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  1. The status is sadly paused, regardless. I still without my laptop to continue to work on it. Since late January, which is when my laptop died, and i still haven't got it fixed, neither money to actually buy a new good one.
  2. Do not map the map controls to your analog stick. It can't stand still. Also, unmark the HD. That was a feature meant for vanilla TDU, in Platinum it just makes it worse.
  3. There's a rumor of it being just Hong Kong Island, not the entire Hong Kong. Same as there's rumors that there's more than just the Island. Fact is, nobody knows for sure.
  4. I hope the game does not benefit any group at all, and this is just like a team to choose in order to control "territories". Honestly.
  5. I don't think a metallic red F355 and a bright yellow Diablo SV would actually fit Sharps. Lol. So, Street it is.
  6. If there is, you won't find it here.
  7. BBS


    I have problem downloading TDU Platinum from provided links ,as torrent where I only download 4.1GB out of 6GB full size?

    Can U Help me?

    Tnx in advance.

    1. Milli


      Which links?

    2. BBS


      I downloaded the 6,2GB zip file, but I can't extract it! It says ,,Archive is not readable. Would you like to try a password?,,

      Is there any passwords that I can use, or is this same problem with downloaded file?

      TDU Platinum Zip problem.jpg

  8. In a Playstation 3 joypad, i use R2 to accelerate, L2 to brake. R1 is shift up, L1 is shift down, and X is clutch.
  9. Because it ain't that easy. Lol. You need to edit the btrq file inside the car mod file, and the sound, well, you need to either find a sound mod that support such high rev, or make a new one yourself. Also, if you play in manual with manual clutch, shifting is really fast. And use TDUF, not TDU PE.
  10. That makes no sense at all. And his problem is Project Paradise not working at all. He probably deleted d3d9.dll and it broke his project paradise.
  11. You won't change the steering lock. At least not visually. Plus, i don't think anything above 45 is supported. Keep in mind this is an arcade game, from 2006.
  12. That is an error that happens when you use the "Multiple Prize Cars" extra file before finishing the game. Because i removed bike tunes, as i needed more slots to tune cars. Plus, tuning a bike is actually way harder than it is to tune a car, so, it was a bit unrealistic. Lol
  13. Yes i imagine, and the answer is no. I am not going to do it. This demands way too much time and effort. Imagine for a game i don't even play.
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