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Found 35 results

  1. Version 1.0


    Hello and welcome to my Rim Collection First of all: Big thanks to my Buddy [email protected]_$HOTGUN for his perfect help. All of my Rims have different color combinations.. Converted And Edited by: -=[(ELVIS)]=- Rims Models From: TURN 10, GTA, Free 3D Sites, JonVer87x, WWW Textures/Materials: TURN 10, Selfmade, WWW When I have time again and am in the mood I will make more rims again. I will keep you informed. 5Zigen ZR 520 AC Schnitzer Type IV Asanti AF 118 Asanti AF 134 Asanti ZLT CX 172 Boyd Coddington Slayer Countach Rims Dropstars DS03 Forgiato Maglia ECL HRE P201 Koenigsegg Aircore Rim Konig Afterburner Motegi Racing SP10 Saleen S7T Rims VOSSEN HC-1 Wheelsandmore 6Sporz² Ultralight Forged Weds Kranze LXZ Work Rezax II Terms of use: ------------------------------------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners ------------------------------------------- - If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK - If you wish to put this modification on another website then please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK
  2. Today, we got the announcement that TDU3, or better said, Test Drive Unlimited: Solar Crown is actually a thing. It's not a rumor anymore! TDU is back on the field! It was announced today, at Nacon Connection livestream, their first live event they did, it featured a couple of games they are working on, but really, what we all have been waiting for was some news for TDU3. And we got it in a form of a teaser and information presented by Alain Jarniou, Creative Director at KT Racing Studio and a former TDU1 and TDU2 dev. Anyways, enough talk, here are the videos: This is the whole presentation of TDU Solar Crown. So, are you excited? Let us know about your opinions, ideas, discussions and give a go at guessing the cars that appear in the video, here in this thread. All i know is that i'm loving that Lamborghini Diablo!
  3. Hey people, I'm seriously having a blast with Test Drive Unlimited Platinum. Loving the nods to other popular culture in terms of the upgrades, too. The only thing that honestly surprises me is just how... Lacking the customization still is, in terms of updated clothing. So I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'm requesting some new biker gear and custom clothing, like this: Biker helmets: - Shoei Xspirit 3 (Color variations could include the latest Marc Marquez design, as well as John McGuiness's 2019 helmet) - AGV Corsa R (With some variations based on Valentino Rossi's designs from 2019 and earlier, also featuring Barry Sheene and Guy Martin's design) - Arai RX7-V - Shark Race R helmet (Featuring a color variation based on Lorenzo's 2019 helmet) Biking suits are whatever, though some updated texturing + more color variations wouldn't hurt. As for clothing mods in general... Hmmmm, I'm thinking an Austin 3:16 t shirt for one. And for another, maybe some shirts based on music artists like Megadeth and such? Unsure really, but I'd appreciate it if you're able to mod and replace the Redrabbit helmets, even moreso if you were to do the clothing mod as a bonus of sorts. Thanks for reading in advance.
  4. Features FreeRide's back online! New back-end features (such as time synchronisation) New client features (key shortcut, launch options, ...) Fuel Mode Modding enhancement Graphics Tweaking Small Tweaks (such as faster launch) And more! Disclaimer Even if this mod doesn't affect directly your game files, installing this mod is at your own risk. We are not liable in any way for any damage to equipment or loss of income that may occur due to its usage. :) F.A.Q. Q. Do I have to own a legal version of TDU? Yes Q. How do I install the mod / how can I solve my issues? See the ReadMe in the archive, it will solve most of your issues :D Q. Do I have to own the Megapack to play online? No. You need however the latest official version of TDU (1.66A) Q. Is there any mod incompatibility with the mod? Most of your mods should work (unless it implies executable modifications) Q. Is this completely free? This mod is, and will ever be 110% free. Q. Where can I download the source code or the server binaries to set my own server? This isn't possible at the moment (because it would be pointless to setup many TDU servers when the game work in P2P). If the server close, the binaries will be released. Q. What features aren't / won't be working at release? (this list may change) Clubs, Drive In, Multiplayer Lobby, Leaderboard, E-bay Q. Can I play offline with this mod and keep the features (such as the fuel mode)? Yes Q. Do I need a powerful connection to play? If your connection used to work on the official server, then it'll work too there Q. Can I play with Xfire, Steam, MSi afterburner integrated into my game? No, because it will cause conflicts with the mod. You'll have to play without those Q. I get an error message on connection because of my username Read the instructions provided in the archive Q. Is there more features to come? Maybe... who knows! :) Download Links Test Drive Unlimited: Multiplayer Modification Version: 0.03A Description: Multiplayer Game Client with a lot of awesome features! Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Fix Version: 0.01 Description: Fix 1.66A force-feedback and add led support Credits lean (code), Milli (fuel assets), Speeder (code) Special thanks Thanks to the donators Harry B., [email protected]_$HOTGUN, Damian L., t0m3k911 Thanks to the testers big 206 fan, X8X8X, [email protected]_$HOTGUN, DrifteaCent, TDUZoqqer, DJoyTinnio, iLLGT3, Reventón09, Automotive Gaming, t0m3k911, Ryzza5, Dux, Rassva, Zlatko Ilijeski, Prince-Matt, and anyone I forgot to add here because of my empty sent items box :D Thanks to Diablo and all turboduck staff for keeping alive this (awesome) community ... and thanks to anyone who supported the project. Remember guys, it's only the beginning! #TDUForever ;)
