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  1. Dear Racers, This is the information page for version 0.6U which contains some important fixes and some new features. This is not the graphics update we have been talking about in recent progress reports. This one is fully compatible with the existing public version. We decided to work on version U after learning about some issues with two new VR headsets that could actually cause eye strain, which made an update really important. We also fixed some other known bugs and took the opportunity to add some new features. You can try a new setting for the cockpit views. Previously they were always aligned to the car but now you can lock the view to the horizon. Some people can experience motion sickness when driving a car in VR and this option can be a great help for them. With the view locked to the horizon you get a strong feeling of how the car is moving but it can be too much so there is an alternative setting to 'filter' the view. In this case the view still goes with the car's pitch and roll but there is a short time delay while the view catches up to the car. This is quite effective in showing how the car reacts to bumps. For those of you who like to race offline, we have increased the number of AI drivers you can add and you can now set their skill levels individually in the race setup screen. The F11 and F12 in-game screens can now be used to adjust their live settings and pit strategy. Please read the full list of changes below. Four ways to get version 0.6U : FULL VERSION (496 MB) - If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation. - Click HERE to visit the download page and get the full version installer. Changes from 0.6T to 0.6U : Views: New setting "View lock" can be set to car / filter / horizon FIX: Offset mirror was not drawn offset in forces draw (F) VR: Updated to the latest version of OpenVR (1.2.10) Pimax headsets can now be used in native mode (rotated eye views) Minimum value for manual FOV setting reduced from 80 to 75 degrees FIX: An error in OpenVR caused Samsung Odyssey+ wrong eye levels FIX: A loss of accuracy in the automatic FOV calculation Multiplayer: Server side improvement to speed up recovery when there is lag FIX: Timing bug that allowed damage repair to be done in zero time AI: You can now set the skill level of individual AI drivers Single player race limit increased to 32 drivers (AI + real) You can now change AI live settings / pit instructions (F11 / F12) Command /aiskill X to set skill level 1 to 5 (for adding new AI) Command /aiset name X to set AI driver 'name' to skill level X Command /aiset_all X to set all local AI drivers to skill X FIX: In overtaking lesson all AI drivers had PRO skill level FIX: Non-qualifying race restart affected the overtaking lessons FIX: Spam "This car does not have a handbrake" when hit parked AI Interface: Increased resolution of dashboard texture Faster saving of screenshots when you press CTRL+S Driver name and AI skill level are now shown in F11 / F12 windows Entry screen shows "Unlock Live for Speed" instead of "Demo racer" New key CTRL+P to copy the LFS window to clipboard excluding border FIX: Some narrow unicode characters corrupted by an incorrect width FIX: Host options could state "no bans" before clicking "edit bans" FIX: Character dialog could be messed up when selecting languages Misc: Gearshift debounce code changed to help with the button release SHIFT+F2/F3 can adjust time in single player mode (not hotlapping) FIX: Attributes no longer copied when opening file by command line FIX: Crash at startup when loading a corrupted car model file Most translations updated. Thank you translators! - LFS Developers
  2. The March 2019 update for Forza Motorsport 7 arrives on Tuesday, March 12! Drifters and wheel users rejoice, because March is bringing some great features your way. Not only do we have three drift-ready RTR cars serving as this month’s Spotlight Cars, we also have a new cockpit camera option made specifically with drifters in mind. We’ve also made some improvements to collisions in the game based off community feedback and have added new quality of life improvements for wheel players. The long-awaited Forza Race Regulations (FRR) feature makes its limited-release debut in Forza Motorsport 7 this month. See below for details on how the closed beta will work and when the general player base will get their first taste of FRR (hint: it’s in April). Finally, the official Forza Discord server is now open for business and we’re inviting the entire Forza community to join and let their feedback be heard. See below for more on how you can get involved with this new platform. As always you can see the longer list of fixed and improvements in our March 2019 Release Notes on the Forza Support site. Here are the highlights of the March update, starting with that trio of drift-ready, RTR-powered beasts. March Spotlight Cars: Welcome RTR! This month we have three Spotlight cars that are known for getting sideways in some of the most thrilling drift competitions in the world. Driven by Formula Drift heroes Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa, these RTR monsters are surely “Ready to Rock”! Each of these cars is available to all Forza 7 players for free this month. Here’s a closer look. 2018 Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5 The Ford Mustang has always been a legend but, when the team at RTR got their hands