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  1. 1. i dont think "sol.01" exists in the game 2. db is the wrong format 3. make sure that the dds format and the size of the texture is the same as the one youre replacing
  2. the circles at the bottom are still not lights
  3. The bottom circles are not lights, thats the distronic sensors they dont light up
  4. I didn't say anything about it being shiny or glossy I just said It looks too low compared to the real car to me
  5. Dude this thread is 11 years old "a little late" ..
  6. If it's not the issue, it's at least one issue. No matter if there is anything else preventing you from playing online, but eitherway it wouldnt work if your profile is set to offline. So it might be the fix, yes. In an online savegame, the game is always online. By launch, yes.
  7. well you need to have an online savegame for it. when you just continue the savegame you had previously, its quite obvious not an online savegame. so the easiest way is to create a new savegame or you can edit your current save file with an hex editor, which I'm not sure is worth the hustle as its super complicated
  8. thats why people should use paypal business transactions only in cases like this. and never ever agree on any other payment method.
  9. 2005 BMW M3 E46 Vehicle replaced: Wiesmann Roadster MF3 Converter/Creator: TDUZoqqer (www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer) 3D Model and textures - Forza Horizon 4, TDUZoqqer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features and bugs: !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod and read the included README file!! !!Requires PATCH 1.68b AND PROJECT PARADISE (BIGBNKS)!! [Download page] Mod History v1.0 - Released Terms of use: ------------- 1) It is forbidden to re-upload the modification on any website without author's permission. 2) The modification was made exclusively for the following sites: www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer and turboduck - Driving and Racing Games News. 3) It is forbidden to remove or modify the files contained in the mod archive. 4) It is forbidden to use or modify model, parts and details contained in the distributive archive without the author's permission, I speak specifically with you, Rulez. Don't touch my files and learn how to improve your crap mods by yourself 5) Contact possibilities:[email protected] or www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer
  10. Perhaps because that's how I personally use it so I try to help since it's one possible solution? But hey
  11. That's not really true, but I get your point. But yeah, bigbnk should do the trick
  12. gamemodels.ru has all the models you need. and Forza Studio only works up to Forza Horizon 1, so you have to get 3DSimEd to import models from Horizon 3, 4 and Forza 7. Once opened in 3DSimEd, export it to FBX. Then you import the FBX file into 3ds max (or blender, since it's free), where you can export it to OBJ. And you have a perfect model. If you rely on GTA mods to convert cars, you are doing it wrong.
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