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  1. Lateksi90

    Pc or xbox 360?

    TDU fits to 360 because game is arcade, not simulator. And usually arcade fits better to consoles. I have played both versions.
  2. Lateksi90

    RUF cam :P

    Btw, Where u got RUF?
  3. Lateksi90

    Cruising "Club"?

    I really like just cruising around O´ahu Island, so would someone like to join me and cruise around island? Or if there is some club, let me know. I like Drifting too, but havent found good car for that :P
  4. Lateksi90

    Pc or xbox 360?

    Xbox 360 version is better! :excited:
  5. Lateksi90

    what cars would u like in a new update?

    Re: Cars You'd Like to see in Test Drive Unlimited BMW's and they would be able to tune up to M version ;)
  6. Lateksi90

    MV Agusta F4 Tamburini '05 For sale!

    Hehe! :D I decided not sell it :P
  7. Lateksi90

    making a website

    This is quite of good and easy ;) http://www.nvu.com/download.php
  8. Lateksi90

    Part Of S.A.T.M?

    Part Of San Andreas Tuner Magazine? S.A.T.M is looking more editors to magazine product. And that is the reason why we have been little quietly. If you have any interest come our crew, make sure you have photoshop and MSN Messenger or ICQ. Any questions or comments are welcome to this topic! ___________________________________________________________ About requirements Photoshop Read this carefully: To know what we are expecting from you in use of photoshop, please watch newest S.A.T.Magazine. If you are sure you can do it and even better...please take contact to me or go to homepage! ___________________________________________________________ What is S.A.T.M? It's magazine about San Andreas Mods, cars etc. Specially Tuning ones. Idea is release new magazine every month, but now we dont have so much members working on the magazine. Homepage: http://lateksi.arkku.net/satm/index.php Welcome!
  9. Lateksi90

    GTA IV Trailer at end of March

    Can't wait!:bananasplit:
  10. Lateksi90

    Ferrari not in the game.

    Both version will be useless, if there isn't any exclusive. This is my opinion...
  11. Lateksi90

    Hawaiian xotics

    Nice list, but freewebs is kinda crappy :( I mean the possibilitys aren't so comprehensive's. But! It's ok if you just want share basic informations with all TDU players.
  12. Lateksi90

    Finnish players?

    Too bad if that's true... :(
  13. Lateksi90

    Finnish players?

    Heh! :D I noticed that he uses some weird words, so i didn't understand his comment.
  14. Lateksi90

    Finnish players?

    Finnish and Finish are 2 different things...