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  1. Imagina! Fico feliz que esteja gostando, é um trabalho longo, que ainda tem muito o que melhorar, mas estamos todos, fazendo o melhor que podemos! E vou te pedir um favor, que tente escrever em inglês no fórum, o Google tradutor ajuda bastante, sabe como é, regras do fórum onde tem gente de todo lugar do mundo.
  2. Make sure you have project paradise working, (must say 0.03) in the main screen, and make sure to have bigbnk active in the Project Paradise launcher.
  3. Enable BigBnk in the launcher. Also, make sure your Project Paradise is working. In the main menu screen, it must say 0.03a instead of 1.66. Also make sure you have d3d9.dll in your TDU main folder. If the game crashes with d3d9.dll, make sure to remove any compatibility mode of the .exe files.
  4. 1.22 is going to be called 1.25, and it's currently under development. Some stuff i've been posting on Discord about the update. Not to mention the "El Plan" project.
  5. From mega you need all the 5 files. I suggest get it from Torrent. Plus, do make sure you don't use a savegame from another TDU modpack, because the difference of cars in the database might, not always, but it might make your game crash on start-up. To use an existing save game, i suggest you to sell all the cars and have only an Alfa Romeo GT. So the savegame can be easily "ported"
  6. mili pleas you can to added back fire in the game i want that ?

    1. Actually install the base game from a .iso file. TDU Platinum is a mod, not a standalone game. Yet.
    2. In the controls menu, you have one labeled as "start". That is the button you need to press to turn your car ignition on. If you leave it unnassigned, throttle button with turn it on automatically.
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