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  1. Yes i imagine, and the answer is no. I am not going to do it. This demands way too much time and effort. Imagine for a game i don't even play.
  2. Lean the biker forward. You lean it backwards to do a wheelie, if you lean forward, the biker will get lower on the bike, making it all more streamlined, making it able to reach higher speeds.
    Top job Rigel! Congrats and thanks!
  3. Then drive in Hardcore mode. All car physics were made for it. Yes, v2.0 will be the whole thing again. Due to size. It is really slow. I don't recommend waiting for it. It will take a long time.
  4. The swinsuit is unfinished stuff from Atari. Sadly, when you make the normal clothes being accessible on bikes, you also have access to unfinished stuff. Also, yeah, this whole process of modding TDU started in August 2016. Lol Also, i am glad, really glad that you guys are enjoying it. This is what keeps me motivated to keep working on it, trying to make it even better.
  5. That is not how it works at all. Each track may have a different settings. Some tracks are better for cars with cornering speeds, while others for sheer speed. Regardless their sizes. For instance, Monza is a track that cars with straight line speed will do well, which is not the case of Monaco. Plus, how you deal with these cars also matters. Also, again, are these lap times done in hardcore mode?
  6. It is meant to be driven in Hardcore mode. Plus, how can you tell they are unrealistic? I based the handling on my experience with Gran Turismo, as i have countless hours on the series.
  7. That means your project paradise is not working. Without it, bigbnk won't work aswell.
  8. hello I have a question about the game. Is it possible to improve the TDU graphics so that they work well on a medium-resource pc?

    1. As Iceman said, sorry to hear and we appreciate all you've done. Any ideas to solve the problem? Talk to Frank Maestre, maybe? See what can be done
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