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  1. A lot of positive feedback and reviews surrounding the release of this title. Available on consoles as well as Origin + Steam for PC, and includes PC- and PS- VR support. Origin (PC) has a 10-hour free trial available and may be better suited for players with VR headsets not sold by Valve. Share your thoughts and clips here. https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/squadrons?isLocalized=true
  2. until
    https://www.playstation.com/ RSVP if you are planning to purchase this console during Launch Week!
  3. until
    https://www.xbox.com/consoles RSVP if you are planning to purchase this console during Launch Week!
  4. until
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  6. until
  7. I feel like I've heard of this being an issue with other mods years ago. The gold edition may have add extra languages supported which changes things up in the database files.
  8. Yeah I know. TDU SC isn't exactly coming out this year either though.
  9. After seeing all of the mods I don't know if I could play TDU on any other platform than PC. The second hand graphics card market will soon be flooded with cheap 1080Tis and 2080's, 2080Ti's from people upgrading to cheaper-than-usual 3080s (once stock levels are sufficient).
  10. Cool name choice @ItsJustAnotherExcuse. Now we just need MyDaddyWasADJ to join.
  11. Took you long enough! (cheeky). Welcome back, Tim. Confirms a 5 year development plan, and may give clues as to a potential release window next year, assuming no delays. 5 years is also plenty long enough to expect a brand new location to cruise about. https://www.cnc.fr/jeu-video/actualites/kylotonn-linnovation-au-service-des-jeux-de-sports-mecaniques_1292670
  12. So the weekend has passed, what was the new game? Anything TDU related?
  13. Well I never... look! Who's back! Welcome back.
  14. Congrats on the upgrade. I'm curious, what made you go Intel?
  15. The game will still be playable but will be de-listed from the Microsoft Store. Physical copies of the game may be available but do not include much in the way of DLC.
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