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  1. . . . StarGT, I understand your point of view on why you have chosen to replace "duplicated" models, but you should take into consideration the fact that players may have replaced those models already. There are many releases which replace the models mentioned in your reply, some of them even released by you. The addition of car/bike models its what made/makes Unofficial Patch/AutoPack special, besides the models released. That being said, keep up the good work and thanks to all involved in AutoPack project.
  2. . . . Incognito, you can easily do that by editing/replacing A999YE802_new_new.2db file.
  3. StarGT, I see that in AutoPack v1.7 - Serenity Pack, you replaced some cars (only three, but still) instead of adding them, like in previous versions of AutoPack. What's the reason behind this change? This will be a new trend regarding the future release's of AutoPack?
  4. . . . I like Red Tron's skin (without stickers) simplicity. :clap: PS: The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 it's Minime891's (vehicle model) and Jorgemodek's (sound) creation.
  5. .............. I didn't knew that TDU1 servers are online again. I barely had time to play any game in recent months. :( One of the reasons could be that TDU2 has the Ibiza/Casino alternatives. One of the things I like to do after I got tired after a long cruise is to head up to casino and chill with friend at poker table :) ... oh, and lets not forget about that delicious rainbow cocktail (btw, don't buy the expensive one/s - they put water in it). :p Oh, nooo! Hehe, now you are just... :evil:. A saying in my country: Do not make jokes about sacred things. :)
  6. ...... Yes, that is exactly what I had in mind, a soft/hard top that fades away. ;) Waiting the day when I will hit the streets of Ibiza/Hawaii in this attractive looking car/mod. :) I like the original gauges, but after seeing the alternative - excellent sportish ones, if may I say - oh well, time to say "Goodbye to you... oldish gauges!" :p :cool: PS:@Minime891: Ferrari F50 Spider's top is soft or hard ? I hope you will reconsider and release present and future WIPs because, as you already know, I (and a few others, I think) admire your work.
  7. Not bad, not bad at all. I hope this mod will not "die" in this - more of a beta - stage, like many other mods released in recent months, unfortunately.
  8. ........ @tduchicken: A couple of questions regarding 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo Lp 560-4 Spyder. 1. Will have a top ? 2. Will have the up/down function ? - if yes at first one. Even if it's WIP, you did an exceptional work... like always.:nuts:
  9. ........ Well, when you installed last version - if I remember well in v0.4 UPTeam repaired the hole in the cockpit - your original 8C file was replaced. Probably, that's why you didn't noticed before. ;)
  10. just a (quick) tip The quickest thing you can do is to replace the modded file with original one - .....\Euro\Bnk\vehicules\interiors\8c_competizione_spider_i.bnk.
  11. Check your PMs. --- Post Updated --- If by disks you are referring to wheels/rims, then it's covered in OP with one exception: http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/31368-Audi-TTs-and-R8-v10-rim-switch-help-please?p=534391&viewfull=1#post534391
  12. .. .. .. OFF Edited a bit. :p C'mon now, don't (or try to) hide it behind TreVoR's seat/s. :) I bet he meant that there's no other game that fits into same "category" as this one. :) Even "The Crew" doesn't seems to get close, IMHO. /OFF
  13. ......... Audrey, oh well, that thing on the exhaust tail pipe looks like a "signature" to me. I could be wrong tho. :)
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