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  1. i would like to have it for two roles (traffic and Drivable) replaces:Chrysler 300c (playable),ibiza_offroad (traffic) www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=12328
  2. i was looking for a save game editor is there any links
  3. so i was wonder on how to edit the traffic to make any appear traffic car appear offroad other than the two cars (suv and tractor) i was also trying to make the tractor to appear in the normal road also
  4. plus the vanilla cars in the us dealer had disappear except for the charger
  5. i have a bug when i buy clothes there invisble and these the 'car name' thing heres what i did ive unpacked the game ive applied the unpacked patch i ve applyed the 0.3 to 0.4 but the invisble clothes make me laugh
  6. i was meaning if we can add some offroad paths that act like normal roads
  7. is there a modloader it would be good cause i dont want to damage the files
  8. i remember as a kid i traffic like a bus can go off road when the paved road goes to offroad is there a mod
  9. i was thinking to have some offroad paths that traffic can drive in like any traffic it would scripted as normal roads
  10. Hello guys this is me I m Michael I've played tdu when I was 9 I still play the 2nd game now but rarely
  11. I always wonder if there was a beta version of the game
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