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  1. We checked with the author of the mod you uploaded and they requested we delete it, which we have done.

    1. Ryzza5

      Test Drive Unlimited

      Got screenshots from the best driving game ever?* Here's the place to share and view them. * According to us, of course
    2. Use the exe that comes with Platinum mod - use the '4gb patch' version to avoid crashing issues. You can't use the OG DVD exe because it used SecuROM DRM which is blocked in Windows 10 and above.
    3. Ryzza5

      New York Auto Show 2022

      Nice pics. Shame about the animated GIF distracting me from them
    4. Ah ok. I think it would be best if you head over to the TDU World Discord server and ask in the troubleshooting section. @xXBeefyDjXxmanages the server and has the ability to check your account directly.
    5. I think you have to type your email address in the game matching the one used in TDUW.
    6. You do not need a Gamespy account (the service no longer exists), but you will create a fake one in-game when setting up your profile. If it fails to connect, try again while using any public VPN.
    7. Funny thing is I bought it a month or two ago on sale and have never launched it yet. And now the Steam winter sales beckon...
    8. Nice, great to have you back. TDU World is a community mod to get TDU2 online with extra cars and tweaked physics, etc. Online profiles with free-roam is currently available.
    9. Do you see TDU2 listed here?
    10. Do you have any screenshots of this effect that you can post?
    11. One thing you could try is using CheatEngine to find the memory address that stores the time of day and then freeze it. You'll need to watch a generic tutorial on how to use it then trial and error to see if you can make it work.
    12. TDU World requires a legit game and serial number anyway so there's no point trying with a cracked game.
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