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  1. You must drive through the roads to unlock the missions. Start by driving all the roads of the map. They also count on the game %.
  2. You can use the DB file inside the folder Extra -> Multiple Prize Cars.
  3. Can't remove the rubberbanding, and about the "chase" speed gain, that's actually "real". It's called drafting. The car in front breaks the air resistance, so, the car behind doesn't have to, with less air resistance, it can reach higher speeds.
  4. Yes for both questions. Patch 1.10 has all the previous ones included and yes, you can create an online account.
  5. Did you sell the cars before install Platinum?
  6. Not feeling like it, sorry. And i don't think i really should do it just because you asked. I mean, i learned on my own, by trial and error, experimenting and testing... If you want, you can wait the tutorial i am making in .pdf, but that won't be released any time soon.
  7. Yes i do, but it's quite complex to explain over forum posts without images in a very tutorial way. Plus, i don't really know how it's your database to give a veredict.
  8. Welcome to TDU modding. And that is not a problem with TDUF, so, i guess Djey can't really teach you how to mod your own game.
  9. Don't mention it. And see you around in the island! Lol
  10. Yes. You need to create an online profile though. (marking check the gamespy account, adding any email and any password when creating a new profile)
  11. Download probably failed in the middle. Re-download it, and make sure to have a stable connection.
  12. If the problem was with Platinum mod, your game would not really start at all. So, i don't know... I would suggest to re-install the game, and follow the mod installation video in the main page of Platinum's thread.
  13. Usually, specific section crashes are related to a mod that changed that specific area.
  14. Usually it's just unzip it. Than drag the .db file over TDUUT.exe and that should do the trick.
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