on this one, they created something truly awesome. This pony car has got the look and the guts to go racing, drifting, or just cruise. Take a good look at the custom wide body kit with side skirts, chin spoiler, rear diffuser, those RTR hood vents, and you can see this vehicle means business. The real treat is under the hood where you will find a 460 horsepower Coyote V8 putting power through a 10-speed paddle-shifted transmission. It’s the perfect balance of performance and looks and will serve you well wherever you see fit. 2018 Ford #25 Mustang RTR One of the American drifting greats and 2010 Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. is known for his aggressive style and billowing smoky driving. He’s so aggressive that you will often see his Monster Energy liveried Mustang on three or even two wheels on entry. You have to credit the driver for this no-holds-barred, go-for-it action, but the car deserves some credit as well. After all, when you put massive horsepower from a naturally-aspirated Roush-Yates V8 with a 9,000 RPM redline in this stripped down, full-on drift car, any Forza lover can give it their all. This is the car that made history drifting the entire Nürburgring Nordschleife. It’s one greatness-enabling machine you need to experience. 2018 Ford #88 Mustang RTR Chelsea DeNofa has been making a name for himself in many forms of racing. He got his start in the world of drifting before he even had a driver’s license. Since then he has raced as an SCCA pro where he honed his incredible driving skills before diving head first into the world of drifting. Now considered among the top drivers in Formula Drift, he joined the RTR Drift Team in 2017. In his BC Racing livery Mustang that shares the same specs with Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s RTR Mustang, Denofa has been blowing minds with his precise and exciting drifts. With 1,000 horsepower, BC Racing coilovers, a custom IRS, and 4-speed dog box transmission, it’s now your chance to melt tires and make a name for your own drifting aspirations. Forza Race Regulations March Beta The rollout of Forza Race Regulations (FRR) begins this month. Starting in March, we are beginning to introduce FRR to Forza Motorsport 7 and this rollout will take place over several months as we continue to introduce new functionality and features to the system, and to listen to feedback from the Forza community. Beginning on March 13, we will be launching a closed FRR beta hopper that will be accessible to a small number of players, including Turn 10 developers and invited Forza Motorsport 7 players. During this closed beta, Turn 10 will be experimenting with the first version of FRR in a retail environment, and gathering feedback from invited players. The scope of the FRR feature set in the March closed beta will be limited to track cutting only and will feature UI elements and implementation aspects that are not yet final. For example, while players will incur time penalties for cutting the track in this FRR hopper, those penalties will not affect players’ final placement after a race has completed. Incurred track-cutting time penalties will begin to count towards event results after the April update. Also in April, we expect to open a public FRR beta hopper that will be accessible to all Forza Motorsport 7 players. Look for a more detailed explanation of how FRR features will work with the April update – as well as more detail on how FRR will evolve in the months ahead – coming next month. Collision Improvements We’ve made some changes to collision features with the March 2019 update, based on community feedback on new collision updates that were introduced to Forza Motorsport 7 last year. Specifically: Collision Assist – In an effort to prevent players from using Collision Assist to push other cars around the track, the Collision Assist effect now bleeds off over time during contact. General Collision Improvements – We’re introducing some important changes to the collision model. Previously, the friction between two cars used a fixed coefficient. Introducing the new “soft” collisions in Forza Motorsport 7 meant that friction sustained over a longer period. With the March 2019 update, we’ve lowered the peak friction and added a scale to the friction coefficient based on the interpenetration of the soft collisions. This means that light bumps will have less friction and large-magnitude collisions, where cars “squish” into one another, have higher friction. We have also adjusted the amount of time that cars can be “squished” together. Wheel Updates Wheel users will see some improvements in Forza Motorsport 7 this month. We’ve introduced four important updates: 1) Per-Car Wheel Tuning – Each car in a player’s garage now has a tunable setting for steering wheel rotation scale and force feedback. Players can now set their steering lock with soft locking and steering force, and those settings will save to the garage car. Note that this feature is not usable on rental cars and does not save to the tune itself. This tuning menu is accessible from the Tuning & Upgrades menu. 2) Dynamic Damper Behavior – The recently updated force feedback (FFB) introduced a dynamic damper to FFB. Some players prefer a linear damper; as a result, we’ve introduced a new dynamic damper effect slide which allows players to scale between the current dynamic damper and a fixed linear damper. The existing damper scale still scales the damper as it did before. 