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  1. Actually install the base game from a .iso file. TDU Platinum is a mod, not a standalone game. Yet.
  2. In the controls menu, you have one labeled as "start". That is the button you need to press to turn your car ignition on. If you leave it unnassigned, throttle button with turn it on automatically.
  3. Do not delete d3d9.dll, run the game via Project Paradise Launcher and in the launcher, make sure to enable bigbnk.
  4. Buy a Chiron and take it to the tune shop. SSC Ultimate Aero was added in the US Dealership Update.
  5. Make sure d3d9.dll is in the folder, the game must say v0.03a instead of v1.66 and enable big bnk in the project paradise launcher.
  6. Sadly for you, we save the logs. Apparently the history isn't exactly like you said.
  7. Hi

    Can i ask how to add cars/ mod cars into tdu?

    1. ok i have problem of torrent torrent is not even installing only zip file or drive,mega anything else can i get it?


      1. YO TDU IS ASKING FOR A authentication  KEY ??? WHAT DO I DO

        1. No. Only through zmodeler, which means it's only a visual change.
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