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  1. No, because that's how the cars are actually geared in real life. It's not something you active-deactive.
  2. Hello guys, i'm Milli! i'm 28, from Brazil. Played TDU2 in the beta testing, and never again. Although, massive TDU1 fan, and i support every effort to keep TDU community as a whole going on, and top effort from you guys!
  3. Quack! lol Passing by to wish all of the lucks for TDU World team! Keep up the good work and the motivation, and keep in mind that the Squirrel Mafia can always lend a hand.
  4. Even though i'm not the most avid TDU2 fan, that's some great news! And best of wishes for TDU World team!
  5. Inside your house, you can go to Trade -> Direct sell Don't use the feature where you choose the price, because it won't work.
  6. So, as i understood, Xbox will become a service? Like Spotify or something, where you pay everything, monthly, and you will be able to play all games "freely"? Also get a new Xbox when a new one releases?
  7. Ignition off is not really a flaw... That is very realistic actually.
  8. As Marc said. They have little changes, mostly downforce level based on how big their wing is, but other than that, they are basically the same. I didn't really wanted to lock the player to choose a specific bodykit because the performance, so, you can pick whatever bodykit you like most.
  9. This was said in TDU: SC Discord server, by their Community Manager... i guess we will get better progression than Forza. lol
  10. Yes, it's really a mess. People don't understand that if they make a mess of it, things will be lost and nobody will read it at all. Only one i can think out of head is Fernando de Noronha, but it's rather small. Beautiful though.
  11. The point is to have the "download" button on the website working properlly. You might think that's not the best thing for you, that you want people to go to your patreon. We get that. Although, this website, you like it or not, still a place-to-go when people look for TDU mods. Having the website working as intended, with download buttons working as it should, increases traffic. By increasing traffic, more people will see and have access to your mod, and the more people experience it in-game, more people will look for your name and patreon. They will see the exclusive patreon versions there. Having a download button, to download a .txt is counter intuitive, and keeps redirecting people which is annoying. How you'd feel to think you got a TDU mod, but in fact you got a piece of paper, telling you where to go? As Eudemon said, the website doesn't have to host your file, but you can put a file to download via URL link, which basically turns the Download button into an hyperlink. That's all the fuss about it. And that's all we're asking you.
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