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  1. This world is for those who want to experience and enjoy the atmosphere of Hawaii differently, to the full, with new colors and atmosphere. TDU_Daydream by mds_blaze_scut ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - What is the addition: Addition (continuation) based on TDU_Platinum as an independent project. The game is developed exclusively for "Hardcore mode". All characteristics are adjusted exclusively for this mode for realism. A new format of car physics, the closest to reality (excluding clutch) - starting from power and torque curves, ending with maximum speed, acceleration and control. This addition has its own unique weather, some sounds and textures of its own design. The game supports resolutions up to 4K and 60fps, as well as expanding to multiple screens (through the settings of the video card). - What is different about this addition: Physics of cars of our own design. Thanks to more than 3 years of experience in development in this direction, cars have maximum realism in acceleration dynamics (0-100, 0-160, 0-200, 0-250 and 0-270 km/h) based on absolutely reliable data (actual and not declared by the manufacturers!) simulations at the stand using special software. The braking distance and control are also as close to real parameters as possible. All measurement errors are minimized. Replaced some traffic models. Created from scratch grass textures (thanks Rt-Rt). Replaced in-game radio. Replaced some in-game sounds and music: sounds taken from the PS2 version of the game (thanks fhqwhgads); own music with superimposed acoustic effects. Replaced turbo sound (thanks ZMZ). Replaced by own the sound of the police. A unique weather was created from scratch, cyclical, fully dynamic (except for precipitation and light of lanterns). Fixed some traffic bugs. Increased traffic. Added feedback fix for Logitech G27. Created from scratch unique HDR graphics config. Increased texture rendering range. Replaced tire textures with higher quality and high poly (thanks to VDV522). Real Water Mod (mod of real water textures: water textures and a config of own design). Quiet Transmission Whine Mod (a mod that reduces the sound of transmission, thanks fhqwhgads). TDU Remove Seatbelt v0.1 Alpha Mod (a mod that removes seat belts, thanks -=[(ELVIS)]=- ). Replaced container textures. Replaced the texture of gas stations. Replaced the texture of the shadows (better). Added own license plate. Fixed car reflections. Added own logo. Updated red interface. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - Sample system requirements for stable operation of the game: 2-core processor with a frequency of 2.4 GHz or higher. From 2 (and preferably from 4 GB) of RAM. A video card from 1 GB in volume or higher (Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or higher, and similarly AMD (ATi) Radeon HD 4870, Radeon Vega 8 or higher); for a rough comparison, the link is https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-gtx-260.c217; there you can compare your stuffing with the minimum required in the Relative Perfomance column. Free disk space of 18 GB or more. See you in Hawaii! Regards, mds_blaze_scut ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Link to download - https://hf-garage.ru/tdu_daydream | or via Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ldgCBwFg2keXsmqqThzPL8eUP_6kfTxK/view?usp=sharing TDU_Daydream Promo video - Official group, Russian-speaking community and technical support - https://vk.com/tdu_daydream YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKTeyZmnbdFYq8SB-cOi_HA ____________________________________________________ P.S.: translated using Google Translate All work on the addition was done by me personally and alone. The videos are recorded in real time on the in-game interface, mounted by me. Anyway, I do everything myself
  2. Hi Everyone I have problem with the newest version v1.2.1 Platinum Mod for TDU1. I'm new here so please, be kind to me First problem is random huge fps drop in random moments.... Sometimes 10 minutes after start playing, sometimes 1 hours after... I have fresh start of campaign, I have only one, begin car - Fiat 20V Coupe, and done aprox. 10 races Second problem is freeze game renderer after minimize. By me or after windows pop-up, no matters. When game minimize, I can hear game still playing, Pause still give sounds of switching tabs, but Windows is solid black. I can't find any thread or solution similar to my problem to mod version 1.2.1, so I ask here. I will be grateful for all tips or/and solutions. Best Regards JacobJakub PS. If any of devteam Platinum mod will be reading this thread. Thank you for all of your work, this mod is the best comunity artwork to loved game which I ever seen.
