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  1. One thing you could try is using CheatEngine to find the memory address that stores the time of day and then freeze it. You'll need to watch a generic tutorial on how to use it then trial and error to see if you can make it work.
  2. TDU World requires a legit game and serial number anyway so there's no point trying with a cracked game.
  3. I don't think the edited cpr file to unlock all roads is intended for normal save games, but more for developers testing things quickly. It may have caused your issues.
  4. image.png

    It seems your wish is granted lol

    Hope you're doing well!

    1. I see on Discord you have resolved the issue by using another program to unzip.
    2. Ah ok. Funny thing is I also find RHD cars weird to drive in game even though in real life I drive on the left side of the road, just because so many games feature LHD cars on the right side of the road.
    3. I searched for a video for you. I've never tried it myself so cannot answer those questions.
    4. Hi Melvin. What kind of network router do you have? Do you play over WiFi or plugged into a network cable? In most cases, a free router provided by your ISP will be unsuitable for online multiplayer. A good quality 'gaming' router connected over Ethernet cable is the optimal way to play online. Routers have CPU, RAM, etc like PCs do and those specs can struggle to keep up as you connect more devices in your home and consume more online content. You should consider upgrading them perhaps half as often as you upgrade your GPU or CPU. Please make sure UPnP is enabled in your router configuration, and check the log file on your computer Documents\Test Drive Unlimited\upnp.txt to see if any issues are reported.
    5. Perhaps something like this might help: https://ds4-to-xinput-wrapper.en.softonic.com/
    6. If you created an online (GameSpy) profile and completed the initial tutorial (rent a car, buy a house, buy a car, win a race, etc) then you should bump into other players as you drive around populated areas like the city (Waikiki). Open the map, and near the top-left of screen you can click to show other players. Click on a player on the map to be teleported near them if you have unlocked that road. Monitor the animated globe icon in your GPS as it indicates an attempt to establish a connection to other players. Your success may depend on how good your network router is and if portforwarding/UPnP is enabled.
    7. Scroll through this guide and see if this helps:
    8. I'm sure many luxury cars there are imports so could still be RHD.
    9. It's on the to-do list but my understanding is there are a few unsolved bugs and some other priorities ahead of the casino so we'll need to wait a while.
    10. Yes, it reminds me of the factions added to The Crew. Everyone began as Wolves by default so it it stayed very unbalanced.
    11. I'm starting to think it will expand beyond the island. Alain always loved to drip-feed and tease out new content one morsel at a time. In either case, I'm still concerned at a lack of good cruise routes/roads for a bunch of supercars if it is a faithful 1:1 recreation. So far I've seen a bunch of narrow bumpy slow-speed roads in the cities, some highways/bridges/tunnels, and a handful of mountain pass roads of varying quality. But can we we string them together to make some awesome cruise routes without getting bored or lost? We'll have to wait and see.
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