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  1. The problem is in the car mod. Unfortunatelly the problem is not in your end, but the car file itself. The next update will fix this.
  2. You won't be a millionaire in the start of the game. This ain't Forza. Lol. Location of the tuner shops is the same as vanilla TDU.
  3. 1. Make sure to click Save/Apply with your mouse when remapping the buttons. For analog sticks, keep it pressed untill it tells you to go back to neutral position. 2. Make sure to enable v-sync, and don't play the game above 60fps. 3. Ai is modded. It's made to be faster, but it's a bit broken, sorry! lol
    A true legend. Beight, our most valuable asset. Nice job!
  4. That feature was present only in TDU2. Platinum is TDU1, to have top up-down you must change the model itself, unless the modder did a roof-window trick.
  5. Depends on the car. Some vehicles have "overdrive" gears, which are meant to be used to save fuel in cruise speeds. A few to name are Dodge Viper and Corvette Z06. Dodge Ram SRT-10...
  6. Enable bigbnk in the launcher. You've changed any information when logging in? This profile were used where before?
    Wonderful work EJS! Finally a car that nobody has ever done. Lol
  7. Imagina! Fico feliz que esteja gostando, é um trabalho longo, que ainda tem muito o que melhorar, mas estamos todos, fazendo o melhor que podemos! E vou te pedir um favor, que tente escrever em inglês no fórum, o Google tradutor ajuda bastante, sabe como é, regras do fórum onde tem gente de todo lugar do mundo.
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