  3. Features FreeRide's back online! New back-end features (such as time synchronisation) New client features (key shortcut, launch options, ...) Fuel Mode Modding enhancement Graphics Tweaking Small Tweaks (such as faster launch) And more! Disclaimer Even if this mod doesn't affect directly your game files, installing this mod is at your own risk. We are not liable in any way for any damage to equipment or loss of income that may occur due to its usage. F.A.Q. Q. Do I have to own a legal version of TDU? Yes Q. How do I install the mod / how can I solve my issues? See the ReadMe in the archive, it will solve most of your issues Q. Do I have to own the Megapack to play online? No. You need however the latest official version of TDU (1.66A) Q. Is there any mod incompatibility with the mod? Most of your mods should work (unless it implies executable modifications) Q. Is this completely free? This mod is, and will ever be 110% free. Q. Where can I download the source code or the server binaries to set my own server? This isn't possible at the moment (because it would be pointless to setup many TDU servers when the game work in P2P). If the server close, the binaries will be released. Q. What features aren't / won't be working at release? (this list may change) Clubs, Drive In, Multiplayer Lobby, Leaderboard, E-bay Q. Can I play offline with this mod and keep the features (such as the fuel mode)? Yes Q. Do I need a powerful connection to play? If your connection used to work on the official server, then it'll work too there Q. Can I play with Xfire, Steam, MSi afterburner integrated into my game? No, because it will cause conflicts with the mod. You'll have to play without those Q. I get an error message on connection because of my username Read the instructions provided in the archive Q. Is there more features to come? Maybe... who knows! Download Links Test Drive Unlimited: Multiplayer Modification Version: 0.03A Description: Multiplayer Game Client with a lot of awesome features! Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Fix Version: 0.01 Description: Fix 1.66A force-feedback and add led support Credits lean (code), Milli (fuel assets), Speeder (code) Special thanks Thanks to the donators Harry B., COMB@T_$HOTGUN, Damian L., t0m3k911 Thanks to the testers big 206 fan, X8X8X, COMB@T_$HOTGUN, DrifteaCent, TDUZoqqer, DJoyTinnio, iLLGT3, Reventón09, Automotive Gaming, t0m3k911, Ryzza5, Dux, Rassva, Zlatko Ilijeski, Prince-Matt, and anyone I forgot to add here because of my empty sent items box Thanks to Diablo and all turboduck staff for keeping alive this (awesome) community ... and thanks to anyone who supported the project. Remember guys, it's only the beginning! #TDUForever
  4. Is it actually possible to add or at least replace existing clothes with modded ones in tdu? Replacing the textures with something we can create, if so, can anyone explain how to do it?
  5. Hey people, I'm seriously having a blast with Test Drive Unlimited Platinum. Loving the nods to other popular culture in terms of the upgrades, too. The only thing that honestly surprises me is just how... Lacking the customization still is, in terms of updated clothing. So I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm requesting some new biker gear and custom clothing, like this: Biker helmets: - Shoei Xspirit 3 (Color variations could include the latest Marc Marquez design, as well as John McGuiness's 2019 helmet) - AGV Corsa R (With some variations based on Valentino Rossi's designs from 2019 and earlier, also featuring Barry Sheene and Guy Martin's design) - Arai RX7-V - Shark Race R helmet (Featuring a color variation based on Lorenzo's 2019 helmet) Biking suits are whatever, though some updated texturing + more color variations wouldn't hurt. As for clothing mods in general... Hmmmm, I'm thinking an Austin 3:16 t shirt for one. And for another, maybe some shirts based on music artists like Megadeth and such? Unsure really, but I'd appreciate it if you're able to mod and replace the Redrabbit helmets, even moreso if you were to do the clothing mod as a bonus of sorts. Thanks for reading in advance.
  6. I loved the way the ps2 version of tdu1 did the sp campaign. like how you could join clubs and battle the racers until you beat the "boss" you guys think its possible to somehow add or convert the clubs for the pc version?
