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    so i realize that this mod wont work for non steam version (cracked) and they made it that way on purpose citing that its for "piracy" concern. here is my issue with that they say on there website "TDU World allows users to play as long as they can obtain a legitimate CD Key. TDU World does not support piracy, therefore any "Cracked" releases of the game or otherwise counterfeit editions are not supported and NO support will be provided!" the problem with this is 1 all the keys you can find online is plus 100$ and the game has been delisted EVERYWHERE. 2 the actual cd roms you can buy for US region is also pushing 100$ around 70+ 3 the cd rom versions of the game didnt come with steam. if theres a version out there plus show me cause i want to be wrong all of this because of piracy. i also dont condone piracy but to an extent. if a game is readily available brand new or is still be supported ie patches then yeah dont freaking pirate. but if a game is delisted and/or nowhere to be bought or the legitamate way is the burn a hole in your pocket. its free realestate there claim is to essentially trying to keep this game alive but by not allowing users to play because they dont have it on steam. they are inadvertently keeping the game dead. they could have just easily just say they don't support piracy and still allowed their mod to work without steam. this is truly frustrating
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