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  1. 本体啊~~~特典什么的~电话卡,抱枕~怎么扫图~~~ 有条件的话~~就亲自上阵吧~少年~~~通宵排队是必须的~
  2. From: China Age: 17~FOREVER Hobby: Anime, GAL GAME, osu! Like: UNKNOWN Hate: UNKNOWN Favorite Food: RAMEN~~HOT POT~~CAKE~~ICE CREAM~~ >_<b Gender: UNKNOWN
  3. 脸型是不是应该 再小一点~~还有臀部和腰的比例~~~~ 独言~~加勒个油
  4. 独言~~~我要美腿~~~最好再加上丝袜(蕾丝的,效果更佳)
  5. 嘛~~如果以熊国的名义 做字幕组,汉化组~~~还算可以
  6. 已发9人 最后一人 QQ:372727867 名:外来手综合症
  7. KumaKuni is definitely one of the best forums I've ever seen. The forum is well layed out,especially the gallery is gorgeous. There are a lot of quality resources related to anime and everything is up to date. Moreover,the people here are friendly and helpful. I hope more and more people can join us @ KumaKuni ~ >_<b Back to the topic~I want all the awards.......joking~~I will go for my dear Haruhi ! PS: The private album is brilliant XD ~ Thanks, KumaKuni!
  8. 配色很有感觉的说~~很喜欢脸和头发 膜拜 独言叔
  9. 楼主~真厉害呀~一下就变出来这么多的寿司。。
  10. 很喜欢天梦 画的巫女~~话说 传颂之物 不就是天梦的人设吗~~
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