  5. Is there any rb28 sound mod? samples: I know this clip isnt a r34 rb28 but i want this anti lag on it
  6. Is antilag/backfire/2-step possible in tdu1?
  7. I just got TDU Platinum up and working and I've been enjoying it but every 10 minutes or so, the framerate just drops dramatically to eventually like 1FPS, and then it crashes. I have a gaming laptop with a I7-9750H (6C, 12T) with a RTX 2060 and 16GB RAM, which should be more than ample to run TDU Platinum. Anybody know why this is happening and what I can do to fix it? Also note: Before I got Platinum, I had the 1.66A Patch with the Megapack and I didn't experience any FPS issues or stutters.
  8. For anyone that have 2 very common bugs (shifting gears and ghosting cars on track).. man... i FINALLY found how to FIX the shifting gear problem and Ghost cars !! .. you JUST need to CAP framrate at 89 or 90. Don't go over 90 and you will be fine.. omg.. for so many years i search to fix this... and i just wanted to tell everybody. Why is this fixing? because the game runes on a frame basis rather than time basis. This means the AI calculations are based on how fast your CPU is rather than basing it on a fixed time interval.
  9. Name : ''Million Clicks mod'' Creator : DJoyTinnio It's the original plant textures, colour adjusted, and contrast set up to circa 13% . I've tested it with the completely original game + megapack, and no patch at all, and all good. Meaning it'll function with every other status of the game, as long as you don't replace the modded files later with something. 97 plantfiles in the commonworld.bnk are changed. So if you want other mods, that are using the same bnk, with this one here, i'd suggest you take my file, and put the other mods into it. This should save you a lot of time :-). And don't forget the bushes and grass files that are seperatly there. Not tested with original game are the other, weatherbased files. They work with every version where filesizelimit is deactivated. ''Magic map'' &or? ''bigbnk'' . I've done, but not released yet, a commonworldfile with everything but my mod original in it, and my mod regarding every original filesize and mipmapnumber. This i did for it working with the completely untouched game. And then i tryed the released one that has a bit kilobytes different filesize, allthough i allways kept filesize when replacing, wich means i worked on a previously modded commonworld.bnk, and it worked too. It works independently from the weather, but i included my weatheredition with better settings for sun, grassupbuilding, and saturation. I called it million clicks, because i did that mod from time to time over years now, and that's simply just what it took me for finally making 100 % of it done, felt million clicks. Ok, one palm i don't like yet, i do that later :-) . Please read the textfile. Also included, is a roadmod ( partly by myself ), and my reflection amplifier for the ocean. all pictures straight from ingame in normal graphic mode : [ATTACH]27594[/ATTACH] rainy day [ATTACH]27595[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27596[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27597[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27598[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27599[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27600[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]27601[/ATTACH] final version ( enjoy ) : File-Upload.net - TDUMillionClicksmod.rar https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_3XjYLf-0FvTWNkd0k4TXRxUHM/view?usp=sharing
  10. Welp, this page need a Clothe mods, but, everybody dont love clothes, in my case, i request my favorite helmet, And appeared in the anime: DuRaRaRa, the Helmet with cat-ears, The Company make thosse helmet, is Nitrino, a Russian helmet Company, here a examples: is easy, (maybe) is only add the Cat Ears in the helmet: Welp, Sorry for my bad english, anyway, any can make? and... for TDU2 too
  11. Anyone can mod the Ferrari 458 Liberty walk, i love this car
  12. I waiting for a mod for Lambo Huracan Liberty walk in long time ago, any can make one?? With Ducktail or Spoiler
  13. Mars

    Ferrari F512M

    Hey guys, I get the impression that there are many talented modders here, I'd really like to see the ferrari f512m included into either tdu1 or 2 or both, whichever is fine. I'd also like to see the 512tr in tdu2 but at the moment I'd really like the 512m in either or both games. Would that be a problem for anyone?:cool: [ATTACH]28608[/ATTACH] Beauty on wheels
  14. Hello and welcome to my Rim Collection First of all: Big thanks to my Buddy [email protected]_$HOTGUN for his perfect help. All of my Rims have different color combinations.. Converted And Edited by: -=[(ELVIS)]=- Rims Models From: TURN 10, GTA, Free 3D Sites, JonVer87x, WWW Textures/Materials: TURN 10, Selfmade, WWW Download & Pictures Terms of use: ------------------------------------------- - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners ------------------------------------------- - If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK - If you wish to put this modification on another website then please contact me via PM:Here on TDUCK
