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TDUniverse Update :: The Continuity Pack Car Showcase #1

As the work continues and the release approaches, we want to keep you updated on our "Continuity" mod pack and the content it will bring to you! Starting today, we will periodically introduce you to some of the cars coming to TDUniverse Continuity. To kick it off, we introduce you to the 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S:   "The art of blending performance with luxury has long been the philosophy of the Porsche 911. But how does one redefine its own benchmark? Enter the 992-generation Porsch


Aquarious in News

State of the Universe / Fisto's Tooling

Hello Friends! I took easter as a chance to look through all of my projects, judging their state, what needs to be done and thus writing this blog post, because I always have a lot of cool projects running, but they are barely known to most (except those that lurk on universe and turboduck discords ;)), which I really have to change because they are awesome! If you want to know more about any of these projects, ask in discord or even better: comment on this post, I'll try to answer as muc


MeFisto94 in News

TDUniverse :: Introducing our Lobby Karma System for TDU2 Freeroam

Our Gameserver has a lot of interesting features, but so far we never shared details about them, which is what I want to change with this blog post series. In this post, we'll talk about the "automatic Lobby Karma System": In modern internet forums (such as reddit), where you can up- and downvote content and if the votes are negative enough, the content disappears. The very same is happening to the lobbies in the TDUniverse Game Server. If a player can't connect to some lobby, it is


MeFisto94 in Server Know How

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