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  1. CipherSeed

    Any Good Horror Manga?

    I didn't even think about the possiblitity of surivial manga. I've always been somewhat of a survival nut reading survival manuals in my spare time. Thanks,
  2. CipherSeed

    Any Good Horror Manga?

    I'm somewhat new to the manga scence. I've read a few series such as Deathnote, Shaman King, and .hack; however, I've really been attached to Junji Ito's manga ever since I found The Enigma of Amigara Fault. They are authentical frightning without relying on cheap scares. The art is done beautifully and the story can occasionally be quite compelling as well. I've read all of his English translations and I've been looking for more manga similar to his style. In a perfect world, I'm looking for is Salvador Dali collaberates with Studio Ghibli to make Uzimaki. I want a contrast of beauty, horror, and surreality.
  3. CipherSeed

    Change log*

    While I like the new template, the transparency of the UI might be a little too high. I sometimes have a hard time reading a comment when it's written over the clouds. That or include some simple dark backgrounds. Other than that, it looks great :)
  4. CipherSeed

    On hiatus

    Good luck on your finals :)