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  1. View File 2CVSUPERGT: Patch HD - Unlike specified above, I'm not the author, just uploaded this (djey) - Author: 2CVSUPERGT Tweaks game files to adjust detail level of vegetation and buildings: SD (low) HD100..300 HDU. Works with TDU PLATINUM. Submitter Djey Submitted 05/18/2019 Category Environment
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    - Unlike specified above, I'm not the author, just uploaded this (djey) - Author: 2CVSUPERGT Tweaks game files to adjust detail level of vegetation and buildings: SD (low) HD100..300 HDU. Works with TDU PLATINUM.
  3. Sky was a bit weird before update but the new sky is really nice, simple and nice for eyes, better than useless post process effects. They always update with nice and usefull things as custom GPS root, sound for cabine switchs, sun orientation variation from north to south, tire sound, new truck, new licence, some new roads and city, always for free! It's slow for some people but the game is going on the right way and the amount of players are still growing every month, unlike triple A game wich are forgotten 3 months after their release. ETS2 is always on the top 20 of steam statistics with a peak of 20 000 players every days. I was more surprised looking about youtube video popularity. The most viewed video for Pcars (PS4 trailer) got 800 000 views and 5500 likes, uploaded from Playstation channel at june 2014. Assetto Corsa is far from that, only few video are going beyond 200 000 views, recent PS4 trailer from 12 days ago, is still under 100 000 views and only 300 likes. The ATS trailer I linked yesterday wich was released 3 days ago got 130 000 views and soon 6000 likes. A 1 year old ATS video gameplay got 1 500 000 views and 15 000 likes !! The point is not against Pcars or Asseto corsa wich are great game indeed, but I really thought that these racing games was more popular than a simple trucking game from east of Europe wich have still no plan to go on consoles to enlarge its popularity. Maybe the fact that the game is alone in its own category, and still nice for its customers might be a reason. Then, Multiplayer mod wich is great mod as the game, with every days more than 6000 people playing at the same time at critics hours is another reason too, as it is the reason I am still playing myself.
  4. I feel this game as big DLC / ADD-ON for ETS2 but sold as standalone game, so people can choose to get a part only of World of Truck if they're only interested by 1 continent. I think that ETS2 got so many evolution from devs that some people forgot that the 1.0 version was so far to the quality of the actual ATS. ATS's sales will be used from SCS to hire more people in their company and accelerate update and add-ons developpement, so ATS (ETS2 also) will probably have a better future than ETS2 got until now, and this last was quite nicely updated, something rare in game industrie.
  5. W900 & 389 are the most awesome looking but anyway, as we have to run from interior view, the most important thing in this game is travel + cabin feeling alive (switch animation & sound + every gauge working as it is the case for ETS2) . So, accurate environnement with nice choice of various roadq, wide map is something I feel more important than having lot of trucks..., except when online mod will be released, but we have also customization. ETS2 got a nice evolution from release day and it is far to be finished, I guess we can trust on SCS for the future of both games. They also plan to hire more people if ATS got the success they hope, so more contents might come from 2017. Still one week to wait :)
  6. I found myself some "games" like Project Cars wich is going less further in the simulation feeling (looks like a Forza or GT to me) but hard to masterize like an ISI enginered simulation (rFactor's physics). And some arcade games are sometimes worth as physics lots most of the logic and are hard to understand how it goes. Sometimes, make things easier with hyper brake, hyper grip make us like lost child in a strange universe without any logic. And before to start a game from racing, game should better to give us some basic driving school with a simple city car, it's also quite enough to verify if physics are good or not cause even most of the best simulators fail when we are trying to drive quietly.
  7. I hope that there will be also benefit for PC. I wish to Kunos a nice success for console versions.
  8. and Arizona will come later as free DLC too :) I never been dispointed by SCS developpement team and I am pretty sure that this ATS will be great, it looks already much better than ETS2 wich is also a quite good game!
  9. We'll have some news on the following blog posts about new vehicles project, the game is slow to progress but it's the only one I see from TDU1 going on the right way, and I am already getting more fun with the actual ETS2 in multiplayer mod. Can't wait to know more about coming features :)
  10. multiplayer mod updated with 1.21 and DLC support1 ;)
  11. Update 1..21, then Cabin Accessories DLC (3,59€) are released ;) Enjoy !
  12. Multiplayer mod is updated for 1.20. Let's enjoy it :) http://ets2mp.com/
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