  15. Here are a few videos from a friend in the game back when TDU was, well.. still online. Thought I'd share with you all here on tdu-c. I recall he told me he used to have a few profiles and record with a different one each time so people wouldn't know anyones recording and no one won't feel intimidated to try to drive at their best while hes recording. Anyways I thought I'd share the channel, some pretty good content, mostly crashes.. but still good. :lol: TDUTimes - YouTube for the curious ones, I was Lordofmessiah in the game. So excuse me if I'm a little biased on previewing the videos that have me in it..:lol: I kid I kid; All of them are great of course, some people that I recall who are in some of the videos, space, ksk, jcl, UGG group, zsc, greywulf, djtinnio, jzjamm, cs, palmer, brsirius and their whole br clique lol, etc, really too many names to mention. Most of who I've cruised with for a very long time. Unfortunately since the demise of the tdu1 servers and how horrible tdu2 ended up to be, which I still play from time to time, everybody has sort of went their own ways. hopefully if speeder and maybe a few of his minions sorts it out (fingers crossed) we'll be able to enjoy tdu 1 at its finest again. :D A few of my favs; Skip to 4:23 for JCL's money shot, haha. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJjWpIqJOxw UGG crew in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXNCVhlpqBM pretty cool sound track, oddly from nfs carbon; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SrDa1NcF_ZQ and well, the end; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZR5cZM4IR1Q please bear with me, youtube embed doesnt wanna work with me here. enjoy the videos tho on behalf of cdub recordings and editing. :)
  16. Description:Hi guys, this mod i made for myself, but i decided to share with you. I worked one month on this mod. I hope you like it. The mod includes changes the cycle time, and also reflection and shine of car. Reflection and shine will be on your car now always, even in the night, only if you drive next to buildings and trees, because they reflect of light from the moon. The roads also illuminated from moon. Looks nice.:) Installation inside archive Link:http://www.gamefront.com/files/22852089/Time_Cycle%5BTDU1%5D%272013+by+D999G.rar Link2:Time_Cycle[TDU1]'2013 by D999G.rar Pics: [ATTACH]18360[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18361[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18362[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18363[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18364[/ATTACH] Sundown and sunrise (fast time) video: [video=youtube_share;1R40k1PQiOE] i am sorry for bad quality video. In the game, it's looks much much better
  17. Simple import from TDU1. Corvette Z06 sound, based on Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. Install: Copy to bnk\sound\vehicules. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ho8ttq3qz0b9ahy Say: Thanks Atari!
  18. Hello! My favourite car in TDU1 (and my favouite supercar in real life) is a Jaguar XJ220. I never found a mod with this car in TDU2 (please tell me if there is). I'd like to try to convert TDU1's XJ220 to TDU2. Can somebody tell me how to do this? Thankou for your help! Regards X8X8X
  19. It was always like that. I bought the game and I only modded few of the cars and rims. I just noticed this today. Can someone tell me what this could be? Sorry if I did something wrong with the thread description or something, I'm new here and I have read the rules :) PS: It's like that on almost every car/rim except some. Picture:
  20. Well, I just want to (re)introduce myself since I have big hopes on The Crew as TDU-successor. I reeeealy hope it just won't become a basically unsupported bugfest like TDU1 was. I skipped TDU2 due to poor car-physics and ForceFeedback. On the original TDU-Central Forums my account was named Anentropia, but I didn't post much. I strongly suspect that I'm mostly known from my time in TDU1, there - for 2 time periods - I became/was a Top10 of worldwide Leaderboard racer (obvious and not so obvious cheaters aside). This was about in end of 2007 until end of 2009. I still drove later then that, but due to real life circumstances I drove less and less, got slower, got annoyed from bugs preventing clean videos, and nowadays TDU1 don't work at all with my G27 (no ForceFeedback), so I can't even drive offline. I particularly remember the summer of 2008 were I drove almost daily for 5+hours until my hand-tendons got seriously injured. I particular liked the races with the CTDD-Club, although they were most challenging and often frustrating - due to their fastness, multiplayer-bugs and controller-failures (e.g. I literally broke off my original Logitech DFP in an attempt to brake the world record on the twisty Singleplayer-Track "Jackpot" in an McLaren F1 LM (just before I my