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Found 1 result

  1. As I said in another post, bear with me as I am learning as I go here. Learning the hard way. V8 sounds based on samples I dug up from 572 cubic-inch engines. I spend an INORDINATE amount of time trying to find decent samples "recorded from the source" and then clean them up. It's ridiculous. And frustrating. And aggravating. I am releasing these "as is" even though I think they could still use a ton of work and refinement and cleaning up. I figured I had better release them now because I may never get them to a point where I'm actually really happy with them -- in fact if I didn't finally give it a rest I might have ended up deleting them completely out of frustration. I may decide to continue trying to improve them or I may move along to the next project. This one was honestly frustrating as "heck" or some other "--ck" word. These samples are still sloppy -- there is some hiss and other "phantom" sounds that are detectable, but I finally had to draw the line on trying to filter them out completely, because I didn't want to "over-process" the samples to the point where they lose all their ballsiness and realism. They are over-saturated, especially in the on-low samples, and some are worse than others in this regard. Sorry, but the samples were saturated to begin with, and when I started going to town on them with equalization and filtering and amplification, it just got off the scale. The off-gas sounds aren't as interesting or "angry" as I would have liked. The looping is clean enough, transitions could be worse, even though there may still be some equalization and tonality shifts across the spectrum; the 7000 rpm package is a little dodgy in the transition between on-low and on-mid, partly because there's a bit of variation in the "tonal texture" between those samples, and I felt like leaving the texture variation in there on that package, it makes it more interesting. One of these files is good for up to 6000, labeled for the Camaro Z28. It has a markedly different on-low from the other two. I may like this one the best, it's hard to say for sure. One of these files is good for up to 6500, labeled for the Ford GT. It has a different tonality, and is not as "ballsy" sounding as the other two, but it may be a little cleaner-sounding in samples and transitions. Even though the samples sources are technically from the wrong kind of engine (572 engines aren't "authentic" to the Ford GT), used with this XMB I think it sort of fits the Ford GT better than a classic muscle car, especially after a little tweaking and after changing the idle to provide a smoother hum. One of these files is good for up to 7000, labeled for the 'vette Z06 (the vid shows an El Camino that I body-swapped into the Z06 slot) -- this sounds best when used with that full rpm band, for cars that go up to or near 7000 rpm (when it's used on a 6000 rpm car or something like that, it's lacking the ripping high-end effect and the transitions also go to crap, so you just don't want to use it for a low-rpm car -- if for some reason you want to use this one for low-rpm, instead of the other lower-rpm one I provided, then you should maybe go into the modding tools and increase the rpm for that car's physics) -- NOTE that in the video for this one, I got the El Camino body-swapped into the Z06 spot; also note the gauge scale (as seen in the video) for this slot is not accurate, and this is also true for the original Z06 gauge as well. You can still use this sound for the "vanilla" Z06 if you like, although the idle might sound a little too "four-barrel carburetor" for a modern-day car. (For the original modern-day C6 'vettes in TDU, I myself actually use another modder's C6/Z06 sound file in which I cleaned up the looping and what-not to my satisfaction "for my own personal use" -- the original TDU C6 'vette sounds are some of the worst in the game. Don't remember exactly whose sound mod it is that I use for the C6's, but it is fairly smooth and thick-sounding, with a nice clean audio midrange.) 6000-rpm package https://rapidshare.com/files/1879901093/6000_rpm_V8_Furnaceden.zip 6500-rpm package (not as heavy-sounding as the other two) https://rapidshare.com/files/4106141231/6500_rpm_V8_Furnaceden.zip 7000-rpm package (El Camino body-swapped into Corvette Z06 slot - gauge scaled wrong for both original Z06 and El Camino, a typical TDU problem seen in a handful of car models) https://rapidshare.com/files/4862231/7000_rpm_V8_Furnaceden.zip
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