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    1. TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 AUTOPACK ver.1.73 "Serenity Pack" Official page of TDU2 AutoPack on facebook Who wants buy me a beer for my work Welcome – PayPal At this part of TDU2 AutoPack cars called "Serenity Pack" is added 8!!! new cars at the dealers and fixing bugs at some cars. Here the list with new vehicules and where are they placed: 1.Aston Martin Vanquish - created and improved by StarGT, Sound from Damys, gauges from StarGT - placed at Aston Martin cars dealers 2.Aston Martin V12 Zagato Villa d'Este - created and improved By StarGT, gauges from StarGT - place
    2. TDU2 Performance Pack v1.043 As the title of our favourite game is Test Drive UNLIMITED 2, I changed top speed of several cars with electronic limiter, like Audi RS5 or mercedes SLK 55 AMG. This resulted that top gears in several cars are no longer useless. Also improved performance in many cars at closer to reality. Link to download TDU2 Performance Pack v1.043 TDU2 Performance Pack v1.043.zip [spoiler=Changelog]v1.0 LIST OF CARS WITH IMPROVED PERFORMANCE (mostly coreccted top speed and gear ratio): · Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent (now is AWD) · Ascari A10 ( + edit
    3. -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- TDU2:UP v0.4 March 31, 2014 The main target of this project is to fix many little bugs which were left by developers. Since Eden Games is closed we shouldn't count on them. I've came to the idea, that it would be awesome to bring the features of abandoned :( Community Patch back to TDU2. Generally this patch is fixing car's specific bugs - like Lotus Evora gear ratios, Audi Q7 collapsing into tarmac etc. In most cases changes in car's physics are minimal so the vehicles should preserve old driving feeling and performance. On the bott
    4. Hello tdu fans! Small mods for brakes. . Video: Smoother brakes: Wheels lock: WORKS ONLY WITH HARDCORE MODE (rest asist later) V0.9: Downlaod Link
    5. Just a basic app I made to move the camera around in TDU2, usually I make these programs more elaborate with yaw pitch roll and customizeable hotkeys but I'm trying some new things in the version and wondering if its working so far. Right now you can adjust camera seat position and move the exterior cams closer/further. Download: TrackIR and Camera Hack v1.3 It should work for the first version of the game (unpatched) Enjoy! DO NOT USE THIS ONLINE you might get your account flagged for cheating
    6. Good evening everyone, I would like to thank all of the modders for doing such great job in this game. The result is tremendous. I really enjoy the game, it gives me good memories from the past since I played this game on Xbox 360 back in the days. I have an issue now, I purchased the game from G2A, unpacked it and I installed all the mods I wanted but since the online servers are closed, I can't update my game anymore and I can't get the DLCs. So I can't get access to all the dealers with the autopacks, and so there are some missing cars. Is there any chance that someone can share t
    7. Free Ride Instant Money Easy F.R.I.M LV1=1000 to LV10=40000 Customized F.R.I.M. start with 1.000 end at 40.000 money. Edited lvl1="1000" lvl2="2000" lvl3="3500" lvl4="5000" lvl5="7500" lvl6="10000" lvl7="15000" lvl8="20000" lvl9="25000" lvl10="40000" Easy F.R.I.M LV1=1000 to LV10=40000.rar
    8. Dear Sirs, Is it possible in TDU2 to reduce the test time in time races, as well as when obtaining diplomas in driving schools? I know that in TDU this was done by Milli. Perhaps this can be done in TDU2? If this is a forbidden topic, then maybe someone will tell you privately how to do it?
    9. I was wondering if i could mod the power stats in the game?I have the game unpacked want to dick around by adding stupid amounts of power to some cars. Is it a complicated procedure?I know how to decrypt CPR files but thats the furthest I've ventured when it comes to TDU 2 modding. I know that their are performance mods that alter the top speed,gear ratio,etc.
