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  1. I appreciate the advice! While I rather wait for Millie to fix it properly in the next update, your suggestion gave me a thought. Could I use that method to restore an original tdu car? if i had a copy of the vanilla files, and say I wanted to bring back the Cadillac cien, would i simply replace the cien files in platinum to get it to work? I just don't know which car replaced the cien.
  2. Hello. So I went from Platinum ver. 1.12 to 1.21 and I noticed for the Mclaren F1, the third upgrade option that changes the F1 to the F1 GTR is now replaced with the F1LM. But the LM is also (and originally) the 2nd option. Any ideas on how to restore the F1 GTR?
    Excellent! This car really needed an update. The original sounded nothing like the real thing. This one does. Very well done.
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