steering wheel broke I made a video of one attempt)). Since I experienced in my TDU-Time a lot of multiplayer-bugs - of which some could be misinterpreted as cheating - and got called cheater because I was so fast in 2008 to 2009 I started in 4-2008 to write a Guide for just about everything performance related including a detailed explanation of most multiplayer-bugs in hope the whining would stop when they see what's actually possible with a specific car on a specific track. I even started to record proper videos of my evaluation runs on the track which I used as a testing ground for my guide (the circuit track "May the best man win"). But of course TDUs messy programming sabotaged even that: on all cars with paddle-shift/sequential gearboxes and even some normal shifted ones TDU didn't properly save the gearchanges, so cars behaved "strange" in the replay. I documented this bug in a separate video as well since otherwise it could have been misinterpreted as cheating. My guide aside, I also remember the MP-Races where a nutcase (imo part of his name) used to drive worst handling car of TDU - the Chrysler ME 4-12 - without any driving-aids on a small twisty and hilly track and somehow managed to drive clean. I still wonder how what was possible - I just can suspect the used kind of controller (wheel/gamepad/keyboard) also has some influence on the Driving-Aids or physics independent of the actual driving-aid settings (which are already hard enough to determine what exactly they do and which is the fasted or most realistic). Btw for racing I always drove in "hypersport" (least still active mode), for cruising completely off. TDU aside I also tried my luck on the legendary GPL (Grand Prix Legends; which amazingly still runs under Win7x64), Race07 AddOns and NFS Shift 1+2 (made some Videos as well) and long time ago the imo last true rally-sim "Richard Burns Rally". But Race07 is game-engine/programming-wise stuck in the past (bugs/instable in Win6.x; ancient graphics) or have mushy/floaty ForceFeedback or car-physics (NFS Shift) so they don't make fun anymore. Needless to say these aren't all racing games i used to play/race, but at least I also want to name my very first race game in general and my first "kinda" race-sim: 4D-Stunt driving aka Stunts (already Polygon-based engine, but you quite literally could count the number of polygons seen from cockpit with one hand :D - though the gameplay was so great i still sometimes play it today in dosbox) and GrandPrix Circuit (a simple 2D Formula1 "Sim"; "sim" 'cause its engine was quite limited due to lack of computing power in 1987) I started with both games in 1990/91; my first racing game which would count as a sim by nowadays standards was GrandPrix2 (Geoff Crammond greets). And finally I want to show my first post on the official TheCrew-Forum where I hope some Devs read this so Crew don't becomes like TDU concerning bugs+network-code+cheats. In this post are also all current links to my TDU1-Guide (English+German; MS Office+Libre/OpenOffice), in case anyone is still interested in that ;) Here it is: forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/797721-Questions-Suggestion-by-an-ITpro-%28Network-Admin-Engineer-MCITP-Enterprise-Admin%29 At last my Youtubes Channels Playlists; I got 3 concerning racing (TDU+Race07 AddOns): youtube.com/user/TheSeekerII/videos?flow=grid&view=1 All videos are made by the best of my abilities - properly recorded by Xfire in 720p, added some not to loud music, Intro etc with proper description - so no blurry shaky crap (edited this post at least 40times :D)
  21. it needs Better Textures : better Leather, better (drawn) Dashboard, better Exterior because it is Too Elegant (and there are not many elegant cars & mods for tdu1, and Audi A6 seems to be the most elegant)
  22. Petition | Atari: Keep the TDU1 servers online! | Change.org Sign it! Share it around! The more people that sign, the better the chance we have of them listening to us :D
  23. I have a question because i have tried getting samples out of a tdu2 sound and tried to put them in a tdu1 sound. Whenever i repack it, it's all fine until i start the game and fire up the engine there isn't a sound. Maybe it is because of the size because a tdu2 sound file is way bigger than a tdu1 sound file. Can someone please explaine or help me?:confused:
