everyone who bought one, but someone has bought a lot and sold them on for ridiculously more amounts of money.
  5. Fizz? How do you do your pics?(get them off the box?)
  6. Sounds like a good deal. Have a look out for my sales as I will be selling them cheap. Need the money after a $90,000 fine! I'm poor but I have cars. :D
  7. Huh. That happened to me yesterday too!
  8. Shouldn't you be paying me? :cheeky:
  9. kingscott95/everyday/most of the day :)/want to cruise with others(groups) ADD ME!
  10. Thanks for trying not to scare me off..:oook:
  11. Hi, I'm Scott (GT:kingscott95). I got my Xbox 360 late last year and couldn't wait to get TDU! I like sunday driving, cruising and just messing around in Honolulu Airport! Please feel free to add me as a friend and if you have any clubs I would love to join. Speaking of which, if the TDU-C Xbox club is still alive, an invite would be fantastic. Well.. Im off to.. well.. play TDU :lol: PS: Clubs for Skyline, Ascari, Lotus.. would be great too.
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