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  1. @Guest: Unfortunately, this kind of error is often not well understood. Is the file size of db_data.cpr 1192 kB? There have been cases where similar errors occurred because files with different file sizes were used. Try unpacking again using the TDU2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1]
  2. The "db_data.cpr" you provided seems to be broken. However, I could not specify the broken data address. There is no abnormality in the data in the range handled by tdu2vpe. I recommend you to undo all the changes you've made to "db_data.cpr" (replace "db_data.cpr" with the original file) and make try to change again while monitoring the situation.
  3. What about the following things? Does the timestamp of db_data.cpr match the date and time you made the change in tdu2vpe?
  4. Please check the IK. The original Harley's IK is 1510.
  5. @MickieMcGee Regarding "no mapping for the unicode" error: It is a measure that can not be expected so much, please try the following. Is the folder name with tdu2vpe and the folder name with tdu2 file after unpacking made up of alphabets only? If not, it may be improved if it is a folder name consisting only of AZ characters such as "TEST".
  6. @MickieMcGee There was a report of the same trouble as before. However, no solution has been found. I am continuing the investigation. About tdu2vpe, ver3.5.1.8 is the latest. And, the size of db_data.dec should be 1192 KB. The unpack method may be different. Please try unpacking again using "Xarlith: TDU 2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1]" : https://turboduck.net/topic/31583-xarlith-tdu2-unpacker-gui-v11-japan-language-support/
  7. With Universal Launcher, you can use it commonly offline and online with one account. However, it is necessary to create an online account first. If you have a save game with an offline account and want to use it even online, the procedure is bothersome but there is a way. :tup:
  8. When unpacking, I think that it is better to specify a different folder as the unpacking destination. After the test, delete the folders unnecessary. --- eidt --- Can you send me that "db_data.cpr" with a file size of 1193 kb? I would like to research it for the future.
  9. Can the game start normally and play? I am concerned that the size of "db_data.dec" is different. Is the size of "..\Euro\Bnk\database\db_data.cpr" in the TDU2 folder also 1193 KB? Could you try unpacking the game files again? Please use "TDU2 Unpacker GUI [v1.1]" for unpacking.
  10. Sorry for trouble you.:( Is TDU 2 version v034.b16? What kind of OS are you using? Windows 10? Or 8? 7? What kind of folder did you install tdu2vpe to? Is there a file called "db_data.dec" in the folder where tdu2vpe is installed? Is the file size of "db_data.dec" 1192 KB?
  11. Could you please delete the "tdu2vpe_ini.xml" and try again from the setting?
  12. I did not understand well yet, but I heard that only colors defined in *. 2 dm can be used.
  13. ?? :tdown: Do you mean this post?
  14. @wagnerpsc: Sorry to trouble you. Could you please delete the file "TDU2vPE_ini.xml" in the folder where TDU2VPE is installed and try again from setting?
  15. TDU2VPE updated to ver Changes - ver Fixed: The code causing the error "UNICODE mapping is missing" has been corrected. Other: The checkbox for the import option has been deleted. Except for pointers to "ID" and "submodel", all data will be overwritten with imported data. Download link : TDU2VPE_ver3.5.1.9.zip
  16. I was able to reproduce the same error. But I do not know how to fix it. :tdown: Please wait patiently.
  17. About struct format of the "db_data.cpr": I do not know the published document on about struct format of the "db_data.cpr". On "db_data.cpr", it is analytically confirmed that data is lined up like csv obtained by using tduvpe's export csv function. If you match the csv data with the data on "db_data.cpr" by binary search, you can identify the location on "db_data.cpr". To avoid misunderstanding; The above db_data.cpr means the file of db_data.dec after decrypting. About decrypting "db_data.cpr": If tdu2vpe is properly set, tdu2vpe calls tdudec and processes it internally, so you do not need to manually decode it. Please learn about using "tdudec.exe" in the document of "tdudec.exe". Using this makes it easier to work with "tdudec.exe". Drag and drop the cpr file and click exec to get the decrypted file.
  18. Would you please try this? The potential of error should be suppressed.
  19. Sorry to trouble you, could you please try ver3.5.1.3?
  20. Can you tell me the name of the car at the time of the error? Please let me check for a moment. Did the error occur with the latest version? The latest is ver3.5.1.8. There was a report of the same bug in the past, and a bug countermeasure was taken with ver
  21. OK, I will prepare, wait a while. -- update -- I uploaded three versions of 3503, 3305, 3263 here.
  22. Thank you for your reply. It seems that you have found a bug in a troubling field that I am the most difficult. I will investigate, please give me time.:(
  23. I have no idea for now. But,,let me know what version of Windows are you using? Windows 7? 8? 10?
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