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  1. Use the 4gb executables provided in the patch 1.12 The reason why that happens is not because of your computer, but an issue with some cars and the original tdu.exe. Original TDU.exe can only use 1gb of ram memory, and some cars, like that R33, have some bug that causes a memory leak (will be fixed in the update), which makes the .exe need to use beyond 1gb of ram. Once it asks for more, the game bottle necks it, causing that issue. With the 4gb executables, that memory usage gets bumped to 4gb. I won't say it will completelly fix it, but it sure will take a LOT longer to happen.
  2. You found 3d models or actual TDU mods? If you found TDU mods, post their links here and i might take a look
  3. When i try to play the modded version it crashes.  Can you please help me?

    1. Hey Milli, I recently downloaded Tdu platinum and the most recent patch updates but for some reason i was spawning in the ocean and after a restart I am now stuck on the loading pleasse wait screen after starting up a new game. I was thinking maybe installing all of the older patch updates may fix the problem, but I don't know where to find them, as only version 1.12 is showing up. When i try to tun the regular version of the game it works with no problems, it's just when i try to run platinum problems start. Im assuming though that verison1.12 already has all of the recent updates added, and if thats the case can you please help me with troubleshooting? But yeah now im just stuck on "loading please wait screen" even after reinstalling tdu and tdu platinum

      1. Lolwhy4444


        same promblem here dude


    2. I just used the names to differentiate the tuning stages. There is no Amemiya kit for FD in TDU yet.
    3. Just look literally 2 posts above. Yes, i still work on it. No. I do plan on releasing it before 2048. As i said many times, some issues foes not worth the time they demand to be fixed.
    4. Have you realized that the only posts you made were actually to complain about something? What is your goal with them? What do you want to achieve? I am genuinely curious to know it. TDU1 work with controller just fine. I use a PS3 controller that my laptop thinks it's an Xbox one.
    5. Long time no news in here. Passing by to tell that work is being made, at slow pace, but it ain't forgotten, it hasn't ended yet. It will take a long time, but i ask you guys to be patient, once again. If you'll all trust me and my work, this may worth the wait, hopefully. lol
    6. This is a first for me. Take a print screen of your project paradise launcher. But i tell you, that makes no sense, as being online or not doesn't change anything in sound files or configuration. Try checking the audio config in the online profile, inside the game aswell.
    7. Make sure your project paradise is working. It must read v0.03 in the start screen.
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