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  1. kinda surprised noone thanked ya yet, you sir saved my damn integra :D thanks alot ! would appreciate an s2000 stock sound ;)
  2. For anyone having the same issue: creating a new profile in the logitech profiler fixed it for me
  3. Has anyone released an integra sound mod or anything that sounds similar to a vtec?
  4. Hey y'all and excuse me if this is the wrong section to ask about this but im fairly new to TDU2 and modding but actually managed to get things going ! :P well sort of ... i unpacked everything, downloaded the launcher and so on , worked just fine. Well once i launched the game i noticed that my Logitech G25's Force Feedback was completly gone, playing around with the settings didnt help either :/ it works fine on my non mod tdu 2. Help is appreciated !
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