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  1. I tried using that tool Angie, but it gives me this warning now when I try to open the game! :( [ATTACH]27669[/ATTACH]
  2. Seems weird that it would be my computer, it has 8GB of ram with an i5-4460, with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX960. It runs GTAV on ultra settings with mods, so there's no reason for it to be a hardware issue? :(
  3. Hi guys, wondering if you could help me. Experiencing some issues with this pack - though I have to say, it is exceptionally well put together! I've recorded two videos showing the problems. They involve being out in free roam and being in car dealerships. When in a car dealership, sometimes it is perfect and smooth, and then sometimes it seems to really struggle and the framerate drops to about 6 frames per second, making it almost unplayable until I leave the dealership. The other problem is when driving around - sometimes it's at a perfect 60fps, and I keep getting these stutters and really bad frame drops that make it really hard to play. I'm playing from a fresh install from a legit disc copy with the megapack, project paradise and 1.68B, with big bnks enabled as instructed. Changing the graphics settings makes no difference, and it's only after installing any mods this happens. I know my computer is more than capable of playing this game on the highest possible settings with ease so it's not a hardware issue. Any ideas? :( This mod is absolutely perfect apart from this, everything I've ever wanted this game to be! Video: Thank you :)
  4. Thanks guys! Nope, I've two Mk2 Golfs, neither with a 427 V8 unfortunately ;)
  5. It does it with VSync both enabled and disabled. :(
  6. I hate to be the guy that makes his first post asking for help, but I've come to a loose end and need help. I have the disk copy of TDU. Clean install. Installed 1.68 Community patch, installed project paradise, community megapack 2. Installed a couple mods. Annoyingly, when I go to play now, the game plays perfectly and smooth - and every now and again there is a HUGE framerate drop and it makes the game pretty much unplayable. I know that my PC is more than capable of playing TDU on the highest settings, as I played it before any mods with no problems. I've tried everything - fresh clean install, installing only 1.68, installing Project paradise as well, tried community patch 2.0 - no matter what I install, the game skips. It plays silky smooth inbetween the big drops too. The weird thing? The exact same thing happens with TDU2 - plays absolutely perfectly with nothing done, the moment a single mod is done the whole game does the skipping thing. I'm more concerned about TDU1 not working though. If it was constantly juddering, I'd blame my PC's specs. If it happened in only modded cars, I'd blame the mods. But it's happening to neither, which makes me wonder. Menus all work perfectly fine too. I tried the radial file thing people mention but I don't seem to have that file anywhere, and that's with hidden files being shown etc. Really stumped :( Here's some video footage, you can see what I mean: Any and all help is very much appreciated :)
  7. First things first, wow, this place isn't called TDU Central anymore. :chuckle: I'm sure none of you remember me, but I joined this site back in 2009 as a snotty sarcastic and frankly embarrassing 12 year old, when I got my first PC and was able to play TDU on it on the minimum settings. Yes, I read through old posts and messages, and god it hurt to read. Years later as a 19 year old I finally got a new PC, one that can actually play decent games on it, I went to register on this site and it told me I already had, and I was confused! So now I'm back, playing TDU on this PC and loving every minute of the amazing things this community has done to keep this game alive. I would never have dreamed of the likes of Project Paradise and adding new slots and things to the TDU I used to play. Thanks for reading, and if you do remember me from before, please un-remember me! ;)
  8. Yes, thats the magic map I'm talking about. I'll try others to see what the craic is. I checked, yes it is already updated.
  9. What? I don't see a shelby cobra! Where is it? I have all of the DLC.
  10. |tomo 427 S/C / Shelby 427 1965 | Mon - Sun | 3:15 to 9:15 or later on school night, all day if any other time. | I'm up for anything, but prefer to cruise about. |
  11. I did that and now the game won't start at all.
  12. On my TDU, everything works as normal. But When I enter my garage, or a car dealership, the game crashes. Any help guys? Mines the download version from the TDU website.
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