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  1. Yay! Thanks so much Diablo. Hopefully I'll be around more now that I've something to post about. Can't wait to try it. Held off the first beta but couldn't resist trying this one. Downloading as we speak but I'm off to bed for a few hours sleep. Thanks again. :)
  2. Not been on here in ages! Cannot wait to try out The Crew and so I've reappeared! :D Now, I hope this isn't cheating as I'm from Scotland too but these are four I can think of: The Pedal Bicycle The Pneumatic Tyre The Television Penicillin
  3. From about 1 minute onwards. Can't stop listening to this song! :msuh3: The radio edit is better but Youtube doesn't have it. :(
  4. I'd pick Trevor's one over them all. The worst one was Franklin's one as it was just like San Andreas with updated graphics.
  5. Wow. That's such a brilliant song. I never thought Porter Robinson and Mat Zo could work together and produce something this awesome. For people who are unfamiliar with their styles of music. You have the progressive trance from Mat Zo such as "24 Hours" and the more complex electro oriented dubstep from Porter Robinson with the likes of "Spitfire". I'm sure you would like both their styles of music if you enjoy this, Diablo. ;)
  6. :nanananana: Yeah, I ordered too and mine was dispatched today so should be receiving it relatively soon. :D
  7. My copy should be arriving very soon along with the new Sim City. We're definitely off to a good start to 2013 for games!
  8. I would have but someone on my steam friends list was desperate for it so I sold it to them. Sorry :(
  9. Got two copies of the Hunter Edition for PC on the way. Completely forgot I ordered one 2 months ago. :fp:
  10. My Wireless Creative Wrath's are incredibly uncomfortable after long periods of wearing them and the sound from them isn't that great so was due an upgrade. ;)
  11. A few more. Yeah I'm a 'film buff', so what. :p Life of PI - Stunning in every sense. I have no words for the cinematography and it has the best introduction to a film I've ever seen. Jack Reacher - Loved it but not as good as Lee Child's original book "One Shot" which I read about 2 years ago. Also, Jack Reacher is nothing like Tom Cruise which is a shame. Where the Wild Things Are Due Date - Watched it for like the 6th time. I still laugh and it's one of my favourite films. Compliance - A very interesting watch. The Bourne Legacy Hall Pass - Watched it about four times and still laugh. :D Are we done yet? - Yes that is a movie. Not a great one but still a movie. Argo - Brilliant movie. Easilly Ben Affleck's best. Skyfall - Maybe not the most action packed Bond but certainly one that stands out. Looper Jagten 'The Hunt' - A Swedish independent release starring Mads Mikkelsen who played Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. A very interesting film and very well executed. Taken 2 - Brilliant but not as good as the first. Seven Psychopaths The Dark Knight Rises - Stunning. Not as good as The Dark Knight. The soundtrack is incredibly impressive though. End of Watch Silver Lining's Playbook - Really only went to see this for Jennifer Lawrence as she is incredibly beautiful and a great actor. I wasn't dissapointed. ;) The Dictator
  12. I'm actually curious what the items were. I see some luxury brand names like Polo Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker and Diesel to name a few. Oh and I know that their stuff doesn't come cheap. I never used to be interested in brands or care about how I looked but for some reason I am much more aware of it now. Maybe that's a bad thing! :oook:
  13. American Beauty Analyze This Gulliver's Travels Premium Rush Keith Lemon (Bloody awful film) Layer Cake Might have missed a couple. :p
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