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  1. Leave the author as me for quick access to any bugs. Thank you. Thank you so much MagicV8.
  2. binbow: MINI COOPER S - Sound mod ver0.1 View File More details here: Submitter MagicV8 Submitted 03/14/2020 Category Environment  
  3. Version 0.1


    More details here:
  4. Oh! thanks. no permission is required, please upload it. But when I saw the video I had, I was very disappointed with the sound. It may be difficult to meet his requirements.
  5. I discarded all the sound MOD related files, so I can't upload again. I will try again sooner or later, so please be patient.
  6. Ah that's it. I was able to confirm. It seems we have to wait for someone to set up a private server.
  7. I seem to have completely mistakenly understood, sorry. Please let me know for my study. I can't find such a red icon in my TDU2's screen. Where is it? Could you please show a screen shot?
  8. Here's what you can do. ...... Was this irrelevant? I may have misunderstood your intendment.
  9. With Universal Launcher, you can continue saving online games even when you are offline. Isn't this a solution for you?
  10. The total file size of the files before/after unpacking is about 30 GB. Is it your worries about such a situation? The original files before unpacking are no longer needed for game play and can be deleted. ------------------------------------------ For reference : Follow the procedure below. After installing TDU2, launch the game once and complete the activation. Use TDU2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1] for unpack. Note: unpack in a folder different from the installed folder. After unpacking, confirm that the game can be started normally with the unpacked file. The original files before unpacking are no longer needed and can be deleted. However, it is recommended that you save them on a separate installation media in case you need to reinstall it.
  11. The unofficial patch can be easily uninstalled, but it is difficult to uninstall the serenity pack. So, yes, installing it again from scratch is the easy way. By the way, on my computer, if install unofficial patch 0.4 after unpacking it will be 15.4GB. After that, if install the Serenity Pack (1.71), it will be 17.0GB. You may have made mistake installing the serenity pack.
  12. @Kowa: Here, "unpacking" means the work of decrypting an encrypted file. Therefore, repacking it again does not save space on disk, I think.
  13. Since Defender on Windows 10 does not detect anything, it may be a malfunction of VIPRE. I think it's better to double check using another anti-virus application.
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