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TDUniverse Update :: Launcher Update [Official RTX Fix & More]





It's time for another update on what we've been working on in the past couple weeks!

The first official RTX Map Crash Fix
Today we'd like to announce the first real solution to the well known "RTX Map Crash" issue, which has become a bigger issue each and every year. We have spend our time researching what the exact cause of this issue is, and have finally been able to crack the code and fix it for good.

You might wonder what our fix brings to the table that other fixes do not. First of all, our solution actually looks at what causes the crash and resolves it, rather than providing a workaround that happens to mitigate the issue, while bringing new issues to life like performance loss or random CTDs.

With our fix, TDU2 players with modern graphics cards can enjoy TDU2 once again without the need to install any DLL files or tools. Just check the box in the TDUniverse launcher and you're ready to go!



Andraste Mod Platform
Powering our new RTX fix is our new Andraste modding platform. Andraste provides a new way of modding TDU2, allowing you to create plugins for the game and negating the need to replace any files in your game directory. Say goodbye to needing multiple game installs!

Want to learn more about Andraste? Take a look through the documentation here.

To get you started, we have already implemented a couple nice-to-have mods into the Settings menu:

- GPU Crash Fix (RTX/GTX 1660 Fix)
- No Car Damage
- No Car Dirt
- Skip Intro Movies (Faster Start)


The update is available NOW! Just open your launcher and you will be prompted to update.


TDUniverse New Launcher Settings Panel.png

TDUniverse follow us.png

Join our Discord to stay up to date with updates surrounding TDUniverse!

Also consider joining the TDUniverse Club on Turboduck!

Thank you for reading. Keep your eyes open for the next update!


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