  7. Version 2.0.3


    What is new? -Added HDR Support -Modified Road Textures -Modified Vegetation -Rearranged Weather Times of day: -Morning -Midday -Afternoon -Evening Installation: Copy the files from FX folder to Euro/Bnk/FX; Copy the .bnk files to Euro/Bnk/Level/Hawai; Backup your files before replacing them. BONUS TWEAKS: Copy/Edit the lines you want (fx.ini) GRASSENABLED = FALSE (disables the grass and increases FPS) SUNENABLED = FALSE (disables the sun) SPAWNDISTANCES = 1 (disables traffic and increases FPS)
  8. Version 1.0.0


    I swapped the files for the GPS voice from TDU1, and put them into TDU2. The file structure for this is nearly the same, apart from the sound files itself that have different wording. Personally, I prefer how the GPS voice sounded in the first game. Install: *REQUIRES UNPACKED GAME* - Go to your game directory - Test Drive Unlimited 2\Euro\Bnk\sound\voices\us - MAKE A BACKUP OF THE ORIGINAL GPS.bnk - drag the GPS.bnk from this post into that folder, and done! I am open to making the file for different languages, feel free to comment.
  9. Today I downloaded tdu platinum and I encountered a big problem, namely when I wanted to start the game, it was loading for a very long time (over 10 minutes), please tell me how to fix it
  10. so, you visited Italian Classics and it always crashed the game when loading the models? Here's the way to fix it 1. Open Euro>Bnk>Vehicules 2. Find these files : Mas_GT.bnk Mas_GT_I.bnk 3. Move these files to your backup folder 4. after you've done move these files, open the game and visit Italian Classic 5. and finally, the game didn't crashed. Q&A Q : Why Maserati 3500 GT model won't appear? A : because you moved the files to your backup folder Q : What causes the game crashed when visiting Italian Classic? A : the Maserati 3500 GT caused the game crashed, it probably the model has some error parts which is failed to load although the model perfectly shown when you showcase 360° another car beside 3500 GT. Q : is there any car which has a same issue? A : yep, the Shelby Daytona. it was in V1.0, it has been fixed, and it's available as car conversion through Shelby Cobra 427 upgrade
  11. Description:Hi guys, this mod i made for myself, but i decided to share with you. I worked one month on this mod. I hope you like it. The mod includes changes the cycle time, and also reflection and shine of car. Reflection and shine will be on your car now always, even in the night, only if you drive next to buildings and trees, because they reflect of light from the moon. The roads also illuminated from moon. Looks nice.:) Installation inside archive Link:http://www.gamefront.com/files/22852089/Time_Cycle%5BTDU1%5D%272013+by+D999G.rar Link2:Time_Cycle[TDU1]'2013 by D999G.rar Pics: [ATTACH]18360[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18361[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18362[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18363[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18364[/ATTACH] Sundown and sunrise (fast time) video: [video=youtube_share;1R40k1PQiOE] i am sorry for bad quality video. In the game, it's looks much much better
  12. I just got TDU Platinum up and working and I've been enjoying it but every 10 minutes or so, the framerate just drops dramatically to eventually like 1FPS, and then it crashes. I have a gaming laptop with a I7-9750H (6C, 12T) with a RTX 2060 and 16GB RAM, which should be more than ample to run TDU Platinum. Anybody know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? Also note: Before I got Platinum, I had the 1.66A Patch with the Megapack and I didn't experience any FPS issues or stutters.
  13. hello so recently i installed TDU1 heard from video and i skipped to 100% save and guess what? my game wont run! when i installed game it runned well and when i installed 100% save game it wont open i have x64 Windows 10 and it worked
  14. Today, we got the announcement that TDU3, or better said, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is actually a thing. It's not a rumor anymore! TDU is back on the field! It was announced today, at Nacon Connection livestream, their first live event they did, it featured a couple of games they are working on, but really, what we all have been waiting for was some news for TDU3. And we got it in a form of a teaser and information presented by Alain Jarniou, Creative Director at KT Racing Studio and a former TDU1 and TDU2 dev. Anyways, enough talk, here are the videos: This is the whole presentation of TDU Solar Crown. So, are you excited? Let us know about your opinions, ideas, discussions and give a go at guessing the cars that appear in the video, here in this thread. All i know is that i'm loving that Lamborghini Diablo!
