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  1. yeah sorry.. but i just wonder something: why does not any make that edonis rims i have asked about...??:p like the colors on my holden!!:pdoes noone think that have been cool?:rolleyes: i dont have the programs i need...
  2. nei jeg er fra spania :P nædda :P la oss holde kjeft nå, det er ikke dette denne tråden er for...
  3. hey du er fra sverige joh.. :p hva heter du online? bare ta bort ''tdu'' og legg til ''123'' så får du navnet mitt ;) kanskje vi møtes en gang..
  4. can someone paint the edonis wheels?? in the same colors as on my holden..:D (i have posted the photos ^ ) that have been great !!! :p couse i really like those colors... :cool:
  5. sorry for the late reply... never mind:D i restarted my pc and then it worked.. forgot to say that sorry:rolleyes:but thanks anyway
  6. maybe you also can repaint the edonis rims :rolleyes::D not that i use the edonis (its ugly) but i have the rims on my gt500:D i want them in the same colors as the rims on my holden in the last post:D black and crome:twisted: THX!!!:cool:
  7. BIG thanks to ice bullet for the rims for the murcielago!!!:p Here on my Holden!!!:D
  8. what do you mean you're the first to do it? who have'nt??...:oook::rolleyes:
  9. i downloaded some nice rims for my sl 65 AMG... i like them whey much, have them on my skyline and my 430's.. but, when i tryed to have them on my gallardo coupe, the game crashed... -that happends every time the rims doesnt fit the car.. but now, when i tryed to restarted it, nothing happend.. :( what is the problem? do i have to reinnstall ?? thx and sorry my for my bad english..
  10. where did you get the rims for skyline?? love them:rolleyes:
  11. looks nice WROOM.. i have almost every of your downloads.. my CLK DTM looks amazing now.. =) but when im going to download the new road v3.0 nothing happend.. is there a problem to my internett or? have checked my internett alots of times lol.. EDIT: it was ready to download about one hour after(i was eating breakfast and watching TV :D ).. but never started.. booring... do you know whats the prob.?
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