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  1. Lost support from all other modders but 0.5 is still coming guys but only one new car confirmed - McLaren F1. I do understand them, as they might get bored of waiting for me to start working again. Anyway, this is the list of things that are already done: * BAC Mono new sound * fix crash when other player is riding on an unfinished bike * fix Lamborghini Gallardo automatic gearbox * fix Lamborginin Gallardo Co-op * fix Lamborghini Aventador interior colors * fix Dodge Ram SRT-10 automatic gearbox on offroad (still not perfect because it's not 4x4 car) * fix TVR Cerbera ignition sound volume * fix TVR Cerbera automatic gearbox * fix Saleen S5S idle sound * fix Saleen S7 sound in car dealer/garage * enabled tuning for Ferrari F12 Compatibility of mitkop's db with mine depends fully on him. It is quite easy if you know what are you doing. I helped him in few things recentyly, so he will be able to do it ( I think). After 0.5 I quit TDU2 modding, at least for some time.
  2. You can't use Atari launcher nor steam to play unpacked game. Use Knyazev's Launcher instead. On tdu2.ml/up/tutorial is a pretty simple tutorial how to unpack and install the game. Do not mix two versions of different unpacker at one time. Use GUI and extract to different folder, or use bat and extract to existing directory. I would recommend GUI because it has most up to date filelist.
  3. I think it's the problem of unpacked game generally, not the patch. I never experienced game running slower. I have a theory that the stuttering is caused by the mix of 2 things - slow read speed of HDD and fragmented data. If stuttering occurs i would recommend to delete unpacked TDU2, defragment HDD, and unpack/install patch again.
  4. Man. Please. With all the respect to your work and time. If the drag is 0.18 theoretical speed is more than 510km/h. On every bump it would fly because of lack of downforce and grip. Show me the proof that I am wrong. Not just your imaginations. If someone likes unrealistic speeds for freeride - ok. I am just worried that many noobs would use this db for cheating. In your db Veyron vs FXX is competitive but what about majority of players without your mod? Do you thought about it? It is not competitive when someone drives original FXX and modded FXX...
  5. :rofl: Come back to earth. To be able to achieve this speed FXX's coefficient drag would have to be like 0.23 which is impossible with this body. Enzo's drag which should be similar to FXX without spoilers has 0.32. Little over 400 is a max. BTW, I've looked into this db mod. Beside FXX few other cars are also modified. For example final gear ratio of 430 Scuderia is shortened. Dunno why :think:.
  6. Most of the A1 cars hit the top speed limiter too fast and you made it even worse. Where is the improvement? All I see is that your mod is a great toy for unfair racers... I agree FXX was too slow but what you did now is ridiculous. You know anything about downforce? This car can't reach more than 400kphs. And what's wrong with F12 or Aventador? You can't make them more realistic in this game because I spent days to perfectly match them with the acceleration charts available on the net. For example: http://www.accelerationtimes.com/models/lamborghini_aventador_lp700-4 What you did is not an improvement. Sorry.
  7. Awesome :clap:. How the server is managing sessions? Limited to just one 8 player session, or MMO-alike, or multiple 8 player sessions?
  8. The same bug I noticed on Supra. Minime couldn't replicate it on his rig. We dont know why this happens. Anyway this is only noticeable in the garage or dealer. Not worth our time atm.
  9. Hey guys. It's been a long time but some things need to be explained. First of all - we had a break but 0.5 is still comming. Next patch will not be exclusive to any site. I will post it here, on tdu2.ml and on StarGT's site (if he still wants to participate in this project). I can't stop anybody from adding new, exclusive stuff on top of TDU2UP but such mods will not be supported by me. I wouls be glad if StarGT will work with the whole team on the next patch. If not - we will continue with rest of the modders. I feel that the next patch, 0.5 would be the last one by me but we will see what the future brings :).
  10. Use GamePC.cpr which was included in the patch. File might have been overwritten by UpLauncher.
  11. Well, cars of TDU2 have values for fuel consumption but as we all know it is not working so I don't see the purpose of discussing diameter to fuel consumption relation ;). Answering your question. This is not so simple. Bigger diameter = bigger load, slower acceleration etc. Some engines obtain best fuel efficiency at higher RPM but lower load - it depends. And yes, it will screw up the speedometer and odometer. Better way to save money on fuel is to buy eco tires and change driving style.
  12. 285km/h was confirmed in few independent tests. Theoretical top speed is even higher. Supra with its low drag coefficient (0.32 without wing, unknown with wing), frontal area of 20.1 sq/ft and 320bhp can top at 305 km/h. With wing it might be around 300km/h or slightly less (evaluated drag coefficient for the wing can vary from 0.34 to 0.36). Wheel size has nothing to do with the top speed :lol:. It only makes the car faster at the same rpm compared to smaller wheel (what can be fixed by adjusting gear ratios) but when engine reaches its limits the only thing that matters are aerodynamics and horsepower.
