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  1. Turn on vsync. The game does not work well with high fps. So, you gotta turn on v-sync so the game runs at 60fps Since when i give up on things? You need TDUF and know how to work with it. That's required to properlly install a TDU mod. Sadly, it does not work like magic, and TDU rims setups are kinda complex to understand.
  2. You can't use the rented one. Mostly because the rental one, now, for the game, is a different vehicle. That is exactly why the GT 2017 is not added. Some things you can't fix in a mod.
  3. Dealerships can only hold 412 vehicles in total. Although, i suggest you to, for example, buy a Dodge Viper SRT-10 Coupe and see what happens. These cars are not glitched, they are place holders, meant for people to replace them with mods they desire. Skyline R33 is in the same dealer of the R32, R34 and R35. Use the 4gb executables files, provided with the update patch.
  4. @MagicV8 replied most of the stuff you said, but about the dealerships, that's pure lack of physical dealer slots to place vehicles. Compromises had to be made, and it has some sort of logic on 90% of the cases. At least it ain't a big mess like other TDU mods. About the prize cars, inside the extra folder, you have a multiple prize car db.bnk. Replace your DB.bnk with it, and you shall be able to get them more than once. I tested this countless times, if it doesn't work for you, the DB has not been replaced at all. For some reason. And "bugs" are being fixed, if poss
  5. I started it in August 2016. It got released in April 2019. But i am still updating it, so, yeah. Lol
  6. Inside the update patch folders. There is a folder named 4GB exes. Copy them and paste in your game root folder, replacing the existing files. That happens because TDU.exe can not use more than 1gb of ram, and some mods require it to use more. That causes the game to bottleneck. These files allow the game to use 4gb of ram. Making it a lot harder to happen.
  7. If it says 1.66A, then Project Paradise is not working. If it is not working, bigbnk won't work either.
  8. 1 - TDU only allows you to buy the prize cars once. If you sell it, or want to get 2 of them, you can't buy it again. Multiple prize cars allow you to buy them again. But it glitches a few menus in the gameplay, so i recommend you to use it after you complete the game. 2 - update the game to patch 1.12, it has a reworked weather system that won't give you fog weather everytime you start the game. TDU time cycle is slower than most games.
  9. The car won't reach those speeds. But one does not like the Challenger SRT8 displaying a top speed of over 400km/h in the datasheet, even though it can't reach it.
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