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  1. Some cars are only available via tuning one car to turn it into another. If you provide a list of some cars you believe are missing, this can be confirmed for you.
  2. I played with keyboard recently and found it quite easy and enjoyable to be honest. I was in hardcore mode with driving aids off for the most part. Perhaps try the Hyper driving aid selection, it will allow some slide. Just be sure to brake in a straight line before a corner and be definite/purposeful with your inputs. There's not much room for mid-corner adjustments if you get it wrong when using a keyboard.
  3. Instead of copying the entire TDU files from the platinum folder to your game installation folder, copy each folder selectively and ignore the music folder. If you backed up your game installation before installing the mod (as recommended), then you can restore the original game music files. I also prefer the original TDU1 dealership music compared to the NFS Porsche 2000 menu music. \Euro\Bnk\Sound\Musics is the subfolder. You will need to explain which cars and handling modes, driver aids, and input device you are using before asking a handling question.
  4. I'm using Hawaii Blis after Platinum ok. I ended up only using the weather files from Bliss and not the new Hawai map files.
  5. Can you try scanning your PC for malware and viruses?
  6. Glad to have you on board. Say hi on Discord around the start time.
  7. The first time I played TDU Platinum 1.12 a few weeks ago I also ran into a few default (red/yellow) cars - I assumed they had installed additional mods that I didn't have, but might be wrong.
  8. You will play online with a lot of mods. Other players won't see your modded car unless they have the same mod installed.
  9. The time you see here is based on your local timezone as per your browser/IP address. For US Eastern I recall it was 6:00 PM (12 hours later than the previous event).
  10. Ryzza5

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  11. Please use the RSVP tools if you can make it. First in, first served. If all 8 places are filled, say hi on the #tdu channel of our Discord just before the event is due to begin, just in case someone doesn't turn up.
  12. There seemed to be more interest from the US compared to the UK this time, so I've rescheduled the event to what is hopefully a more convenient time. I've also added it to a calendar which will allow members to see their own timezone and also RSVP directly. You can also subscribe to the event to be reminded before it begins.
  13. Game Test Drive Unlimited 1 'Platinum' Event One player runs and tries to reach the destination, along a loosely-defined route up the east coast. The other players chase and try to stop the suspect. If one suspect fails, another takes his place. Preparation Before attempting to join on Sunday, please make sure: The game and Platinum mod are installed, patched, and launch correctly. You are able to sign in to your online profile. You have purchased a car that suits the theme and performance group described below. You have download and in
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