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  1. Hello there, Instant fav, thanks for it! ;) I have only to favours to ask: On the first hand could you please tweak the models texture mapping to match the original RT12's as close as possible? (we could then use our paintjobs more or less) On the other hand ... well... could you please mod a stock Cayman (you know, the coupé version of the Boxster, not Cayenne) replacing the RUF Spyder? O:) Keep up the good work! Cheers
  2. Geo-Design.hu proudly presents: Veyron stainleSS Gallery after click Download links: veyron_super_stainless.zip Install notes: The zip file contains the modified bnk file and the original as a backup too. All you have to do is place the zip file in the game's main folder (where the "TestDrive2.exe" is), and extract it. Known Bugs: None Cheers, "mysterion"
  3. Hello, Please welcome Geo-Design's newest pride: The SuperSailer FullHD Gallery HERE The mod contains: - Custom colored chassis (glossy black painting, white-brown engine cover), - Full-chassis texture in TGA format (apply with texmod), - Custom 7-spoke wooden composite rims, certified for high speed use (400+ km/h:D ) Download: veyron_super_sailer.zip Installation notes: Place zip-file in the game's root folder, and unzip it. Original files are included as well as backup. Use texmod to apply the graphics onto your SuperSailer, and enjoy the soft breeze ruffling your hair! :) Additional notes: Any modification of this mod - especially the rim and chassis skin included - without my written permission is prohibited. Removing the "Myst" signature from the skin is also prohibited. Do not edit textures. Do not distribute on any other sites without written permission.
  4. Like many other DLC cars in this game, Pagani Zonda Tricolore looks terrible as well. As I improved the SS a few days ago, I decided to upgrade the look if Tricolore too. Here is a tiny reminder of what we had before: And here is the improved Tricolore: It does look completely different, doesn't it? Download link: Realistic looking Pagani Zonda Tricolore - pagani_zonda_tricolore_realistic.zip Installation notes: The zip files contains the modified bnk files and the original ones as a backup too. All you have to do is place the zip file in the game's main folder (where the "TestDrive2.exe" is), and extract it. Known Bugs: None Cheers, "mysterion"
  5. I'm already working on a "diamoncut" wheel, it's my favorite too. But it is far more complicated, than simply modifying some materials. You will hear about me, when I will succeed... ;) About the chrome shininess: unfortunately the cubemap reflection work in a completely different way compared to the mirrors. Reflection use a realtime rendered cubemap of the actual environment, and for some reason, in this cubemap the sky shows much brighter than in the scene. As you can see: while the reflection shows the landscapes and the road a bit darker, the sky is almost white. I can't help this unfortunately (yet, but don't give up) :) Anyway, it's beautiful at night in cities.... ;)
  6. As many of you could realize, the Veyron Super Sport in the game looks terrible. Matt greyish carbon finish instead of the cool deep black carbon with shiny finish... what did Eden think?! Ugly:cry: So I made some improvements. First, here is the realistic version of SS. Here we go... waaay much better, isn't it? But wait... if this is possible, why would we stop here? No, we won't, not now... :) Here comes the "Night Black" version with pale metal black finish, chrome decorations, yellow calipers, and red engine cover: What a nice chrome effect, isn't it? Why not to use it much more? Our next variation is - oh yeah - "Dubai Edition": Shiny-nicey :) Okay-okay, this is a bit much... :D Let's see a more elegant version: The "Bleu Mer" with blue carbon body and chrome decorations, engine cover... The chrome rim is also released as part of this post, download it below. Download links: Realistic looking SS "World Record" Edition - veyron_super_sport_realistic.zip "Night Black" - veyron_super_sport_night_black.zip "Dubai Edition" - veyron_super_sport_dubai_edition.zip "Blue Mer" - veyron_super_sport_bleu_mer.zip Don't forget to download the rim too: SS rim in chrome - veyron_super_sport_chrome_rim.zip Install notes: All zip files contain the modified bnk file and the original as a backup too. All you have to do is place the zip file in the game's main folder (where the "TestDrive2.exe" is), and extract it. Known Bugs: None Additional notes: Only the realistic version includes the "veyron_super_sport_med.bnk" file. This file is primarily used to visualize the other players' cars (even at very high settings), so you will never meet the original ugly version again. The other variations don't contain any "_med.bnk", so if you install any of my unique versions, you will never meet another one coming on in the game. :) Big Thank you goes for tomsolo for tips on early chrome versions. :) Cheers, "mysterion"
  7. This one is a stock 16.4, not a SuperSport.
  8. Thank You. Well, I'm interested in painting cars in the first place, but sometimes I have to mod few things to get a proper result. Maybe I will release some older mods too, stay tuned! ;) The answer is very simple: I used stickers. :) I know, this is impossible by default, but I'm not that default minded kind.... ;) The metallic golden paintjob is unique too, since by default you can't select the colors you would need to get the right visual effect. The in-game color picker doesnt support "pastel" colors, only 0% saturation colors (greyscale) or 100% saturation color (the ones in the colourful square). To get this effect I had to apply light brown, and light ocher colors. The beige part is made with custom edited sticker BNK with beige sticker in it. Total editing time was about 3 hours or so. I was extremely careful.... as usual. :) Sorry, I modifiy existing rims only, so I can't help you. :(
  9. Thank You very much. Check out the gallery as well! :)
  10. The extension is now BNK_ORIG_GOLDEN, you have to simply rename it to BNK. If your game has been unpacked, you will find the rims in \Euro\Bnk\vehicules\rim\ Go to bugatti folder, and make a backup of the original file like this: copy "veyron_super_sport_f_01.bnk" to tha same folder with a different name like "veyron_super_sport_f_01.bnk_orig". After the backup is done, simply copy the new rim-file there with BNK extension.
  11. Hi there! I've just made a golden version of the original Veyron SS rim, for my latest project: The 16.4 d'oro FullHD Gallery HERE Download the rim here: veyron_super_sport_f_01_golden_v1.zip Note: unpacked game required... what else... :)
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