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Found 27 results

  1. Does anyone know why some cars don't have any turbo sound (i mean the spooling). i installed a new 2JZ sound for Lexus SC300 and it doesn't have any spooling from a turbo anyone knows how to fix it? ALSO! does anyone know how to open .XMB files? I have some good GT-R R34 sound samples and i think that .xmb files has to do with something anyone knows about the files? thank you Nick1999
  2. I've been driving a lovely car called Lexus SC300, and i've installed a good sound mod for it, but i realised theres no turbo spool for it. Is there something wrong with the car itself or the sound mod? Anyone knows how to get that lovely turbo spool back? Nick1999
  3. Nick1999

    Horn Mod

    Hi there! I've made a simple mod that replaces car horns into working car blinkers! It's a really easy to install under 2 minutes of your time this mod was inspired by another mod that i saw, but the links were deleted, so i've technically resurected the mod back from the dead PREVIEW: LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/30d9duux524ki3u/Horn+Mod+by+Nick1999.zip P.S Can any moderator move this topic to Released Sounds? I cannot make a post there...sorry
  4. is it possible to change the car horns in the game? I find them quite blank, and i wanna change them. Are there any specific file format the sounds use? if anyone knows it would help me allot Nick1999
  5. I'm making a sweet RB26DETT sound mod, and i got all the sounds. The issue i'm having is that when i put it in and start up my car, it gives me random pops and squeals in the sound. What is the perfect .WAV format for the sound? How do you make it sound clean and not glitchy? please this is urgent as ive been working on this really badly
  6. Hey guys i'm back! Ive recently installed some Porsche car mods (cause why not) despite me being a JDM fan i would like to enjoy some German Speciality. But anyway does anyone have this sound mod laying around their PC? it's an old video but here's the link! ive clicked the mod file itself and apparently that site has been down since 2010 so IF anyone has any kind of Porsche sound mods for TDU. Please send them down in the comments! Thank you for reading and have a good day! Nick1999
  7. Hi users! i've been playing TDU as long as i can remember, and i love mods, especially JDM/Japanese cars :) Ive found this video on YouTube, here's the link; and ive Googled the creators name, and i found his post, here's the post Released - Toyota Supra sound but sadly FileFront doesn't work for god knows how long... if ANYONE has that sound mod somewhere on your PC, please send send it down to the comments so other users can enjoy a decent 2JZ sound! THANK YOU Nick1999
  8. Hi users! i've been playing TDU as long as i can remember, and i love mods, especially JDM/Japanese cars :) Ive found this video on YouTube, here's the link; and ive Googled the creators name, and i found his post, here's the post Released - Toyota Supra sound but sadly FileFront doesn't work for god knows how long... if ANYONE has that sound mod somewhere on your PC, please send send it down to the comments so other users can enjoy a decent 2JZ sound! THANK YOU Nick1999
  9. Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-R Sound Mod Converted from Assetto Corsa, based on the sound of AMG GT3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=izxIFesentc;t=12 Download Link: MercedesAMGGTRSoundMod.zip Real-life example sounds: Idle: Startup: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=KkAzx5g4-l4;t=92 On Track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=TxHEHWxMpWw;t=129 Powerful Sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=eb_r_NHKvoM;t=111
  10. Well as the title says, it's a sound mod for this wonderful bike! So, the "special" thing here, is that there are 2 versions of the sound, wich makes 2 mods in 1 ;) It's up to you wich one you prefer ! Video: Link to download: ZX10R Sound Mod by Gr0k0n
  11. This is my first mod. I hope you will like it. watch?v=Qr5iLsPeSlY The download link is in the description. :)
  12. Has anyone released an integra sound mod or anything that sounds similar to a vtec?
  13. Well, that the sounds in tdu2 are pretty bad and unrealistic knows everybody. But its not only the exhaust sound which is bad it's also the ratio of wind noise to speed/exhaust sound. For example: If you drive 250 you won't hear the pure exhaust sound. And that's what i did in these 4 sound mods and i think i will do that in every sound mod in future. You will notice that the 8c with 8 cylinders is still louder than the mito with 4 cylinders or the brera with V6. Don't be surprised when you switch to a car with original sound after u used one with my sound mod. Because the original sound is mu
