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  1. There is also the CarVSTconfig.xmb which contains rpms and pitch of the engine sounds. This file needs to be decrypted to fix the engine sound sample blending which is messed up on almost all car mods i have come across. If any talented programmer is reading this i can pay you if you do it for me. Same with the tire files and also other physics database files so we could maybe unravel more settings for physics.
  2. Ingame the wheels have a very unrealistic angle on the camber both front and rear but in zmodeler not. I was told zmodeler cant read pivot? Who to believe? I aim to fix car physics to factory stock as well as overhaul all sounds. Why? Because of the massive size and freedom of the map.
  3. Hey sry djey i was just surprise since every other molecule of the game has been decrypted so why not this one since its very important. Tire physics tells everything about the grip to the road. This isn't an arcade physics at all and i can prove it to you if you want. It was made to feel arcade to sell copies but the underlying engine comes from ISImotor2 which powers titles like rfactor and gtr2. Sebastian Tixier who was the lead physics guy knew what he was doing and i praise him for that despite wether or not he was the original author he atleast made sure the future gamers had the best po
  4. I am not trying to make a ridiculous camber rather correct the existing cars to a factory standard physics as well as camber. How is TDUF different from TDUPE? For example the z06 coupe has alot of camber on both front and rear wheels when it should have very little and makes it look odd but i dont know about the physics... Did you also know the physics are mostly from ISI game? I saw the sound files description had GTR2 in them and the tire physics are Pacejka tire physics which is same as ISI. It's essentially a slip curve tables. Why hasn't anyone decrypted them already? I ta
  5. Hey guys the only reason i am trying to perfect the physics of tdu 1 is because of map free roam and size. Is it possible to edit the camber(wheel angle) of the cars somehow? Maybe using hex if tool not possible? Thanks!
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