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  1. If i am not mistaken, you need to actually tell TDUMT to read the new added cars. I don't recommend using it anymore.
  2. Nick color: Ping White name - Best ping ever. Yellow name - Good ping Orange (almost red) - Normal ping Red - Bad ping (usually players far away have their ping limited to save connection) -//- icon = Not a direct connection, refresh rate is reduced and connection is disabled. (usually in white name) (If the session host leaves, the -//- will also lose their connection, the session host is the first name that appears in the list when you press F)
  3. Enable big.bnk in the project paradise launcher.
  4. The problem is the same. The time and effort to fix it doesn't really worth it. I have sound on all cars, in all views. Might not be a problem with the game, but your computer, maybe. And no, these cars are meant to be prize cars. If you are using the multiple prize cars, that's a side effect. TDU locks the prize cars as 1 time buy only.
  5. That issue was present in vanilla TDU. The effort and time to fix that is really something that doesn't worth it.
  6. TDU % is calculated by how many points you have, and any achievement gives you points, thus, game %. So, models, hitchickers, discovering all roads, buying 50 cars, etc, all those achievements gives you game %. Check in your house, the tab game progress, you will see everything you need to do in order to complete it 100%. The multiplayer achievements are not required anymore.
  7. You need to install the game before you play Platinum. Install the game, and then you copy and paste the Platinum files over the original files, because Platinum by it's own is not a full game.
  8. I don't know, i don't use Hawaiian Bliss, as Platinum has it's own weather system.
  9. Update 1.2 is live. This update wasn't planned, but given how things are progressing, i've decided to upload everything i've done so far, so you guys don't die of boredom waiting for it. A few things are incomplete, as this is still "Work in Progress". I don't really remember what's new, so, if i remember i will edit this to add. So far that's all, enjoy guys, have fun, and thanks for downloading and playing.
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