  15. So i've been wanting to play TDUP with my PS4 controller. Saw people telling trigger doesn't work but my controller doesn't get recognised on anything. Whenever its button or axis nothing happens. Does someone has a fix or a solution?
  16. Hello guys! I was trying to find a car list for TDU NATAN Edition, a modpack that has 1500 cars with very varying quality.... But i couldn't find any, so i decided to make my own. The list is really big as it took me probably an hour and a half to get all cars in the dealerships which is already around 300 probably. But also because i didn't sort the list by car manufacterer names first so i had to do it later. A few cars in this list don't actually exist, a few are TDU1 custom and some others i have no idea. For example this "Gaz Saiber" i couldn't find anything for it, maybe it's just a misspelling. This list isn't 100% accurate. There are likely a few cars that i didn't add from the game for whatever reason. Download the list.txt file for a more accurate list. Let's get to the list now. Cars marked with (MB) are available in motorbike dealerships only. This will be the changelog for when a new update comes t1.1 - Added Classic Cars from the southwest Oahu Cars (Airport) Dealership, and all conversions from the Bugatti Veyron and Lotus Elise R t1.2 - Added all the Lamborghinis (So far....) t1.3 - Added all the Ferraris (So far..) t1.4 - Added all Russian cars (So far), and now versions are correct t1.5 - Added all south US Classic and nissan dealership car conversions t1.6 - Added most Mercedes conversions t1.7 - Added a lot of conversions in Honolulu t1.8 - Added Chevrolet/Saturn and Ford dealer Honolulu conversions, changed update numbers and fixed a few things t1.9 - Changed update numbers again and added the rest of the Honolulu conversions t2.0 - BMW and a few other nearby dealer conversions added t2.1 - Added all car conversions west of Honolulu t2.2 - Added all car conversions east of Honolulu, and added conversions to some brands missing them here t2.3 - Added conversions from the Chrysler dealership t2.4 - Added conversions from northeast VW dealership, and added Yamaha t2.5 - Pagani and the rest of the northeast dealerships t2.6 - RUF and European Classics conversions added t2.7 - Northwest US Muscles dealer conversions t2.8 - Added all conversions AND cars from the northwest british independents dealership because apparently i completely skipped over that dealership when making the list, updates say conversions now t2.9 - Added northwest BMW Dealership Conversions t3.0 - Northwest-er US Muscle Dealer Conversions t3.1 - Lexus and northwest Audi Dealership Conversions t3.2 - Added (south)western Cadillac, Oahu Cars, Alfa and Japanese Dealership Conversions t3.3 - Added Southern McLaren and middle European Dealership Conversions t3.4 - Added all motorcycles and conversions from cars in motorcycle dealerships. The list is now complete Patch 7 - 30 new cars, more in link t3.5 - Acura NSX conversions moved from Toyota to Acura list.txt
  17. View File [TDU 1] HD Realistic Graphics Mod + Textures (Low PC Compatible) What is new? -Added HDR Support -Modified Road Textures -Modified Vegetation -Rearranged Weather Times of day: -Morning -Midday -Afternoon -Evening Installation: Copy the files from FX folder to Euro/Bnk/FX; Copy the .bnk files to Euro/Bnk/Level/Hawai; Backup your files before replacing them. BONUS TWEAKS: Copy/Edit the lines you want (fx.ini) GRASSENABLED = FALSE (disables the grass and increases FPS) SUNENABLED = FALSE (disables the sun) SPAWNDISTANCES = 1 (disables traffic and increases FPS) Submitter stoplookingmypic Submitted 11/15/2021 Category Environment  
  18. Version 1.0


    Hello and welcome to my Rim Collection First of all: Big thanks to my Buddy COMB@T_$HOTGUN for his perfect help. All of my Rims have different color combinations.. Converted And Edited by: -=[(ELVIS)]=- Rims Models From: TURN 10, GTA, Free 3D Sites, JonVer87x, WWW Textures/Materials: TURN 10, Selfmade, WWW When I have time again and am in the mood I will make more rims again. I will keep you informed. 5Zigen ZR 520 AC Schnitzer Type IV Asanti AF 118 Asanti AF 134 Asanti ZLT CX 172 Boyd Coddington Slayer Countach Rims Dropstars DS03 Forgiato Maglia ECL HRE P201 Koenigsegg Aircore Rim Konig Afterburner Motegi Racing SP10 Saleen S7T Rims VOSSEN HC-1 Wheelsandmore 6Sporz² Ultralight Forged Weds Kranze LXZ Work Rezax II Terms of use: ------------------------------------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners ------------------------------------------- - If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK - If you wish to put this modification on another website then please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK
