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  1. Hmmm. There are no problems that come to mind right away. Are you using the latest version of tdu2vpe? Did you definitely give the proper value when you entered the dimensions of rim etc.?
  2. You can switch the display ON / OFF on the minimap of the AI car with the item "EnableMinimapIA" in gamepc.cpr. If you set "EnableMinimapIA = FALSE", the AI car display will disappear. Note that gamepc.cpr is an encrypted file, so you need to use tdudec to decrypt it in order to edit its contents.
  3. In my PC, I haven't had any problems with the Mazda RX-7 R1 [1.0.0] mod. I was able to change the settings with tdu2vpe without any problems. The Mazda RX-7 R1 [1.0.0] is a mod that replaces the Ginetta F400. Does the Mazda RX-7 R1 display fine when you select the Ginetta F400 in the game?
  4. Tdu2vpe calls "TDUDEC.EXE" inside the program. You can download "tdudec.exe" from here: Luigi Auriemma I think it's easy to put the downloaded "tdudec.exe" in the folder where tdu2vpe is placed. However, you can create a suitable folder somewhere and put it there. Before using tdu2vpe, you need to unpack the tdu2 game files. Unpacking is easy with TDU2 Unpacker GUI v1.2. After unpacking the game files and installing "tdudec.exe", open the "Settings" tab of tdu2vpe and open the folder name where the unpacked TDU2 game files are located and the folder name where "tdudec.exe
  5. The error may be due to a bug in tdu2vpe. Could you please provide me with more information? What vehicle and which item did the error occur when you tried to edit?
  6. Serenity Pack is working fine on my PC, so it may be experiencing some kind of file inconsistency on your PC. I suggest that you try to install the serenity pack again. Make sure that you have overwritten all the files in the serenity pack.
  7. I think you need to find out first when the problem started to occur. Was it normal before Unpack? How about at the time you installed UP0.4?
  8. Since that version is not covered by un official patch0.4, you have to somehow get the v.034 game files. How to get it? If you do a search, it may be something.
  9. I've heard before that “Load” means the accelerator pedal is depressed and “Unload” means the pedal is released. And, load "n" means the engine r.p.m range.
  10. I'm not sure about the difference between box360 and PC.
  11. Since the *.cpr file is an encrypted file, it needs to be decrypted before editing it. I wrote that tdudecgui.exe makes it easy to decrypt and re-encrypt work. --- edit --- When the game is started after the following operations, the modified db_data.cpr is loaded and the game starts. 1. Open "TdudecGUI.exe". 2. Find "db_data.cpr" in the "unpacked tdu2 game folder\Euro\Bnk\database" folder. 3. Drag and drop "db_data.cpr" onto TdudecGUI's form. 4. Click "Exec" button. Decrypted file "db_data.dec" will be genarated. 5. Open binary editor by click "Hex editor" button, and
  12. I still don't understand well the meaning of the question,,,, you can sell your own vehicle at a used car dealer.
  13. Right-click "TestDrive2.exe" and open the properties, you can see the version in the "Product version" section on the "Details" tab.
  14. I think you'll find this tool useful.
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