  14. My first mods for TDU2. Need to adjust volume on both cars, and change some effects like the startup and shifts. Modified sounds of autopack (mitkop81's F1 and sound from F12 Berlinetta for LaFerrari) and clip from Assetto Corsa. McLaren F1 Ferrari LaFerrari
  15. :mornc: Set ignition at level 1:20 , with modding tools 1:16. Enjoybutton (update 13.05.2014) : https://www.file-upload.net/download-13891937/Lamborghini-Countach-Turbo-S.rar.html Prelisteningamerecording : Referencevideo : Sourcevideo (for full power) :
  16. Guys hello. I've started to make a sound mod for Lexus LFA,converted from NFS SHift 2. And i have a problem. If you cant help me,please PM me. I'll appreciate it. With <3 from masia
  17. First test of amg sound mod... sample from: http://blog.caranddriver.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Mercedes-Benz-C63-AMG.mp3 TDU2 - Amg Sound Mod WIP - YouTube Still a lot to do... ;)
  18. Hi all. It is my first mod so I know there can be bugs. It is version 1 so I am going to fix some issues in next version. Special thanks to tduchicken and t0m3k911 :) Get the sound of Maserati GranTurismo Sorry for bad driving skills but i had one hand on wheel and one on keybord to stop FRAPS ;) INSTALLATION: Place 8c_competizione_high in BNK/sound/vehicles folder and replace it with stock 8c file (But first BACKUP 8c_competizione_high :) P.S. Video is laggy unfortunately :/ I hope you will like it. Cheers :D
  19. My second mod, for the Ford GT!!! Feel the raw power of the V8!! Just for info the mod sounds better ingame, rendering screwed the sound quality, so let me know what you think! Edit: changed the high RPM sound for a much better one, video and download link show the new sound Video: Link to download: Ford GT Sound Mod by Gr0k0n v2
  20. Wow, I think my last Sound Mod was 2 years ago :) Thanks to viper1 for the samples ;) YouTube v12_vantage_high
  21. Hi Guys this sound mod i spend a lot of time on cause i'm a BIG Honda fan and i drive one so ya its one Epic sound and very close to a real one, so pump up those little desktop speakers ( just joking ) to hear pure high revving engine sound that only Honda can make :shocked:. I've converted this sound from NFS Shift so i hope you guys enjoy this sound mod as much as i do. Sound Mod is limited to ( 8000rpm ) And always remember to BACKUP file!!!!!!! And a special thanks to Dubstep_prod for supplying the samples Here's the preview Just listen to the in cam view it
  22. Hi guys i've made a new sound mod for TDU its a classic V8 sound, its a nice update for the original Pontiac Trans Am i've converted it from Flatout 2. Hope you guys like and feel free to comment :D Download Link Have Fun!!! And always remember to backup Files!!!!!
  23. Hi Guys i'm back with a new Sound Mod its for the Porsche Carrera GT i've coverted it from NFS Shift. But i'm not sure if some of you will approve of this but i did my best so i hope you guys will like it :) The Sound Mod is limited to ( 8000 rpm ) And a special thanks to Dubstep_prod for supplying me with the samples And always remember to BACKUP files!!!!!! Here's the preview In this preview i used the Enzo cause i don't have a Porsche Carrera GT for a preview And here's the download link Sound Mod Have Fun Guys :D and feel free to comment
  24. Hey guys, Heres a nice sound for the mustang in Test Drive. The old one sounds horrible and makes the car dumb to drive, So I made a new one which has a little bit of everything in it. It has some NFS sounds, some TDU sounds, and some Real sounds from Youtube video's and sound clips. It's based on the Flowmaster Exhaust Sound on mustangs, and has a violent High RPM sound which Flowmaster is Notorious for ;). I finally fixed the Off-Sounds, and the idle, and now the sound is complete :) [TUBE]<object width="640" height="505"><param name="movie" value=" na
  25. Audi/Volvo inline 5 cyl. Sound modification - version 0.2.0 released -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- Features: - New idle motor - New low off and on motor - New middle off and on motor - New high off and on motor - This mod support up to 7000 RPM - This mod support turbocharged engines - Idle and starter are differents for Audi and Volvo Original BNK: - Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Bugs: - Nothing This sound mod have been made for these cars: - Audi 80 (B4) 2.3l 20v - Audi 90 (B4) 2.3l 20v - Audi 4000 (B4) 2.3l 2
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