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  1. So,,,I think it's probably a problem with the character code settings used in vpe, but I can't investigate it because I don't have an environment where I can experiment right away. Putting all folder and file names in English may solve the problem. Try it if you can (don't expect too much).
  2. Try TDU2VPE_ver3.5.1.9.zip. It's the version I intended to fix the error, but I'm sorry if I couldn't fix it. By the way, I'd like to ask for reference, but what language do you use for Windows?
  3. Ummm..Sorry, I have no idea for now.
  4. What is the file name set? Will Q7 be displayed at the store if leave the file as it is without changing the file name?
  5. So..then Please check the following. The file name of the vehicle data is determined according to the contents of the "File name -Vehicle" column of the tab "Miscellaneous-Sensitive data-Filename definition" of tdu2vpe. Are those files in the appropriate folders? For the necessary files, the explanation from around 3:08 on will be helpful.p
  6. It is mandatory that the price of the vehicle is set, otherwise it will not be displayed at the dealer. Please check that area.
  7. I think it is necessary to adjust the Wheelbase and Overhang values. Items for the wheelbase and the overhang are on the "Dimensions" tab. "Overhang" means the distance from the end of the vehicle to the axle.
  8. Tdu2vpe is designed to work with the assumption that "db_data.cpr" is under the folder path "RootFolder\Euro\Bnk\database". If the specified root folder does not meet the above assumptions, it will not work. Set the correct root path according to the above in the root folder field on the "Settings" tab and click the "Done, save" button.
  9. I'm not a direct source of those mods. Can you ask the modding developer a question?
  10. Can you tell me what kind of mod you want to download, such as giving a specific mod name? I will do my best.
  11. "frpoint.cpr" is located under "tdu2 install folder\Euro\Bnk\scenarics\".
  12. I use something called "010 Editor". It's paid, but there are some that have similar features that you can use for free. Please search.
  13. You need to get separately your own favorite Hex editor. Then click the small "Config" button and set the path for that Hex editor.
  14. Thank you, I'm still working development continuing. However, recently, my PC is out of order and needs to be repaired, but the funds are not enough and I am collecting the funds, so the development is delayed.
  15. Thaks. Initially, I developed with such a concept, but now there are some difficult points. The game population seems to have dropped sharply, and I'm not motivated to recreate it.
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