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  1. I use something called "010 Editor". It's paid, but there are some that have similar features that you can use for free. Please search.
  2. You need to get separately your own favorite Hex editor. Then click the small "Config" button and set the path for that Hex editor.
  3. Thank you, I'm still working development continuing. However, recently, my PC is out of order and needs to be repaired, but the funds are not enough and I am collecting the funds, so the development is delayed.
  4. Thaks. Initially, I developed with such a concept, but now there are some difficult points. The game population seems to have dropped sharply, and I'm not motivated to recreate it.
  5. Which version of TDU2 are you using? Tdu2vpe can handle the following versions of tdu2. Please confirm. - tdu2 v034 build16 and - Tdu2 with unofficial patch 0.4 applied. - If you apply audopack, you should probably be able to handle it.
  6. I tried some experiments. Data related to engine's r.p.m is also written in the sound file and HUD file for each vehicle. If you increase the maximum r.p.m of the vehicle, you need to change those data as well. If you do not change those data, the engine r.p.m. will increase but the frequency of the engine sound will be heard constantly, and the tachometer will not move beyond a certain angle. In that case, it will be recognized as the r.p.m of engine is constant. The way to avoid the above phenomenon, it is better to find a vehicle with a maximum r.p.m that is greater than or close to the r.p.m you trying to change, and modify the HUD file and sound elements in sound files to use it. The attached image is from an experiment using the Areal Atom 300 Supercharged file. I have uploaded the video here. In this video, I haven't changed the sound elements yet, so the engine sound remains Areal Atom 300 Supercharged. In addition, there seems to be a mysterious phenomenon around 7189 rpm that "the r.p.m does not increase even if step on the pedal". I will investigate this separately.
  7. I will test it too. Can you tell me what the "Game settings - Gearbox" settings are in the game?
  8. Let me know which car-id vehicle is the problem occurring in?
  9. Most of these error messages are from Windows systems, and it is difficult for the program to know the exact cause of the error. In many cases, it is often due to trying to load unsupported db_data. tdu2vpe can only handle db_data in v0.34 build 16.
  10. Which version are you using? You can see the version number by right-clicking on the application name in Task Manager. What kind of environment are you using? Perhaps it doesn't support virtual desktops and multiple displays properly.
  11. If you have the files for the vehicle you want to use, that should be fine. There is no need to reinstall up0.4 or auto pack 1.xx.
  12. Is there a file named "Escort_RS_Cosworth.bnk" in the folder "\Euro\Bnk\vehicules\high"? At least, without this file, the car body will be transparent, so you can't see it even if you put it in the shop. The filename of the mod you got is probably a filename for a different vehicle and it is necessary to rename it to the one above by yourself. You don't have to worry about "Bad English". I also always rely on Dr. Google for my english. -- edit -- I confirmed that if you assign the file name properly and put the file in the appropriate folder, it will be displayed properly at the dealer's store. The attached image is the Ford_RS200_Evolution_Group_B published by StarGT applied to ID373 and placed in U.S. Cars (south).
  13. Can you tell me which ID was assigned to camera, car and ik? And which shop did you try to put it in? I also want to experiment.
  14. Please check the following items. - Is the "price" field filled with a valid value? - Is the vehicle file name correct? - Are the files in the folder they should be?
  15. binbow

    I made upload TDU2_Tools here

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    2. GAD


      And one more question guys if i can can somebody try tdu2 1.3.1 cam hack make for 16 build as well or it's impossible to do it?


    3. binbow


      As for camhack, I heared that the developers have already stopped development, so we can't expect it to be available in dlc2 or later.  So, we have no choice but to use cam hack v1.2. 
      If your goal is to change your FOV, you can adjust it with this tools as well. (However, you can't change the FOV in real time in-game. )

    4. GAD


      Ohhh oke thank you so much man i appreciate it :))

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