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  1. I think you're scaring the people (and artificial intelligence) away. I like it a lot but it runs like on my old xbox one and I don't have much faith in my PC these days either. So I'll wait to play it again once I upgrade.
  2. Anyone played it yet? Nothing but a black screen for me, good ol' Ubisoft
  3. I love the 'weapon wheel' for controlling windows, roof, lights, etc.. that's great to see. Would like to see more about buying and customising your car. The fact that in TDU you could go to a dealership and choose your spec was brilliant, that feeling of ownership and uniqueness is critical to the TDU feel. The physics look a bit sketchy, super grippy NFS style.. but if it feels nice that will be fine.
  4. These days I just don't look at the price of new games, I'm patient enough to wait for the price to drop I'm looking the look of the themed playlists, more of a focused linear progression root compared to Forza's 'here's 100 races, do them in whatever order you fancy with whatever car you like' style. It's such a boring grind.
  5. I'm surprised there's not more interest here, this looks much closer to a spiritual successor to TDU than TC 1 and 2 were. The game looks great, a smaller more detailed map and better physics, this should be a serious competitor for Forza Horizon.
  6. (Re)watched The West Wing for the millionth time, just recently found out that Frasier is being revived so I'm rewatching that now. Just started The OA season 2 and Love Death & Robots... first episode was unsettling and interesting lol. Oh and I watched The Trip the other night. I'm not a fan of Steve Coogan but it was both funny and depressing. She was only 16 years old!
  7. It seems as though this is just a combination of existing mods? If so you can't publish this as your mod. And if you've used others' mods without their permission (such as StarGT) and they don't authorise this you can't publish their work. As such download links to his work have been removed. Please PM myself or another admin/moderator if you have any questions.
  8. I'm sure you could make more but 400 is plenty on the road if we're being realistic. @Milli Cars from the past 25 years seem to be hanging around longer than cars from the previous 25 years, there seems to be more longevity in cars from the late 90s-00s. I still see 20-year-old 206s on a daily basis... none as pretty as mine was mind you
  9. Merry Christmas!

    1. Eudemon


      and happy new year!

  10. And the time you used to write that post could have been used to go wash some dishes or do something productive. No need dude.
  11. [quote name='Diablo']@K3RAMB0 @TDUZoqqer here you go [URL='https://discord.gg/vMKPujc']Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers[/URL][/QUOTE] *cough cough* *wink wink* [URL="https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xf2-8wr-discord-integration.6058/"]XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration[/URL] @TDUZoqqer I literally cannot wait to drive a Dacia Duster. Best car in the game IMO.
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