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    Site satisfactory survey

    Ctrl + Shift + V.. amateur

    Show us your vehicle

    I'm sure you could make more but 400 is plenty on the road if we're being realistic. @Milli Cars from the past 25 years seem to be hanging around longer than cars from the previous 25 years, there seems to be more longevity in cars from the late 90s-00s. I still see 20-year-old 206s on a daily basis... none as pretty as mine was mind you
  3. And the time you used to write that post could have been used to go wash some dishes or do something productive. No need dude.
  4. [quote name='Diablo']@K3RAMB0 @TDUZoqqer here you go [URL='https://discord.gg/vMKPujc']Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers[/URL][/QUOTE] *cough cough* *wink wink* [URL="https://xenforo.com/community/resources/xf2-8wr-discord-integration.6058/"]XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration[/URL] @TDUZoqqer I literally cannot wait to drive a Dacia Duster. Best car in the game IMO.

    pCARS News for 2019?

    "We plan to blow anything else, planned by anyone else, out of the water... That will take a while." You're right.. he is a humble chap! Well, let's see if he can put his money where his mouth is and deliver the goods.
  6. Maybe a wee tech demo for us this Christmas? ;)

    recommend me a mic

    Yeah, the wee clip-on ones, even the really cheap ones, do a good job. I got one dirt cheap from Amazon a while back for something and the only real issue it had was that it struggled with really loud noises... but it was like £5 or maybe less.

    recommend me a mic

    Is this overkill? If it helps it looks like you can also use it to beat people with :mhmm: Tbh microphones are bloody confusing. You have dynamic, condenser, directional, etc, etc, etc. Maybe best to look for headsets that won't pick up background noise or are active noise cancelling?


    Hey, Kato from Italy! Welcome to our little (quiet) corner of the internet :)
  10. I remember having a wheel/pedal set back on my PS2.. think it was a Logitech? No 900 degrees+ of rotation back then! Still it wasn't bad at all. Had a blast cruising on NFS:U2 before TDU came along :lol:

    Street Tuning Evolution

    I think I bought SL back in the day and it wouldn't run on my PC :lol: Not sure how I feel about this, it looks quite nice but it sounds like they're a very small team and this is going to be a sort of steam indie developer type game. Which is fine if they're not going to be overambitious and try doing more than they're capable of.

    Official: RIP

    I think what I miss most (apart from the massive open world) and hope to see in TDU3 is simplicity. I loved that TDU didn't overcomplicate things with some cheesy, dramatic storyline. You get off a plane in Hawaii, rent a car, and go earn some money to buy cars and houses to keep them in. Then there's also so many features that TDU had that newer games should have, but don't. Being able to rent a car, or test drive a car, to decide if you actually like it before you buy. Roads and environments that felt real, actual mountain roads that you couldn't just blast down at 150mph because they were narrow and they were tricky. Hardcore physics mode. Those awesome random challenges like delivering cars, etc.