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  1. I'm unsure where to post this, but I can't find much of anything online, seeing as this place has probably the largest amount of modders for this game, maybe someone here knows something. I tried using Pix a while back in the past to tried to capture DirectX calls, the game call a function to tell Pix it doesn't want to be captured but that's easily patched, however it creates/allocate a bunch of surfaces (it's been a while I don't remember well) and then Pix says it's running out of memory (it's not, but I guess this is a 32bit program also, maybe it hit 4GB), bypassing those allocation make the game crash, I also tried another graphical "debugger" Apitrace, and it also just straight up crash. And now I've tried using the code filter function in cheat engine, to try to find the code responsible for traffic swerving out of the road when it think you're gonna hit it, and once again it just straight up crash, and it's definitely anti-debug since it happens when CE sets up software breakpoints, also the place where the exception happens isn't code and the last value in the stack is the address for IsDebuggerPresent, anyways long story short, the game definitely obfuscate things and has a bunch of call to IsDebuggerPresent (or even one to CreateToolhelp32Snapshot, which I don't know a reason TDU would need to call if not for anti-debug), and most likely some sort of checksum (probably checking for software breakpoints replacing calls or at the beginning of functions). Does anyone knows an easy way to bypass any of that ? (I could probably maybe bypass some of it, but I've got little experience aside from lazy anti-debug only calling IsDebuggerPresent once, I don't want to waste hours unnecessarily and I'm lazy) Did anyone manage to get a capture of TDU in Pix or some other graphical debugger, or is there a beta/patched exe without all that crap that I can use to find what I want in the game's code ?
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