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  1. It was a good cruise for a couple of hours, apart from the comms issues. I could hear Ryzza and someone (pogo?) chatting, but they couldn't hear me, then all voices just stopped never to return. Is the first time I have cruised in the crew, and first time cruising since the one and only TDU2 cruise about 6 years ago! Then there was my crashes, which also seemed to affect Pogo at the same time......:oook: Or he has the same problems, which is an unwelcome addition to my game in the last few weeks. I was convinced I had taken some cruise screenshots, but apparently not. So let me share a pictu
  2. Can't quite figure out why sometimes this thread has 5 pages and sometimes only 2. On the 5 page version I saw a post from Ryzza saying it starts in 1hr20, posted at 10:09 am. Making the start 11:30. Except yesterday the start was 12:30. Maybe that's why I am on my own in game. Also every other player name is showing as unavailable
  3. Not sure what happened to the login I created when Test Drive Unlimited was the thing, but nevermind. Not entirely happy that I appear to have signed my teeth over to the admins when I agreed to the T&C's either.......guess we're not actually supposed to read them.;) Anyhoo, I shall endeavour to be at your cruise Ryzza. And if you ever accept that friend request I sent you 18 months ago, we may even find each other.....Name in the crew same as here. Will make a change from grinding the summits. Probably an MX5 to start. A warning that there are several locations on the map that I g
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