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  1. No, because they make the game heavier, and not everyone has a good enough computer to handle it.
  2. Milli

    Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex URAS

    It's a new variation. I managed to remove the black stripes. Lol The color is custom made in the shop.
  3. Milli

    Exclusive Club Images

    Images that will only be posted in the club.
  4. Milli

    Happy Valentine's day!

    Lol, that's tragic.
  5. Milli

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    A friend of mine tested it, who used to run TDU with vanilla weather said it seemed even smoother. The weather i did don't use other things beyond original TDU files (weather.ini and FX.ini) and modified textures. But, even if someone experience a fps drop rate below anything playable, it can be reversible, as it's just some files that need to be swapped.
  6. Milli


    Yeah, Digimon is weird. Right at the first episodes it has a beach, with a bunch of phone booths, and it's like, why are there phone booths on the beach? And they start ringing. I remember i got scared at the time. I still do though. Lol
  7. Milli


    Skullgreymon is da best. Period. /endthread.
  8. Milli

    TDU 2 Private servers?

    Reincarnation is not a private server. It also uses Project Paradise. And no, there is no such modification for TDU2. And Project Paradise is not boring, it is better to have that than don't have anything, like TDU2. Lol
  9. Milli

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    It is a lot of work. Mind you, i started this 2 years ago. And thanks, but i've made my own weather too, which will be in Platinum.
  10. Milli

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    A bunch of them. Lol Standard wheels missing in some vehicles Tires going under the ground (looking flat) in some vehicles Tires going across the body panel when you hit a curb or anything like that Correct colors in some vehicles Correct camera views Correct and accurate stats. (If the car does 0-60 in 5 seconds, it will do in 5 seconds in-game. Real top speed is also matching the real data.*) Improved physics on vehicles i messed it up completelly. (Ferrari F12 for example) Cars no longer get stuck in gear if you play with automatic transmission Some cars no longer get their RPM stuck on the redline Changing the wheel size of a vehicle doesn't risk to mess up other vehicles, like it happened in UCP Car Delivery mission will no longer display messed up cars, like wrong wheels or anything like that Compatible HDRi with the weather * P.S. - Real top speed is the maximum speed the car can actually reach, not the value displayed in the side bar in-game. As i said before, sadly, to make a car perform like it should, we must set the "top speed" as the maximum speed the last gear could in theory achieve, if there was no drag. So, cars will usually display a higher value than they can actually reach. Edit: Maybe there is more fixed issues, but those are the ones i can remember at the moment.
  11. Milli

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    Do you mean these? Managed to get the files. Also, TDU can be very eco-friendly aswell.
  12. Same way you did to add a color to the W12, add 2 of the same color for the MC12.
  13. Milli

    [W.I.P.] Test Drive Unlimited Platinum

    No, there isn't indeed. I am adding 4 cars from previous brands that i got the files. (Soon the images) And then there is Toyota, TVR, Volkswagen, Volvo, W Motors and Weismann. 411 cars in the dealers, because the total number of 100% finished vehicles is beyond 800 already. So, there are still about 60 to go. Also, TDU Platinum really started back in February 2017, as UCP v1.05, when i decided to work on the mistakes i made in UCP v1.04. So, that means that Platinum is about 2 years in development. Yes, i know, it's a long time. Lol
  14. Yeah, the W12 interior is blue because the texture is blue. Same goes for the orange in the roadster.
  15. That's because you only changed the color name. See how it is in another car. You will notice it has the name, and down below it will have a code, like BM_03. That is the color. Red colors are R_Number, RM stands for Red Metallic. For example, Alfa Romeo GT dark red metallic is actually the color RM_14