  24. What do I miss about TDU? The storyline. You go to the airport, select a character, and fly to Hawaii. You land at the airport and get assigned to rent a car at a cool-looking rent-a-car place with decent "normal" cars, such as hatchbacks and 4-door saloons (something TDU2 needs more of). Then you got an apartment and money to buy your OWN "normal" car. Not too fast but enough to win a few races. I miss the types of vehicles. TDU was launched at the beginning of a new era of supercars. Ferrari's old-school 360 and 575 were JUST being replaced by cars like the 430, 612, etc. I mean, the F12, FF, 458, etc. are impressive, but the 612/430/599/Enzo were seriously a new era. An era of advanced traction control, semi-automatic gearboxes, etc... but the game still retained the classics like the 360CS and 575M. It features the then-modern American sports cars like the fifth generation Mustang GT, Corvette C6 + Z06, and all of that good stuff. And not to mention Lamborghini... the Lamborghini dealer was always worth a visit, especially with the Megapack. The Volkswagen Golf R32 was the hottest hatchback of them all. What happened to Maserati? The GranTurismo and Quattroporte would fit perfectly in this game. I miss the buildings (odd one, eh?). In TDU2 there are less and less "independent" dealers. Volkswagen and Porsche (well, RUF) are combined into "German cars", as well as Alfa Romeo/Pagani, and Corvettes/Saturns don't get their cool GM (General Motors) dealership anymore... lets just pack them into "American cars". In TDU1 pretty much every dealer was unique and interesting. In TDU2 all of the tunershops are retextured, but in TDU1, German, Japanese, etc. each had their own building. I miss those golf club/clubhouse buildings that you'd find on the East Coast. A nice place to park. Online just seemed so much better as well. I remember the top left of the map... the light house was the daily (or weekly) meet for cars of all kinds... Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Maseratis, you name it. Cars weren't as jumpy/laggy in TDU1 as they are now in TDU2. The network issues in TDU1 were present, but considering TDU2 has them the same, maybe even worse, they don't bother me that much anymore. But yeah, online seemed more cooler/purer back then... it just felt like there were more places to cruise/meet up at, which may sound ironic because TDU2 has more roads. This next one is a bit of a common complaint, but the physics in TDU2 are sub-par. I thought TDU1 had bad physics, but TDU2 has them even worse. Correcting a car's oversteer is like an on/off button - you either correct it and gain control, or you lose control. There is no element of uncertainty or surprise. It's impossible to do real donuts, J-turns, burnouts, etc. Transmissions on semi-automatic cars shift so slowly... the quickest shifts happen when you have like 20% throttle applied and you are going slow. Car sounds... in TDU1 they were more bearable. The 599GTO sounds annoying in this game, as well as most 4-cylinder vehicles. At least they were moddable in TDU1 though... I remember getting sounds for my Gallardo SE and Maserati coupe, they sounded kick-ass. Now, as far as I know, TDU2 sounds aren't moddable anymore. Why are there missing features from TDU1 not in TDU2? The ability to have a custom radio... I remember playing my Pink Floyd in police chases. Those were fun times. Even TDU1 had a decent in-game radio, the classical station had some of the best classical pieces ever. Why did you guys remove the engine starter button? Why did you guys remove seat position adjustment? I can barely see out of cars, I use the hood view as a result. Why did you remove certain houses/areas? In TDU1 achieving a dream garage was easier as well... In TDU2, I finished all of the races and I still find myself spending hours replaying that $20,000 speed run so I can rack up a decent amount of money in 80 minutes or so. And I still can't afford a yacht. TDU1 had better races in my opinion. On paper, TDU2 should technically be better, right? But for some reason, it's not... I just had some nostalgia/spiritual connection with the original TDU that cannot be replicated with TDU2. Is it just because it was very unique for the time? Is it because it was the first exciting/challenging/adventurous driving game I played? I don't know... I remember spending entire Saturdays playing TDU1... cruising Hawaii repeatedly in cars like the Lamborghini Murcielago - avoiding traffic while my palm was sweating on the joystick, trying not to crash. The online, and even offline experience, just felt so much better. Eden Games bothers me because they have so much potential to create the best driving game ever but they sort of half-assed this game. I know its not easy to create video games, especially ones where you are working with satellite-data to create real-life islands with hundreds of kilometers of roads, but still... there are many easily-doable features that are missing. I know Eden games underwent some company changes recently... but if you guys are still capable... please, try to research what made TDU1 so special and bring it back. Try to get licensed from Lamborghini, try to improve the physics (or at least make a realistic option), try to bring back some TDU1 features. /rant EDIT: This guy nailed it.
  25. TDU1 : Extreme Off-Road 4x4 Physics Modding - YouTube I don't have just this car for off-roading, it has very stiff / rigid steering, but is designed just for off-road (too bad that the map is not great enough for off-road, but you can take a winter map mod, and maybe there are also good enough map mods for off-roading) if not, try those off-roading games B-) Full Drive 2: Hummer - YouTube
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