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  1. yeah hope the OP will put new links in, but he never replies to my messages
  2. Helo I had some difficulties with the project in the past (time-wise and code-wise) so I decided to redo it from scratch. Since I am a bit more structured and knowledgeable when it comes to coding a game than I was when I started this thread, I basically rewrote all features I needed 2 years for in a month. I will share pics soon. Right now I am working on the cars, and since I have absolutely no clue about JDM culture, I wanted to ask you guys for help. My demo will feature a couple of cars of different cultures and tiers, and one of them is the Nissan 240 SX. Since I, once again, have no idea about JDM besides that some look really cool, I need an overview of popular visual mods for it. I know of pandem rocket bunny and stuff, but if you have more knowledge which bodykits, bumpers, spoilers, bonnets, exhausts etc. exist as popular mods for the model let me know. Another idea was to use a Toyota Chaser or Mark II Tourer (I like how they look like) instead but there are barely any 3D models of it, let alone customization parts for it. One more contender is the Honda Civic, but yet again, I have no idea about customization about it. I intentionally did not pick an R35 (I already have an exotic tier car in, which I consider the R35 to be) and the R34, AE86 and Supra would be a bit too obvious and too common for a halo tuner themed car in a racing game so I take a bit of a different approach. Side note: the muscle tier car will be a 2006 Mustang GT, but feel free to suggest other stuff for it. Keep in mind that it has to be a model which has at least a few modification options available. So please dont suggest something like a Challenger Demon because its pretty much a modded car from the get-go and barely has any visual customization options. Tier 4 is trucks and this will feature a G-Wagon. Mainly because I have all custom parts for it prepared already Sorry for being gone for so long, but real life hits hard sometimes. E: pics of like 2 weeks ago. Will post more recent somewhen later this week, but barely anything is difference except it has now all materials and tires.
  3. dude, the screenshots look insane for a TDU title. Compared to old titles obviously. I mean in the grand scheme of things it looks like an average video game detail amount, but for TDU this is truly revolutionary. Can't wait, honestly. Let's just hope the game will be worth playing despite being pretty (totally not a The Crew reference, no no)
  4. Nice sound but it does not sound like the CLK GTR at all.. The CLK has a V12, and that's clearly a V8 sound to me
  5. you can buy (or crack, I do not recommend, but I am not a cop) zmodeler 2.2.6 and fix the 3d models manually. this might break other stuff though since zmodeler 2 never worked 100% with tdu, 98% at best. about your second question: theres no solution as far as i know
  6. extract all files, launch exe, search for the database folder, open car slot. The peformance change itself is self explanatory. Just change the numbers of the categories.
  7. No need to bump. If there are no replies, then obviously there is nobody who can help. World editor barely ever worked and I don't know if anyone except Speeder ever managed to make anything useful with it. I have no experience with the tool, and neither has the majority here because the tool simply is not ready.
  8. the whole point why i added the text file is that i didnt get to choose to post an individual link. wasnt aware. would still be awesome if you return the regular mod threads. no, not only am i not a fan of requests, i dont even have the majority of my mods online anymore
  9. This is not paywalled content, again, this mod is free. The only thing I made an exclusive is a cosmetic change of the exact same mod. Which I didn't even link to just mentioned in the description
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