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  1. I love this mod! here's a video I took :D Winter Mod Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
  2. 7. TDU Winter Mod Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Mod Island Paradise v0.9.5 by iLLusion with Winter Add-On.
  3. hi :) the problem is that my whole DB.bnk is highly modified and You only need to change TDU_bots.bnk to eradicate foolish AI Bots You have to replace tdu_bots in your DB.bnk file with this file (use BNKFileEditor to do it): TDU_Bots.rar of course BACKUP your oryginal file first, because I have no idea what gonna happen when you would like to play in online mode
  4. 5. TDU Ferrari 458 Italia Fast Cruise and Tunnels Finally, I found a way to get rid of stupid AI Bots :D so now I can fully enjoy my driving in TDU. Now, there are only me, the traffic and the streets of Oahu. Special credits to jcmmota ;)
  5. it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jcmmota You're the MAN Thank You very much
  6. well, meybe it's possible to modify AIs and force them to drive like normal traffic vehicles? that would be even better than eradicate them :D
  7. Is it possible to remove/disable AI bots in offline mode? They're very annoying and drive like pure idiots, so if there's any chance to get rid of them it would be fantastic :D EDIT: In database folder I found 2 files AIBotPers.xml and AIConfig.xml. When I delete AIBotPers.xml nothing happens and when delete AIConfig.xml all traffic disappear, but AIs are still there Sad I also decrypted AIBotPers.xml via tdudec, but I don't know what should I change there. Really don't know if it's a right way...
  8. ok it's time for my 4th video :) TDU Nissan GT-R Japanese Rocket http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCyBFaAYPk0
  9. My 3rd video Lamborghini Gallardo West Oahu Trip
  10. All of my videos will be in High Definition 720p. They will mostly onboard with short presentation of a car at the beginning. Here's my first attempt: 1. Ferrari F430 Honolulu Cruising 2. Audi S5 High Speed Run
  11. Ferrari 458 Italia (replacing F430 tuning level 2)
  12. really? I can change whatever I want? I mean carpet, seats, dashboard colour... I wish there was a possibility to set: BLACK dashboard, changeable (beige, grey or whatever colour) seats, headlining and carpet. Just like in real - standard combos in official Audi configurator. In TDUZoqqer's mod dashboard and seats are changeable and the rest is black.
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