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  1. Can you unmap in the existing save file? Or do you have to create a new profile? I accidentally did those mappings and still see the gray box after unmapping:
  2. Hi, I'm having an issue with my X360 controller on Windows 11 (it's the only controller I have right now and my PC came preinstalled with Win11). The left and right triggers don't work for brake/accelerate, as demonstrated in the below video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_BzcH37Exg Here I'm pressing the triggers but the only response is the tail lights turning on when I press LT. The analog sticks still work. It appears that Win11 comes with a very recent Xbox 360 driver: Could this be breaking compatibility with older games? If anyone knows how I can get LT and RT working with TDU, please let me know. Thanks! BTW Sorry for the crazy camera movement, I was testing the right analog stick. Both of the sticks work
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