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  1. http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/802C46C7-F1A5-4A36-A0B4-68A8941445DA.jpg http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/IMG_3963.jpg
  2. Bought some bicycle wheels from Halfords http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/12674846_996770173731717_113758717_o_1.jpg
  3. And3rs

    That aint true ha
  4. And3rs

    Hey why is your name no longer M4 Bus Lane.. U foken w0t fgt
  5. And3rs

    U fukin wot m8 yer 1 cheeky kunt ill rek u fgt
  6. I learned how to operate the clutch and how to drift with a G27 and GT5. It was pretty fun, too.
  7. I'm scared of bikes too, but that doesn't mean I don't like them. I think that if I ride one, I'll just go much faster and kill myself even harder than I would if I crashed with a car :hmmm:
  8. And3rs

    If you ever change yer name, change it to M6 Toll :)
  9. 5 minutes?! On mine it takes 12 seconds, can be done while driving. With some practise Tim can do it in three seconds :) It can be rather fun indeed! I press and hold the DCS off button every single time I start the car by habit :lol:
  10. http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/ED006512-1211-452D-91EF-0FA21735C8C1.jpg
  11. Or in the middle of the winter with lots of snow :lol: Been there done that
  12. Congrats :D We need to meet and roll together sometime :cool:
  13. Yeah, it will definitely make a huge difference! Nah I can't adjust the damping. It's probably a nice feature like you say, but I'm not sure I would be bothered to change it much. The height however is more important to me because I can give it the perfect height after I buy new summer rims, and in the winter I can make it higher to clear snow and get up our steep driveway..
  14. Height adjustable Cobra Evo-1 coil-overs :) http://i396.photobucket.com/albums/pp49/SafiroTDU/Mazda%20MX-5/7EFD975B-D34F-4319-A110-4EFC0AFAB972.jpg
  15. ^ MX-5 ND probably won't be shown until next year as a 2016 model.. To answer to this thread: Cobra Evo 1 height adjustable coilovers for my MX-5 SUV. In fact I did order them and they'll arrive next week!
  16. I thought it had been longer :P I've been here for 6 soon, and was 12 then.. I remember how I had to get a computer only so I could play TDU haha! Good times.
  17. Cool, I like it! Nice countdown to 18th haha, I had the same on since I was 16. So it started at over -700 and now it says +5 :D
  18. Thank you! Haha, not exactly.. Funny video though :lol:
  19. Haha. I don't always go past the speed limit, but when I do, I don't film it for the police to see :lol: Thank you!
  20. Haha! I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Do you want that on your PC or do you have a Mac and want the same icons?
  21. Thanks! Nah won´t be putting up any videos unless I track the car in the future. Police will find me and kill me! I will :)
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