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  1. The unofficial patch 0.4 only changes the placement of vehicles per dealership. The dealers are the same location as they were before the patch was applied. Can you find all the dealers in the game before the unpack? By the way, are you sure the game version is v0.34 build 16?
  2. @Bradley73, @adnius Were you able to play the game normally before you unpacked it?
  3. Please wait a while,,,, I'll write later. -- edit -- At the moment, you can only select the combinations described in the DB. If you want to apply a rim mod, you will need to replace that particular combination of rims. How to change the rim size: 1. Open the "Tires/Rims" tab, 2. Select the code for your desired rim size in the "Tire/Rim Combination Code List".(by double clicking). If the combination containing the rim of the desired size is not in the list, you can add it by. - Click the Open DB Viewer button to open TireDBViewer and - Find suitable set and double-click to select it. The code set by the above operation will be added to the "Tire/Rim Combination Code List". On TireDBViewer, if the vehicle ID number is set to negative, it meaned will be not used for any vehicle yet. So, selecting a set of them will avoid any impact on other vehicles.
  4. The "db_data.cpr" file must also be a v034 file. The file version of "db_data.cpr" can be distinguished by the file size. For v034, the size should be 1192kb.
  5. I think the error message says it all.
  6. I tried to upload it to the download section of the site here, but it failed. Anyway, I uploaded it here.
  7. Do you have the DFGT driver software installed? In the "Profiler" of the driver software, you should have been able to set the strength of the FFB and so on.
  8. The DFGT is a standard supported device, so it should have a reasonable amount of FFB. You may need to check the following points. (1) Does "DevicePC.cpr" use the original file? (2) Does setting "Force Feedback - Medium" in the in-game settings change the situation?
  9. If you need the GUI version, I can upload it to this site. I'm a nice guy too.
  10. Maybe something has gone wrong somewhere. I suggest you start over from the unpacking process with the following topics.
  11. To begin with, TDU2 was not designed with the user's MOD in mind. So, we analyzed the TDU2 file, modified it forcibly, and applied the MOD. It is difficult to apply the MOD without damaging the original file, I think.
  12. I think if you install Unofficial Patch v0.4 and then AutoPack ver. 1.xx, your desire will be almost fulfilled.
  13. As a result of my experiments, I found that such data as driver arms and animations are embedded in the MOD itself. TDUZoqqer's other post also said that I need to reconfigure my MOD using ZModeler...I'll have to learn ZModeler...phew...I'll enjoy it for a while.
  14. Could someone please tell me about it? Where can I find information on whether a particular vehicle is a left or right-hand drive vehicle? I want to somehow fix the very uncomfortable behavior of trying to shift with my right hand even though I'm in a right-hand drive car.
  15. Sorry for the delay in replying. I'll send you a DM. @GADD3008; I will send it to you as well. --- Edit --- For some reason I can't send the DM well, so I uploaded it here. --- Edit2 --- @Vlad, the author, I'm sorry to say after the fact, but can you give me permission?
  16. You can download the Engine on/off tool here.
  17. Leave the author as me for quick access to any bugs. Thank you. Thank you so much MagicV8.
  18. binbow: MINI COOPER S - Sound mod ver0.1 View File More details here: Submitter MagicV8 Submitted 03/14/2020 Category Environment  
  19. Version 0.1


    More details here:
  20. Oh! thanks. no permission is required, please upload it. But when I saw the video I had, I was very disappointed with the sound. It may be difficult to meet his requirements.
  21. I discarded all the sound MOD related files, so I can't upload again. I will try again sooner or later, so please be patient.
  22. Ah that's it. I was able to confirm. It seems we have to wait for someone to set up a private server.
  23. I seem to have completely mistakenly understood, sorry. Please let me know for my study. I can't find such a red icon in my TDU2's screen. Where is it? Could you please show a screen shot?
  24. Here's what you can do. ...... Was this irrelevant? I may have misunderstood your intendment.
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