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  1. Anyone else having an error happen when you transfer over an old save game, I am getting my cars back with stats that are upgraded but performance that isn't Ive had to start a new game. When I try to buy a new car it calls it err 3
  2. Can't wait for UP 0.4b, anyone want to grind with me? IGN is S2KAP14life
  3. how would i go about accessing the save game in game? Thanks, coldshiver1
  4. I had 150k casino points on my account last night. I logged off with the 150k still showing up on my screen, and maybe crucially, i logged out from the casino I went to go load the game this afternoon, as i pressed start, my whole comp blue screened (which will sometimes occur, not sure why). So i log in and I look at my balance, and its as if i've just arrived at casino island again, and i didn't skip a single cutscene that time, i am genuinely confused. So I have no cash and now i'm basically dirt poor. PS my ign is S2KAP1 if you want to just race me so i can maybe regain some of the cash I lost.
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