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  1. How to open the bonnet and the trunk? Is there any mod?
  2. Is there any Sound mod for bmw320i Turbo? I don't like the original so much, when it shift.
  3. That means? I have the the game on steam but i play unpacked with mods
  4. Problem solved. Direct X was needed. I installed Cs:go and tdu2 worked :D. But thanks for you help Dextcloud :) --- Post Updated --- Now I have a 2. question. How does online work? I click on online mode in Universal launcher, but when I start its still offline.
  5. Hello, when I want to start unpacked tdu 2 with the universal launcher 3.6 I get a system error with XINPUT1_3.dll missing. How can I fix it? I have Windows 10. Thanks
  6. I got all dlc cars with out purchasing them:para:. They got unlocked after installing UP 0.4 and autopack...I was realy surprised. I don't know other reason and i did nothing illegal. Do you have an idea?
  7. i have the steam version of the game, but I play unpacked version with up 0.4 and your autopack. Can i play online with unpacked?
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