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  1. I will send you a test version that is being debugged.
    Open "Miscellaneous"-"Misc items"-"Others" and enter "0" in the "Duplicate car" field. The Duplicate car setting will be canceled when you click "Apply".
    NOTE: In this version, export / import for CSV files does not work properly.

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    2. SLBenfica4ever


      Well, didn't took long to find an issue, it appears that I can't change names on this version. Keeps giving me this error no matter what, either just changing model name, brand or both. But at least the duplicate removing feature is working well so far.

      Edit: nevermind I guess, now it's working and I can change name. Didn't do anything.


    3. binbow


      Thank you for the report. It may be a bug that the name cannot be changed immediately after deduplication. I will add it in the survey target list. 

    4. SLBenfica4ever


      well, the car wasn't duplicated in the first place. I don't know exactly what happened, I had removed the duplicated tag on the first few cars, I don't remember if I closed the game or not before trying to add a new modded car. After getting this error I closed the game, and then after a few hours went back into the VPE, at least to see if I could still change performance, files, etc, even if the name change wouldn't work, but then the name change was working fine. I can't say if it was a program error or if I had messed up somewhere else by mistake. But at least since then everything seems to be working fine, new modded cars don't have issues, removing the duplicated tag is still working, and changing performance and stuff doesn't have any problem in game.

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