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  1. The solution is to use the 4gb executable, provided in the update patch, inside the folder Extra.
  2. Decrypting the file. But why you want to know?
  3. That is the field where the game actually reads a car swap. Like in original TDU, the Mustang turned into a Saleen S291. Change to traffic works as a null value, so, car remains the same. Edit: so yes. If you create a new upgrade pack for a car, and you don't want to transform it, you should use the traffic car there.
  4. You just started your real TDU life. Lol, like, literally.
  5. Hello there Milli, first up let me just state that I absolutely love the work you've done on the TDU Platinum mod, it really has made TDU my "go to" driving game. I notice you have some vehicles by "Miha2795" included in the mod, and I was wondering if you'd create a small patch for TDUP that adds "Miha2795's" "Delorean DMC 12" and "1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1" (download links bellow, pictures included). These are two iconic vehicles (two of my all time favorites) with great additions created for TDU. If need be I can make a paypal donation to you for 15 US dollars if you'd take this request up for me.

    I am a complete and total newbie when it comes to adding mods for TDU, nevermind TDUP, I know you have ten slots available for players who want to add their own vehicle mods to TDUP, however I am completely lost on knowing how to add new vehicles to those slots. I have managed to replace the exterior and interior models, as well as rims, but the tires don't change (even when changed with the mod tool) and there are huge gaps between the rims and tires. Also I don't see the option to select a different physics file without having to set it all manually in the mod tool. I also cannot see any option to change the sound of the vehicle engine, and adding a new camera file seems like it requires something other than the main mod tool to get it to show up as a selection choice.

    Either way I hope you reply to this message, it would be very much appreciated! Again thanks for all of your hard work, and sharing TDUP with us to enjoy.


    Download links:



  6. dear Milli may i ask you how you made the AI bots to full the throttle in straights and to use the 1.05 at corners?

    by the way i noticed that tdu uses temeraire mauvais bots in races but after you reach the expert level tdu uses only -bon bots so in order to enjoy extreme races i did the following trick

    i created 2 profiles the pro and the full so in pro profile i have only 1 house and 3 cars not same brand and i race only 4 events just to earn money [i can change cars in trade mode} when i reach the pro level i open the challenge editor and i can do all the races vs temeraire mauvais bots [for A class i recommend temeraire-normal] as a test drive [the race creator is enabled if you write in FX  using notepad++               GMEDESINGER   =   TRUE

                                      ALLCHALLENGESSOLO  =   TRUE

    so i remain pro level and face mauvais bots


    on the other hand i use the full profile to complete it and let you know that if you edit all the races to have non restriction bots then they can be mauvais


    also in pro level i have the Eclass empty and i choose 7 carbots id like to race and i mod these 7 cars to be Eclass so i edit the races to race vs Eclass so tdu uses only these 7 cars

    my last interest is if you d like to show me how to tell the bots for 1oo% throttle at straights and 105 at corners

    yours sincerely happy new year 2020 God bless you

  7. It is not required. The 1.12 has all the previous updates in it. And the same will happen to 1.13.
  8. dear Milli thank you for your answer i d like to share with you what i managed .i opened the tdu modding tools i click database i load bots 
    i made all bots temeraire_mauvais and i made 7 car bots and 7 bike bots temeraire_bon to be useful for races then i opened the FX with notepad++
    and i added the following letters

    SameCarThanPlayer   =   1

    ForceNbOpponents    =   7 

    these 4 lines are added on the top that is before the line  [CAR] 

    so now i can compete a temeraire_mauvais bot in instant challenge having added 6 more opponents with the same car with me and now the instant
    challenges are insanely crazy fun the bots are almost unbeatable

  9. TDU PE changes the number of "itens" in CarPhysicsData.db. You need to fix it manually. Extract the CarPhysicsData.db located inside the DB.bnk, using TDU MT. Decrypt with TDU UT, revert the number back to original platinum value. Encrypt with TDU UT and replace it inside the DB.bnk.
  10. dear Milli  thank i used the modding tools of djey to make all the bots be temeraire_mauvais which is the most difficult behaviour and since then when i go to a race the bots dont appear but only 1 name appears PasdansleDVD which i think means that the tdu dont use temeraire_mauvais bots to race them but use easier bots .so please help me how can i make the tdu to let me race the temeraire_mauvais bots in the races like the tour of the island

    i ll be very gratefull for your help 

    1. Milli


      I tried the same thing ages ago. Happens that TDU needs bots that are worse, for begginer races. If you remove them, the game will glitch like that. 

      TDU Bot configuration is extremelly unkown and kinda random to me. My advise? Always drive a slower car. I did the tour of the island with the C-class v-rent Corvette C6 Grand Sport. 

  11. Possible. But i don't know for sure. Which race is it?
  12. It's our pleasure! And sorry, but i don't know about the mouse problem. Maybe it's down to mouse drivers or assign it in the game menus? That seems like missing "Area" folders. But i don't know, never seen such issue. Sorry, but the Murcielago Roadster is not comming back. Original TDU model was horrible made, and with the modded Murcielago Coupe, that difference would be even more visible.
  13. Drive all the roads and you may find the missing ones. Sorry but no.
  14. Have you enabled bigbnk in the launcher? Some cars have what we call "overdrive gear". They're meant to save fuel, instead of going fast. It's common in modern vehicles that have 7 and 8 gears, and usually american cars. A real Corvette Z06 hits 200mph in 5th, as soon as you shift to 6th, it will lose speed. About tuning, changing the 0-60 time in TDUF, at the tuning part won't make any difference, but give you a placebo effect. Those values are not related to actual tuning and are there just to fill the "Data" sheetboard of the game. What would really increase the vehicle acceleration in tuning is the Aftermarket Packs, where you increase the % of the vehicle physics data. So, if a car has an acceleration value of 80, and the aftermarket pack says the acceleration is 4, it will increase 4% of 80. regardless of the value set in 0-60.
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