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  1. Now with full face helmet
  2. Happy New Year 2021 ! Best wishes
  3. Today we’re here to spill some much-needed hot news to your screens with the release of version 0.21! Featuring a complete Jungle Rock Island map renovation, bringing new locations to explore and a myriad of updated roads for that sunny winter getaway, as well as revamped vegetation and a brand-new waterfalls zone. If a tropical paradise isn’t up your alley, you’ll be happy to hear that West Coast USA received an improvement pass, including multiple new locations and the addition of two new roads – City and Highway Tunnels. The long-awaited Gavril D-Series Remaster Part 2 is finally
  4. I like RGB. It's cost to much for me but i love it
  5. <90's Golden Drift Spot Project> This project is aiming to recreate the legendary drift locations in Japan, from the very popular drifting spot list for drifters from the late 80's til the early 00's. Although it is away from locations introduced by Inital D it's remains a popular drift spot till today. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CUSTOM SHADERS PATCH V.160 OR ABOVE REQUIRED stop asking PV with Team Gaya Factory drivers *This course is created under Lidar data pro
  6. Waiting for new update ! More news next week. Rain Gameplay
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