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About This Club

The official club of the definite server reboot for Test Drive Unlimited 2. Come join us and enjoy relaxed free-ride.


TDUniverse is the definitive server reboot for Test Drive Unlimited 2. Working on bringing back all original server functionality to the game and more.
We stemmed from a split with the original TDU World due to different directions and ideas we wanted to follow.

Also check out our Website and Discord Server

  1. What's new in this club
  2. Our Gameserver has a lot of interesting features, but so far we never shared details about them, which is what I want to change with this blog post series. In this post, we'll talk about the "automatic Lobby Karma System": In modern internet forums (such as reddit), where you can up- and downvote content and if the votes are negative enough, the content disappears. The very same is happening to the lobbies in the TDUniverse Game Server. If a player can't connect to some lobby, it is "downvoted". And if it's below a certain threshold, the lobby is closed. When player A tries to connect to player B, we can't tell if it's just player A's faulty connection or if player B is a bad host. That's why both players get negative karma, but we have big enough thresholds to account for that. Also, players with too much negative karma won't be able to vote either (i.e. increasing or decreasing other people's karma). If you want to experiment with that system, feel free to have a drive on our game server, as well as using our discord bot's debug command (!lobby). If you just want to drive, however, don't worry, the system will ensure you have a smooth ride in the background. The bot is just for curious nerds. See you on the roads, MeFisto94

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