3) Load Sensitivity Tuning – The current FFB system in Forza Motorsport 7 is based on actual wheel loads. Some of these loads occur at a higher frequency. The game filters the very high frequency loads and bucket them as “Road Feed.” Some medium frequency loads are bucketed as “Align Torque.” The new Tire Load tuning setting allows players to filter out the medium frequency load to create a smoother FFB experience. 4) Wheel Telemetry – We’ve added a new panel to Telemetry to show players their current steering wheel torque in graph form. Because the game sends FFB torque, damper, and spring to the wheel separately, the game cannot display the actual level of torque saturation for the wheel. Torque is displayed as it is sent to the wheel, a normalized scaled between 0 and 1, with 1 being the maximum. Spring and Damper are normalized to the default setting. Track Limit Menu Change With the March update players can now find the Track Limit Lines settings option under Assists. Track Limits settings can also still be accessed via the HUD options menu. Drift Cockpit Camera Together with the introduction of new RTR cars in Forza Motorsport 7, we’ve got a new drift-focused cockpit camera option that is designed to improve drifters’ in-car views. Accessible from the HUD menu, the Drift Camera is a toggle-able option that, when engaged, allows the cockpit camera to automatically look in the direction of the car when drifting. The new camera option is available in both cockpit camera view and wheel-less cockpit view and features three different settings that players can tune to their liking. Sensitivity controls the ratio of car angle to camera angle. Players can increase or decrease this setting to affect how sensitive the camera is to car angle. Look Speed controls speed at which the camera moves from its original position towards the direction of travel. Reducing this setting will smooth out the camera’s movement due to changes in direction. Camera Range controls the width of movement for the camera. Reduce this setting to limit the camera’s movement when the car is at peak angle. Forza Discord – Now Open! Got something to say about Forza? Want to share some feedback about the new Drift Camera setup, or Wheel Telemetry? Can’t wait to share your thoughts on Forza Race Regulations? Check out our newly opened Forza Discord server. Here you can interact with Forza fans from all over the world and share your thoughts on all things Forza. Join the fun now and let your voice be heard!
  3. Updated February 22, 2019 (Current Version WHAT'S NEW New supported Game: DiRT Rally 2.0 New Widget in Misc -> Text -> Data Popup New Data for rFactor 2: DRS, Trackmap, Brakebias, ... (make sure to update the PC App and the rFactor 2 Plugin in the PC App -> Games Tab) Button Box: Send Texts Other Bugfixes and Improvements If you are playing on the PC: Make sure to update the SIM Dashboard PC Application as well
  4. Introducing 'Gran Turismo Sport' Newest Update: Adding Japan’s ‘AUTOPOLIS’ International Circuit and 5 New Cars Gran Turismo Sport has received an update on the 05 Match 2019. The following is a list of contents included with Update 1.34: 1. 5 of the the most iconic cars of the past have been added. TOYOTA GR Supra RZ '19 (N300) Pagani Huayra '13 (N700) Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren '09 (N600) Mazda Eunos Roadster (NA Special Package) '89 (N200) McLaren F1 GTR - BMW (Kokusai Kaihatsu UK Racing) '95 (Gr.3) 2. The 'AUTOPOLIS' race track, an international racing circuit of western Japan, has been added. ・AUTOPOLIS INTERNATIONAL RACING COURSE Total Length: 4,674m, Elevation Change: 52m, Number of corners: 18, Longest Straight: 902m The 'AUTOPOLIS' is a notable race track located in the middle of a mountain range in the Oita Prefecture of Kyushu, the southwestern island of Japan. It is known for its challenging layout, and while sector 1 is a simple high speed section, complex consecutive corners of all speed ranges await the driver in sectors 2 and 3. With a maximum upward slope of 7.2% and 10% downward, there are plenty of ups and downs on this track, and driving a full lap without a mistake requires high concentration. In addition to the International Racing Course layout, a Short Cut Course that makes Turn 10 the final corner has also been included. 3. The following 'GT League' event, where the 'Supra' takes centre stage, have been added: ■ Supra Legend (Amateur League) A special race event for the Supra, a line of high powered front engine rear wheel drive Toyota sportscars developed for racing. In addition, the following new rounds have also been added to the GT League: ■ Beginner League 2 new rounds added to the 'Mazda Roadsters Cup'. ■ Amateur League 2 new rounds added to the 'Mazda Roadsters Cup +'. ■ Professional League 2 new rounds added to the 'Premium Sports Lounge'. 2 new rounds added to the 'All Japan GT Car Championships'. ■ Endurance League 1 new round added to the 'Gr.3 Endurance Series'. 4. More additional features have been added. SCAPES 'AUTOPOLIS' have been added to the special featured section. There will be various other features, improvements and fixes implemented in this update. Please enjoy the continuing evolution of Gran Turismo Sport.
  5. Yes Sadly no winter roads yet but Monte Carlo Will appear soon DiRT Rally 2.0
  6. I know it's too late but happy valentine's day car lovers
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