    10. Since the release of ßeta TDU2 vehicle property editor UPDATED - Page 2 | turboduck forum We should have a thread where we can share our custom data. For example my 599 gto is a laferrari, i changed gears to 7 and upped speed, acceleration etc. This thread can serve the purpose of people uploading the statistics, so we have somewhat similar and realistic car stats for the mods we install. I don't know too much about the laferrari but here is my settings right now: LaFerrari Drive-train - Engine/Performance Max rpm: 9000 Min rpm: 1000 Speed limit: 350 t
    11. Here are some vehicle tunes that I have made for AutoPack vehicles, now keep in mind that these tunes are not completely mine. Credit goes to Mitkop81 for making the original tunes and I changed the unrealistic stats to be more like the real version. I will update this thread whenever I have a new tune ready for people to check out. Also, I thoroughly test my tunes before releasing them. But if you find something that seems off about the tunes, let me know and I will do some corrections. So without further ado, let’s get onto the list. First off, you will need the newest version of Vehi
    12. DCT (DreamsComeTrue) Pack ver. 1.1 by 777GamerX777 [ATTACH]29052[/ATTACH] ================================================================================================================ You've got a Test Drive Unlimited 2 game patch in front of you, which means you've got bored of "clean" version of this game or it isn't bright enough. So this patch was built by me, as a big fan of this great game, and includes next: - Autopack 1.73 "Serenity Pack" - MasterEfect Reborn shaders - different car models and engine sounds. In fact, this patch is a modified version
    13. With the *CHICKENPATCH* we want to present you the beginning of a new era of TDU2 Modding... We now know how to add new slots in TDU2, like for example a brand new Lamborghini Huracan in the Lamborghini / Alfa Romeo Dealer or the Audi R8 LMX in the Audi Dealers with all R8's and many more to come! The *CHICKENPATCH* includes a series of very high quality mods with a full package like (HUD, Sound, Car, interior, Wheels, Database editing and many many more!!!) The Chickenpatch adds new cars to the TDU2 Unofficial Patch and works JUST together with it In the current vers
    14. It Almost Feels... Familiar The (likely) first leaked gameplay footage of Turn 10's upcoming free-to-play PC debut, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, has appeared on YouTube already. The game itself is due for release this spring, so we don't have a long wait ahead, but the gameplay footage at least gives us a better idea of what we're getting for all those nonexistent monies. Well, clearly this isn't radically different from the Forza we know and love on our Xbox One. The biggest change is that this isn't a full game, but rather a game demo or tech demo that shows the power of the Forza
    15. Hi everyone. Long time i wait to be released new patch for TDU2. But i work and work on my game ... And now i have 25 brand new cars in the game (25 placed in the car shops and can buy it). Soon i will place video here to see it all new cars in the shops. The reason to make this topic is that i want to ask creators of 3d models of this cars to give me permision to release they cars like a patch for the game. I try to make list with cars and it's creators. All This cars is at brand new slots i n the game Here the list of created cars and it's creators. 1. Ferrari F50 created by
    16. + TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 A U T O P A C K 1.0.1 + =========================================================== [ATTACH]22625[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]22754[/ATTACH] The main idea of this pack is adding new cars at the dealers and fixing bugs at some cars.In this first part of the pack is added 11 brand new vehicles and 1 new bike.Here the list with new vehicules and where are they placed: 1.Subaru BRZ - created by Xaxonin Roman and StarGT, sound by Greg69, - placed at Japan dealer at ibiza 2.Ferrari f50 -created by Reventon, improved By
    17. Chrysler 300C SRT-8 2013 ver.1.1 DOWNLOAD Chrysler 300C SRT-8 2013 ver.1.1 ( open link)
    18. Popped up on my FB feed a few minutes ago: Dunno, nothing new in it at all.
    19. Hello, If the constant traffic irritates in TDU2, you can also deactivate him. Go to: X:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\islands\hawai\vehicules and rename the "traffic" folder in "1_traffic" do the same in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Atari\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\islands\ibiza\vehicules Now, the traffic is deactivated!
    20. I just found this on youtube... looks like GTA V but i don't know WTF is that :confused: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdeJHKhIryM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IusnUY_xmNE
    21. Spread the word about this and BIRD IS THE WORD <<Link removed>> Have a nice day =P And also i want a ktm 450 enduro in tdu2 HELP ME:cry:
    22. Ubisoft, hands down, had the best conference at E3 today. They've got on hell of a lineup and I can't wait for this one.
    23. anybody have hawaii map? please upload for me....:(my hawaii map not exist.....pleasee!!! sorry for my bad english...
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