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  1. Well, that's too bad. It would rock to have the s30z in TDU. Still, good luck with your projects Kurgan:thumbsup:
  2. Hi there. Sorry to bother but can you convert the RE-Amemiya RX7 from Race Driver Grid to TDU? Is it possible ?

    1. I'm making this thread because I would like to see the Nissan R390 GT1 Road car in TDU. It's a super car like most of the cars in TDU. Here are some pictures: and for the last one, heres a interior shot:
    2. s30z I agree with Brazzuca. This request is almost one year old, but no one gave it a try. I understand that modding can be hard but I'd prefer this car to some of the others that were already made. I also understand that modders are in their right to choose the cars that they want to do but the request zone of the forum was made for something, for us ( the ones that don't know how to mod) to request.;)
    3. s30z Well, that's too bad. I would really like the s30z. And yes, I've been watching too much Wangan Midnight xD
    4. hmm, hey. I wanna ask you something 2CV. Will you still be "making" the s30z, Hakosuka and Kenmeri models? ( and sorry to ask this agn xD )

      1. s30z Yeah, I would love to have one of those in the game. In my opinion, the car rocks. We have the newest Z, so why not the oldest? So, as a humble request, could any of the modders do this awesome car?
      2. GT-R version Ohh, that's too bad. I was hoping for the release of the GT-R version. Still, great work on the GTS version Tool :thumbsup:. Is this the only version, or will you do bodykit versions ?
      3. Hello, I'm new here. Anyways, my problem in TDU is that i can't create a online account because of the mouse cursor. In-game the buttons work and all works except the cursor movement.It just stays in the middle of the screen without moving. All the mouse drives are installed. Does anyone have a way to fix this or checking the gamespy box with some other way? Thanks in advance.
      4. Finally, my favorite car on TDU! Anyways, i replaced my Nismo 350Z because i dont have any money to buy other cars and too lazy to win races :P. Nicely done Tsuka!
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