  13. I understand that some of you might be concerned by the performance of UP cars compared to cars that are in the game. The point is that majority of Eden cars do not reflect their real performance. Some of them are too fast (Pagani), some are too slow (RS6). Not everyone have the patch so fixing retail cars will destroy a competitive aspect of the game. I don't want the cars of UP to duplicate mistakes of the orginal devs so sometimes they might feel too slow in their class. We want the acceleration of our cars to match reality. Unfortunately, this is not entirely possible because some parts of physic we have to borrow from other cars but I do my best to make each car feel different and be as close to the reality as possible in this game.
  14. @1002MB It is not mandatory to uninstall 0.3 before 0.4. If you can't uninstall it might be a problem with your game file structure. Hard to tell what's wrong but there is a solution that should always work:
  15. Due to so many requests I would like to present the easiest way to add support for miscellaneous wheels and gamepads. You will need: TXT editor tdudec http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers/tdudec.zip bat scripts for tdudec http://www.mediafire.com/download/umq6q3oi3vmifkk/tdudec_bat.7z USBDeview http://nirsoft.net/utils/usbdeview.zip Then: Extract tdudec.exe and scripts into main game directory Run USBDeview, double click on your device Write down ProductID and VendorID Close USBDeview Backup orginal DevicesPC.cpr Drag file DevicesPC.cpr over DecryptCpr.bat (new file DevicesPC.cpr.txt will be created) Open DevicesPC.cpr.txt in text editor. It should look like this: [settings] //------------------- Help Controls FUGLYX360PADDETECTION 0 HIDDefaultConfig "289045E-0-0-00-504944564944" "Microsoft XBOX Pad" "DeviceXBOXPad.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "28E045E-0-0-00-504944564944" "Microsoft X360 Pad" "DeviceX360Pad.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C299046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech G25 Racing Wheel USB" "DeviceLogitechG25.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C29A046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech Driving Force GT USB" "DeviceDrivingForceGT.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C298046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech Driving Force Pro USB" "DeviceDrivingForcePro.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C295046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech Momo Force USB" "DeviceMomoForce.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C29B046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech G27 Racing Wheel USB" "DeviceLogitechG27.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "C216046D-0-0-00-504944564944" "Logitech Dual Action USB" "DeviceLogitechDualActionUSB.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "B653044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster RGT FFB Clutch" "DeviceThrustmasterRGT_FFB_Clutch.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "B65A044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster F430 FFB" "DeviceThrustmasterF430_FFB.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "B311044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster Dual Analog 3" "DeviceThrustmasterDualAnalog3.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "1970EB7-0-0-00-504944564944" "Porsche Wheel" "DeviceFanatec911TurboS.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "30920E8F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Subsonic Racin'Pro" "DeviceSubsonicRacinPro.xmb" HIDDefaultConfig "B65E044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel" "DeviceThrustmasterT500RS.xmb" UseSteerControl = 1 DefaultSeatPosition = -0.2 -0.4 // FrontBack UpDown min -1 Max +1 CameraDeadZone = 0.3 //0.3 FFB_Factor 1.0 FFB_SlipAngle 1 0.1 0.6 FFB_SlipAngle 2 0.3 1.0 FFB_SpeedFactor 1 5 0.0 FFB_SpeedFactor 2 10 0.8 FFB_SpeedFactor 3 100 1.0 FFB_LoadFromAccel -1.0 0.0 0.75 FFB_LoadFactor 1.0 0.9 0.8 [Control_Driving] // FlashList => controls_pc_driving AddAction "CAR_ACCEL" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "UP" AddAction "CAR_BRAKE" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "DOWN" AddAction "CAR_LEFT" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "LEFT" AddAction "CAR_RIGHT" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "RIGHT" AddAction "CAR_HBRAKE" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "LSHIFT" AddAction "CAR_CLUTCH" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "LCTRL" AddAction "BIKE_LIE_DOWN" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "A" AddAction "BIKE_SEAT_UP" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "Q" AddAction "CAR_GUP" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "SPACE" AddAction "CAR_GDOWN" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "LALT" AddAction "CAR_GREV" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G1ST" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G2ND" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G3RD" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G4TH" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G5TH" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G6TH" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_G7TH" 0 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "CAR_CAMERA" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "C" AddAction "CAR_BACKVIEW" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "V" AddAction "CAR_LIGHT" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "ENTER" AddAction "CAR_HORN" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "H" AddAction "CAR_WINDOWS" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "W" AddAction "CAR_RIGHT_BLINKER" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_0" AddAction "CAR_LEFT_BLINKER" 0 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "RCTRL" AddAction "BACK_ON_TRACK" 0 "B" "Keyboard" "0" "B" AddAction "REMOVE_GPS_TARGET" 0 "H" "Keyboard" "0" "G" [Control_Walkmode_Avatar] // FlashList => controls_pc_walkmode // 1st/3rd person controls AddAction "AVT_MOVE_LEFT" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "LEFT" AddAction "AVT_MOVE_RIGHT" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "RIGHT" AddAction "AVT_MOVE_FORWARD" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "UP" AddAction "AVT_MOVE_BACKWARD" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "DOWN" AddAction "AVT_RISE_ZOOM_IN" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "PAGE_UP" AddAction "AVT_LEAN_ZOOM_OUT" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "PAGE_DOWN" AddAction "CHAT" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "T" AddAction "AVT_EMOTES" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "INS" AddAction "AVT_LOOK_LEFT" 1 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "AVT_LOOK_RIGHT" 1 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "AVT_LOOK_UP" 1 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "AVT_LOOK_DOWN" 1 "A" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "AVT_SWITCH_VIEW" 1 "C" "Keyboard" "0" "END" AddAction "MAP" 1 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "M" AddAction "RADIO_CHANNEL" 1 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "1" AddAction "RADIO_VOL_LESS" 1 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "2" AddAction "RADIO_VOL_MORE" 1 "A" "Keyboard" "0" "3" AddAction "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES1" 1 "F" "Keyboard" "0" "INS" AddAction "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES2" 1 "F" "Keyboard" "0" "HOME" AddAction "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES3" 1 "F" "Keyboard" "0" "SUP" AddAction "AVT_CASINO_EMOTES4" 1 "F" "Keyboard" "0" "END" [Menu] // ingame menus controls AddAction "MENU_LEFT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "LEFT" AddAction "MENU_RIGHT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "RIGHT" AddAction "MENU_UP" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "UP" AddAction "MENU_DOWN" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "DOWN" AddAction "ACCESSORIES_LEFT" 2 "G" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_4" AddAction "ACCESSORIES_RIGHT" 2 "G" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_6" AddAction "ACCESSORIES_UP" 2 "G" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_8" AddAction "ACCESSORIES_DOWN" 2 "G" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_2" AddAction "MENU_VALIDATE" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "ENTER" AddAction "MENU_BACK" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "BACKSPACE" AddAction "MENU_PAUSE" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "ESC" AddAction "MENU_OPTION_1" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "X" AddAction "MENU_OPTION_2" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "Y" AddAction "MENU_HELP" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "H" AddAction "MENU_SORT_INVERT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "END" AddAction "MENU_SORT_LEFT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "SUP" AddAction "MENU_SORT_RIGHT" 2 "D" "Keyboard" "0" "PAGE_DOWN" // on-map controls AddAction "MAP_LEFT" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "LEFT" AddAction "MAP_RIGHT" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "RIGHT" AddAction "MAP_UP" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "UP" AddAction "MAP_DOWN" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "DOWN" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_LEFT" 2 "E" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_RIGHT" 2 "E" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_UP" 2 "E" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_DOWN" 2 "E" "none" "0" "none" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_ZOOMIN" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_MINUS" AddAction "MAP_CURSOR_ZOOMOUT" 2 "E" "Keyboard" "0" "PAD_PLUS" // stereo // ensure hotkeys for this : will avoid the vast majority of rants about bindings AddAction "TOGGLE_STEREO" 2 "S" "Keyboard" "0" "LSHIFT" AddActionAnd "TOGGLE_STEREO" "Keyboard" "0" "F1" AddAction "DISTORSION_DOWN" 2 "S" "Keyboard" "0" "LSHIFT" AddActionAnd "DISTORSION_DOWN" "Keyboard" "0" "F2" AddAction "DISTORSION_UP" 2 "S" "Keyboard" "0" "LSHIFT" AddActionAnd "DISTORSION_UP" "Keyboard" "0" "F3" // groups inter-exclusions // stereoscopic vision keys musn't be used for anything else //ActionsExclusions "SA SB SC SD" END After this line HIDDefaultConfig "B65E044F-0-0-00-504944564944" "Thrustmaster T500 RS Racing Wheel" "DeviceThrustmasterT500RS.xmb" add HIDDefaultConfig "[YourProductID][YourVendorID]-0-0-00-504944564944" "Your Device name in TDU2" "YourDeviceConfigFilename.xmb" where [YourProductID] is a PID of your device, [YourVendorID] is a VID of your device and YourDeviceConfigFilename.xmb is a config file TDU2 will be using for your device. It might be existing xmb file, or new (if new you will need to copy and rename existing config anyway) For example, if you have Fanatec CSW your ProductID is 38E and VendorID is 0EB7. You should add this line to the file: HIDDefaultConfig "38E0EB7-0-0-00-504944564944" "Fanatec CSW" "DeviceFanatecCSW.xmb" Save your file then drag DevicesPC.cpr.txt over EncryptCpr.bat. Replace DevicesPC.cpr with new DevicesPC.cpr.txt.cpr Hardest part is done. Now you need to find a config file that will fit. For example if you have Fanatec wheel the wise choice would be to use Fanatec 911 config. To do this copy DeviceFanatec911TurboS.xmb and rename to DeviceFanatecCSW.xmb. If you have other device procedure is similar but different xmb might work better and you rename it to YourDeviceConfigFilename.xmb instead of DeviceFanatecCSW.xmb :). Be aware that config xmb you use for your device was not created for it. That means you might need to bind buttons by yourself but FFB should work. Please if you successfully added new device post your device ProductID, VendorID and the xmb you have chosen to use. I will be updating this post with new devices and might add them to UnoficialPatch. Fanatec CSW (with Fanatec911TurboS config): HIDDefaultConfig "38E0EB7-0-0-00-504944564944" "Fanatec CSW" "DeviceFanatec911TurboS.xmb"
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