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  1. the whole point why i added the text file is that i didnt get to choose to post an individual link. wasnt aware. would still be awesome if you return the regular mod threads. no, not only am i not a fan of requests, i dont even have the majority of my mods online anymore
  2. This is not paywalled content, again, this mod is free. The only thing I made an exclusive is a cosmetic change of the exact same mod. Which I didn't even link to just mentioned in the description
  3. If you would let people create a mod thread without forcing me to upload the files to your own servers I would gladly do so Also I shared a direct link in the description of the mod, so
  4. This is not paywalled the mod I shared was literally free otherwise I wouldn't have shared it
  5. buy alfa GT, quit game, open TDUPE, open alfa GT, set price to 2 billion, save, go to tdu, sell the alfa, done. optional: change back the price in TDUPE to vanilla
  6. Released now for $10+ on Patreon! If you'd like to get it next week, it's only $1 - this will include access to the Patreon-exclusive Edition1 model PS: Already working on the next mod, more information on patreon!
  7. if you post in english maybe we can help. but unfortunately i dont speak spaghetti
  8. C63S Coupe Edition1 released - available for download now for anyone on Patreon with $1 and more! It won't be released publically so make sure to get this exclusive www.patreon.com/TDUZoqqer
  9. what do you mean by that is it opening or is it not opening?
  10. New car done! Release 5th July 2020, or today on Patreon PS: Patreon has an exclusive version
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