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  1. I was shocked at first when I heard about the revival of TDU1, its been dead for so many years! Absolutely cant wait till I get home and gonna install it. Only problem I have is when I try to install it from my original disc, it quitting the installshield, saying it finished (without installing anything). I'm on Win7, tried compatibility, stalling is-shield from the DVD ect. Anyone had that problem ever? Once again, great job with the project!
  2. As far as I am aware servers go on and off sometimes lately, other than that make sure you use the latest Knyazev TDU2 Universal Launcher and you should be fine. Wouldnt run Steam launcher as it may detect modded files and you might VAC baned (i heard storied) so just add the Universal Launcher to Non-Steam games and it should be fine.
  3. I cruise on almost daily basis so feel free to add me and lets cruise (Marciatelli)
  4. I dont think there should be any class limit, just grab your fav car and lets go. I will be up for the drive for sure, going with the Ferrari 612 :cool: Bump
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