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  1. So I installed the v0.4 unpacked patch today, and it's working pretty well so far. Most of the vehicles appear in their respective dealers and run very well (except the 599XX which uses a NPC traffic body and glitched tires/wheels, which I reported as a bug). However, none of the relocated dealerships appear in-game. I'll list the garages which do not appear below. I am using a 100% save file so all roads have been explored and I have visited the locations provided in the video on UP's website, and they just aren't there. I'm also playing offline and have seen no signs of DLC2 vehicles. Anyone know how to solve this issue? These are all according to the spreadsheet of Cars and Salons Ibiza: British West, British, European East, Road Bikes, Italian East, Audi East, Ferrari North all do not appear in-game. O'ahu: Aston Martin, British North, European West, Road Bikes, Italian South (Pagani), Audi South, Ferrari West all do not appear in-game.
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