  19. i need help increasing the rev limit in some cars , lets say i go to tdupe i choose a car and then i see it has a rev limit of 7500 thats too low for 800 hp that the car has its just revs so fast and i lose alot of time shifting gears so i changed the rev limit to 9500 i click save i go to the game but when i drive the car the rev limit stays the same and also does some weird noise when it rev hits any comment will be greatly appreciated
  20. Name : ''Million Clicks mod'' Creator : DJoyTinnio It's the original plant textures, colour adjusted, and contrast set up to circa 13% . I've tested it with the completely original game + megapack, and no patch at all, and all good. Meaning it'll function with every other status of the game, as long as you don't replace the modded files later with something. 97 plantfiles in the commonworld.bnk are changed. So if you want other mods, that are using the same bnk, with this one here, i'd suggest you take my file, and put the other mods into it. This should save you a lot of time :-). And don't forget the bushes and grass files that are seperatly there. Not tested with original game are the other, weatherbased files. They work with every version where filesizelimit is deactivated. ''Magic map'' &or? ''bigbnk'' . I've done, but not released yet, a commonworldfile with everything but my mod original in it, and my mod regarding every original filesize and mipmapnumber. This i did for it working with the completely untouched game. And then i tryed the released one that has a bit kilobytes different filesize, allthough i allways kept filesize when replacing, wich means i worked on a previously modded commonworld.bnk, and it worked too. It works independently from the weather, but i included my weatheredition with better settings for sun, grassupbuilding, and saturation. I called it million clicks, because i did that mod from time to time over years now, and that's simply just what it took me for finally making 100 % of it done, felt million clicks. Ok, one palm i don't like yet, i do that later :-) . Please read the textfile. Also included, is a roadmod ( partly by myself ), and my reflection amplifier for the ocean. all pictures straight from ingame in normal graphic mode : [ATTACH]27594[/ATTACH] rainy day [ATTACH]27595[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27596[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27597[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27598[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27599[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27600[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27601[/ATTACH] final version ( enjoy ) : File-Upload.net - TDUMillionClicksmod.rar https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_3XjYLf-0FvTWNkd0k4TXRxUHM/view?usp=sharing
  21. Hello everyone! Is my first topic on the forum and also my first time playing TDU 1. I really like the game, and the feel when driving. I already put some mods on some engines to make them more realistic. But theres one thing bothering me, is there a way to reduce cockpit noise (car ON sounds). Camera outside (car off sounds) car the sound is really low but in cockpit is loud, so it would be nice to balance it a little. If someone can help me with this it would be really appreciated. Thanks beforehand and have fun racing! Sorry , I wasnt 100% clear. Im talking engine noise inside cockpit (not wind or anything else). Thanks!
  22. Is there any rb28 sound mod? samples: I know this clip isnt a r34 rb28 but i want this anti lag on it
  23. Is antilag/backfire/2-step possible in tdu1?
  24. For anyone that have 2 very common bugs (shifting gears and ghosting cars on track).. man... i FINALLY found how to FIX the shifting gear problem and Ghost cars !! .. you JUST need to CAP framrate at 89 or 90. Don't go over 90 and you will be fine.. omg.. for so many years i search to fix this... and i just wanted to tell everybody. Why is this fixing? because the game runes on a frame basis rather than time basis. This means the AI calculations are based on how fast your CPU is rather than basing it on a fixed time interval.
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