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  1. Shelby GT500KR. Screensaver is a slideshow of pics of the same car. I turned the blue stripes black with photoshop...
  2. Hello guys. I'm thinking about joining your club. Although I only have a GT500, TT and R34 I think I can cruise around with you. Sounds pretty fun, looks fun aswell. I'm gonna go on the club's forum and make an account there. My Xfire is : scorpius121 I live on the opposite side of the world so things might get ugly sometimes but whatever. Lookin forward to cruising wid'chyall...
  3. Hi guys. I've played TDU for about 3 days now I guess, and after watching videos on YT and stuff, I found out about TDU:C and I thought I'd go meet you lot, since I'm as enthusiastic about this game as any of you are. So, Hi! I'm ranked Pro at the moment, and I have 3 cars in the garage, so I'm still getting started. My in-game name is also B.A.M.Disaster. Hope to see a few of you in-game!
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